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Pinto Bennett lyrics
Genre: Country
Pure Quill (1998) 01. You Cared Enough to Lie [add]
02. I Ain't in It for the Money [add]
03. True Lovin' Daddy [add]
04. No Sweat [add]
05. Stranger in the Mirror [add]
06. Livin' and Dyin' for Love [add]
07. Prairie Blues [add]
08. Peaceful Woman [add]
09. The Ballad of Hai-Sing (Or "Far East, Man") [add]
10. Different Ways to Sing the Blues [add]
11. Pure Quill [add]

Parallax View (2005) 01. A Parrallax View [add]
02. What's One Mem'ry (More or Less) [add]
03. Ballad of el Vasco (Devil's Right Hand) [add]
04. Drownin' in the Shallows [add]
05. A Tiger Is a Tiger [add]
06. Blue Monday Blue [add]
07. Don't Irk My Quill [add]
08. SDB [add]
09. Upward Angel [add]
10. China Bird [add]
11. Heart of Darkness [add]
12. Nothin' in Return [add]

Big in Winnemucca (2006) 01. Wood & Steel [add]
02. Winnemucca [add]
03. Bad Girl [add]
04. First Door to the Wrong [add]
05. Hard Core Cowboy [add]
06. Honky Tonk Asshole [add]
07. Two Waltzing Mice [add]
08. Dream Lover [add]
09. Wine Me Up [add]
10. Ol' Blue [add]
11. Jack Tarr (The Sailor) [add]

Dig We Must (2006) 01. Prairie Blues [add]
02. Loser After All [add]
03. Mamma I Wanna Marry a Cowboy [add]
04. Thelma [add]
05. Alice at the Palace [add]
06. Goodbye Janette [add]
07. Another Cold Day in Hell [add]
08. I'm Still Here [add]
09. The Gringo's Arms [add]
10. Loss [add]
11. Parting of the Ways [add]
12. No Matter How Much It Hurts [add]
13. Only Sentimental in My Brain [add]
14. Trouble Around [add]
15. Three [add]
16. Playing It Wrong [add]
17. Christmas Alone [add]

Ravages of Time (2006) 01. One More River [add]
02. Ravages of Time [add]
03. Nasty Habit [add]
04. The Ballad of Elano de Leon [add]
05. Somewhere in Time [add]
06. Some People's Kids [add]
07. Idaho Cowboy [add]
08. Ride Away [add]
09. Best Forever Yet [add]
10. Truckstop [add]
11. Big Black Wings [add]

Side Channels (2006) 01. Pinto Bennett, She Wrote [add]
02. Next Year Better [add]
03. She the Red River Valley [add]
04. Little Blossom [add]
05. I Don't Think a Day Goes By (That I Don't Think of You) [add]
06. Pickin' Up Cans [add]
07. Bent Over Backwards [add]
08. I've Done Everything I Could Do Wrong [add]
09. Like a Bird on a Wire [add]
10. Winter of Love [add]
11. She's Gone [add]
12. It Don't Work That Way [add]
13. Sleepin' in My Own Arms Tonight [add]
14. Wine Over Matter [add]
15. Count the Reasons I'll Be Gone [add]
16. Every Time I Get the Blues [add]
17. Hard Times [add]
18. Elko [add]
19. Vuelta, Vuelta, Vuelta [add]

A Trailer Court Christmas (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Winnemucca [add]
03. I Hang Around Here Sometimes [add]
04. First Door to the Wrong [add]
05. Hard Core Cowboy [add]
06. I Couldn't Feel Any Worse If I Tried [add]
07. Tell 'Er Where to Go [add]
08. Honky Tonk Christmas [add]
09. Plain Ol' Fashioned Cheatin' [add]
10. Two Waltzing Mice [add]
11. Midnight at the Oasis [add]
12. Valuable Time [add]
13. Honky Tonk Asshole [add]

Famous Motel Cowboy Songs (2006) 01. Valuable Time [add]
02. Shelter [add]
03. Pardner I Know [add]
04. More or Less [add]
05. Midnight at the Oasis [add]
06. Carolina Mornin's [add]
07. Only in My Dreams [add]
08. She Almost Reminds Me of You [add]
09. She Wouldn't Take Nuthin' [add]
10. What the Hell [add]

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