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Esbjörn Svensson lyrics
Genre: Jazz
When Everyone Has Gone (1996) 01. When Everyone Has Gone [add]
02. Fingertrip [add]
03. Free Four [add]
04. Stella by Starlight [add]
05. 4 Am [add]
06. Mohammed Goes to New York, Pt. 1 [add]
07. Mohammed Goes to New York, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Waltz for the Lonely Ones [add]
09. Silly Walk [add]
10. Tough Tough [add]
11. Hands Off [add]

Esbj?rn Svensson Trio Plays Monk (1997) 01. I Mean You [add]
02. Criss Cross [add]
03. 'Round Midnight [add]
04. Bemsha Swing [add]
05. Rhythm-A-Ning [add]
06. In Walked Bud [add]
07. Little Rootie Tootie [add]
08. Eronel [add]
09. Evidence [add]
10. Crepuscle with Nellie [add]

Winter in Venice (1999) 01. Calling Home [add]
02. Winter in Venice [add]
03. At Saturday [add]
04. Part 1 [add]
05. Part 2 [add]
06. Part 3 [add]
07. Part 4 [add]
08. Don't Cuddle That Crazy Cat [add]
09. Damned Back Blues [add]
10. In the Fall of Things [add]
11. As the Crow Flies [add]
12. The Second Page [add]
13. Herkules Jonssons Lat [add]

Good Morning Susie Soho (2000) 01. Somewhere Else Before [add]
02. Do the Jangle [add]
03. Serenity [add]
04. The Wraith [add]
05. Last Letter from Lithuania [add]
06. Good Morning Susie Soho [add]
07. Providence [add]
08. Pavane [add]
09. Spam-Boo-Limbo [add]
10. The Face of Love [add]
11. Reminiscence of a Soul [add]

A Strange Place for Snow (2003) 01. The Message [add]
02. Serenade for the Renegade [add]
03. Strange Place for Snow [add]
04. Behind the Yashmak [add]
05. Bound for the Beauty of the South [add]
06. Years of Yearning [add]
07. When God Created the Coffeebreak [add]
08. Spunky Sprawl [add]
09. Carcrash [add]

E.S.T. Live 95 (2003) 01. Say Hello to Mr. D (To Mr. S) [add]
02. The Rube Thing [add]
03. Happy Heads and Crazy Feds [add]
04. The Day After (Leaving) [add]
05. Like Wash It or Something [add]
06. Breadbasket [add]
07. What Did You Buy Today [add]
08. Hymn of the River Brown [add]
09. Same as Before [add]
10. Mr. & Mrs. Handkerchief [add]
11. Dodge the Dodo [*] [add]

Tuesday Wonderland (2006) 01. Fading Maid Preludium [add]
02. Tuesday Wonderland [add]
03. The Goldhearted Miner [add]
04. Brewery of Beggars [add]
05. Beggar's Blanket [add]
06. Dolores in a Shoestand [add]
07. Where We Used to Live [add]
08. Eighthundred Streets by Feet [add]
09. Goldwrap [add]
10. Sipping on the Solid Ground [add]
11. Fading Maid Postludium [add]

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