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Laura Love lyrics
Genre: Women's
Z Therapy (1990) 01. Things I've Heard People Think [add]
02. I'm Gonna Lay by My Friend Gi [add]
03. Leave My Head Alone (Diddle-Ee Di) [add]
04. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
05. Radiation [add]
06. Statue [add]
07. I Only Know (I'd Rather Be Alone) [add]
08. Fences (When I Was Young) [add]

Pangaea (1992) 01. All Our Lives [add]
02. Anyway [add]
03. Whenever Time Will Come [add]
04. Nelson [add]
05. Bang Bang [add]
06. I'm a Givin' Way [add]
07. Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye [add]
08. If You Leave Me [add]
09. Less Is More [add]
10. This Place I Love [add]
11. In a Heartbeat [add]
12. Take a Ride [add]
13. Voices [add]
14. I Know [add]

Helvetica Bold (1996) 01. A Ha Me a Riddle I Day [add]
02. Feels Like Love [add]
03. Inside the Reason [add]
04. Five Hundred Miles [add]
05. Put a Little Love in Your Heart [add]
06. High Divide Oh [add]
07. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
08. Just Like You [add]
09. Nothing But Kindness [add]
10. Wayfaring Stranger [add]

Octoroon (1997) 01. Bad Feeling [add]
02. Can't Understand [add]
03. All the Pushin' [add]
04. I Am Wondering [add]
05. June 4th Foundation [add]
06. Amazing Grace [add]
07. Simple [add]
08. Capricorn & Hominy [add]
09. Come as You Are [add]
10. Octoroon [add]
11. I Can Bring It Over [add]
12. If I Knew [add]
13. Blind Bartimus [add]

Shum Ticky (1998) 01. Woe Is Me [add]
02. Mahbootay [add]
03. Aha Me a Riddle I Day [add]
04. The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap) [add]
05. I'm a Givin' Way [add]
06. Punctured and Hissing [add]
07. Longfellow Creek [add]
08. Less Is More [add]
09. Shum Ticky [add]
10. Sorry [add]
11. Serenity [add]
12. Give Me Five [add]
13. Bang Bang [add]

Fourteen Days (2000) 01. More of You [add]
02. Fourteen Days [add]
03. Sativa [add]
04. In Seattle [add]
05. Sometimes Davey Wins [add]
06. I Am Going to Miss You [add]
07. Stoned Soul Picnic [add]
08. Way off the Hook [add]
09. Hey Bigelow [add]
10. Suddenly [add]
11. Shenandoah [add]

Welcome to Pagan Place (2003) 01. Santa Rosa [add]
02. Cain't Nobody [add]
03. Trickle Down [add]
04. (Welcome To) Pagan Place [add]
05. I Want You Gone [add]
06. Starkweather [add]
07. Can I Get a Wet Nurse [add]
08. Little Black Beetle [add]
09. Happy Little Song [add]
10. Fly Like an Eagle/Come Together [add]
11. Talk About Sufferin' [add]

You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes (2004) 01. Good Enough [add]
02. Homage to Omaha lyrics
03. Ain't No Power [add]
04. Freak Flag [add]
05. Oh Safonda [add]
06. You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes [add]
07. It's Always Fall [add]
08. In Lincoln [add]
09. Behind the Door [add]
10. We Are Not [add]
11. Hard Times (Come Again No More) [add]
12. Satisfied [add]

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