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Genre: New Age
Boat to Bolivia (1986) 01. Crocodile Cryer [add]
02. Coleen [add]
03. Little Red Bottle [add]
04. Tribute to the Late Reverend Gary Davis [add]
05. Running Water [add]
06. Candle in the Middle [add]
07. Piece of the Cake [add]
08. Look Down, Look Down [add]
09. Slow Lovin' [add]
10. Caroline [add]
11. Rain [add]
12. Boat to Bolivia [add]
13. Roll on Summertime [*] [add]
14. Trouble Town [*] [add]
15. Slow Lovin' [*] [add]

Gladsome, Humour & Blue (1988) 01. There Comes a Time [add]
02. Slaughterman [add]
03. The Wait [add]
04. I Can See [add]
05. The Old Church Is Still Standing [add]
06. Even the Night [add]
07. Wholly Humble Heart [add]
08. Me and Matthew [add]
09. Nancy [add]
10. Goodbye John [add]
11. I Pray [add]

Salutation Road (1990) 01. Left Us to Burn [add]
02. Endurance [add]
03. In the Heal of the Night [add]
04. Big North Lights [add]
05. Long Hard Road [add]
06. Spoke in the Wheel [add]
07. Heart of the City [add]
08. Too Much in Love [add]
09. We Are Storm [add]
10. Migrants [add]
11. Morning Time [add]
12. Salutation Road [add]
13. Left Us to Burn [Calrossie Midnight Session Tracks] [add]
14. In the Heal of the Night [Calrossie Midnight Session Tracks] [add]
15. Endurance [Calrossie Midnight Session Tracks] [add]
16. We Are Storm [Calrossie Midnight Session Tracks] [add]
17. Big North Lights [Calrossie Midnight Session Tracks] [add]
18. Spoke in the Wheel [Calrossie Midnight Session Tracks] [add]

The Boy's Heart (1992) 01. Big Sky New Light [add]
02. The Boy's Heart [add]
03. We Can Roll [add]
04. The Ballad of the English Rose [add]
05. Neon Skies [add]
06. Hollywood Fields [add]
07. Sentimental Journey [add]
08. Sunday Halo [add]
09. 8: 30 Mowbray Morning [add]
10. (Least We've A) Map in the World [add]
11. Him, Her and the Moon [add]
12. Cab Attack [add]
13. Sentimental Journey [add]
14. We Can Roll [add]
15. The Boy's Heart [Didgeridoo Wig-Out Version] [add]
16. Hollywood Fields [add]
17. 8: 30 Mowbray Morning [add]
18. Him, Her and the Moon [add]

Sweet Misdemeanour (1995) 01. Maverick Waltz [add]
02. Can't Find the Doorknob [add]
03. Sweet Misdemeanour [add]
04. Candy Man [add]
05. I Could Never Be Happy Without You [add]
06. Rag Time Groove [add]
07. All I Do Is Dream [add]
08. South Wind [add]
09. Tremolo Men [add]
10. Talking to the Child [add]
11. Keep This Time [add]
12. Ball of Fire [add]
13. Hold Me, Love Me [add]
14. Smokey Mokes [add]

Yogi in My House (1995) 01. Solomon [add]
02. In Fire [add]
03. Taker on the Globe [add]
04. Think Only of the Child [add]
05. New Wave [add]
06. Spirit Child [add]
07. Bridge of the Nae Hope [add]
08. Fair Company [add]
09. Gone the Gypsy Davey [add]
10. Always Us [add]
11. Dance the Last Goodbye [add]

Beyond the Leap, Beyond the Law (1997) 01. Losing All Part of the Dream [add]
02. Testing Time [add]
03. Great Star of Fraternity [add]
04. Wholly Humble Heart [Irish Version] [add]
05. Carry My Friend [add]
06. The Crying [add]
07. Song of Love and Desertion [add]
08. Great Spirit [add]
09. Out of Communication [add]
10. The Waves [add]
11. Hollow Days [add]
12. Indian Summer [add]

Lilac Tree (1999) 01. Rainbow [add]
02. Orange [add]
03. Posey Rorer (For Dolph) [add]
04. Lilac [add]
05. 2 Sorrows [add]
06. Folk Singer [add]
07. Bluebottle Theory (Light Step Travel) [add]
08. Kathy [add]
09. All Men Condemned (For Ray Stubbs) [add]
10. Nu Found Light [add]
11. O So Far Removed [add]
12. Rowen Berries (For Karen) [add]

Live in the 21st Century (2001) 01. Wholly Humble Heart [add]
02. Left Us to Burn [add]
03. Orange (Is the Colour of Joy) [add]
04. All Ways Us [add]
05. Little Red Bottle [add]
06. Soloman [add]
07. Bye Bye Bluebell [add]
08. You Are the One [add]
09. We Are Storm [add]
10. Goodbye John [add]
11. Me & Mathew [add]
12. Involved with Love [add]
13. Running Water [add]
14. I Pray [add]

Collective Force (2002) 01. Thru the Gate... Orange Is the Colour of Joy [add]
02. Thru the Gate... the Sun's Coming Out [add]
03. Thru the Gate... All Ways Us [add]
04. Thru the Gate... Highland Bossanova [add]
05. Thru the Gate... Home [add]
06. Thru the Gate... Walking in the Dark [add]
07. Thru the Gate... Summer's Gone [add]
08. Thru the Gate... Orange Is the Colour of Joy [Backini Remix] [add]
09. Thru the Gate... Blind Man's Blues [add]
10. Thru the Gate... Time for Jesus [add]
11. Thru the Gate... Robert Smith Wright in Person [add]
12. Thru the Gate... Toodle Oodle Oohi [add]
13. Thru the Gate... Every Step of the Way [add]
14. Thru the Gate... Collective Force [add]
15. Thru the Gate... Long Forgotton [add]
16. In the Garden... Sounds of the Garden [add]
17. In the Garden... Baba Num Sana [add]
18. In the Garden... Spirit Song [add]
19. In the Garden... Rowan Berries [add]
20. Henry Fosebrook and the Woodland Orchestra [add]

Down to the Woods (2003) 01. The South Wind [add]
02. Testing Time [add]
03. Great Spirit [add]
04. Flop Eared Mule [add]
05. Black Mountain Rag [add]
06. Cromarty Rag [add]
07. All Men Condemned [add]
08. Jim's Mellow Blue [add]
09. Home [add]
10. And We Danced [add]
11. Home [Version 2] [add]
12. Maverick Waltz [add]
13. Cannonball Rag [add]
14. Hungry Hash House [add]

Incredible Shrinking Band (2003) 01. Intro/Pearly Gates [add]
02. Dialog/Sound of the Wem/The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame [add]
03. Windy & Warm [add]
04. Phonecall Shippy/Feedback [add]
05. Passing Bye [add]
06. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? [add]
07. When I Grow Up I Wanna Play the Guitar Like a Woman [add]
08. True Lord, Show Me the Way [add]
09. Cinema of My Head [add]
10. Absent Fathers [add]
11. Every Step of the Way [add]

The Haint of the Budded Rose (2003) 01. The Oral Tradition [add]
02. Living in the Country [add]
03. Ragtime Annie [add]
04. The Old Man Died [add]
05. Charlie Poole and the Police [add]
06. Weary Blues [add]
07. Black Mountain Rag [add]
08. Write a Letter to My Mother [add]
09. Slide Guitar [add]
10. You're a Beautiful Lady Etta [add]
11. Forks of Sandy [add]
12. Wild Horse [add]
13. November Fields [add]
14. At Charlie Poole & Posey Rorrer's [add]
15. Collie Malone [add]
16. Green, Green, Grass of Home [add]
17. Chestnut Waltz [add]
18. Goodbye Liza Jane [add]
19. That Lonesome Sounding Fiddle [add]
20. The Day Posey Rorer Sold His Fiddle [add]
21. The Good Doctor [add]
22. The Sweet Sunny South [add]
23. Intro [add]
24. Old Time Radio Man [add]
25. Chit Akins Make Me a Star [add]
26. Step Up and Go [add]
27. A Dear Old Grey Haired Mother [add]
28. Charlie Chased by Haints [add]
29. Mt. Airy (Standing at the Crossroads) [add]
30. How Great Thou Art [add]
31. Jessup's Reel [add]
32. Wildwood Flower [add]
33. Posey Gave Up on the Music [add]
34. Foggy Mountain Top [add]
35. Intro [add]
36. The Rounds [add]
37. Intro [add]
38. Some Day I'm Gonna Rock & Roll [add]
39. Police Dog Blues [add]
40. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad [add]
41. Lynchburg Town [add]
42. Toodle Oodle Ooh [add]
43. November Fields [add]
44. A Corn Licker Still in Georgia [add]
45. Charlie Poole's Funeral [add]
46. New Five Cent Piece [add]

The Church and the Minidisc (2005) 01. Bengarrick [add]
02. You Are the One [add]
03. Jane Bird Bell [add]
04. When You Become the Wind and I Become the Mountain [add]
05. Charlie's Flute/Wounded Bird [add]
06. The North Sea/Thatcher Is My Shepherd [add]
07. Absent Fathers [add]
08. Intro Rowan Berries/Poorboy/Butterfly Winged Rag [add]
09. Davey Chrichton's Bow [add]
10. Autumn Child [add]
11. Clearing the Glen [add]
12. Jimmy Sutherland on the Highland Clearances at Croick [add]
13. Tain's Big Ramsay [add]
14. Daughters [add]
15. Heaven [add]
16. A Long Time Ago [add]

The Disciples of Merle and Doc (2005) 01. Introduction to Douggie Young [add]
02. They Say Its a Crime [add]
03. Creole Belle [add]
04. Spider Doing a Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee Instrumental [add]
05. Midnight Special [add]
06. Windy and Warm [add]
07. Pearly Gates [add]
08. Bluesman's Attempt [add]
09. Southbound [add]
10. See You in My Dreams [add]
11. Chat/Runtown Rag Instrumental [add]
12. Kentucky Shuffle [add]
13. Sweet Temptation [add]
14. No Vacancy [add]
15. Cash on the Barrelhead [add]

Live at the Lincoln Cathedral (2006) 01. Moutainous Spring [add]
02. Mary's Waltz/I Will Follow You [add]
03. The Burning of Cathaidh [add]
04. My Wife Went Away [add]
05. The Wheel of Fortune [add]
06. The Great Star of Fraternity [add]
07. Soloman [add]
08. The Folksinger [add]
09. The Lilac Tree [add]
10. No Religion [add]
11. Nairn Beach [add]
12. The Hangman [add]
13. Painted My Heart Blue [add]
14. The Dashing White Sergeant [add]
15. Age of Meditation [add]
16. Rowan Berries [add]
17. I've Got It Bad for You [add]
18. Took My Gal a Walking [add]

Wheel of Fortune [United States of Distribution] (2006) 01. Long Way to Go [add]
02. Stone Broke, Stone Cold Sober [add]
03. The Fool [add]
04. Happiness Cloud [add]
05. Stone Wall Jackson [add]
06. Alabama Man [add]
07. The Ball of Torridon [add]
08. Wheel of Fortune [add]
09. Around with You [add]
10. The Hangman [add]
11. Age of Meditation [add]
12. Got It Bad 4 U [add]
13. The Worried Man [add]

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