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Green on Red lyrics
Genre: Rock
Green on Red (1982) 01. Death and Angels [add]
02. Hair and Skin [add]
03. Black Night [add]
04. Illustrated Crawling [add]
05. Aspirin [add]
06. Lost World [add]
07. Apartment 6 [add]

Gravity Talks (1983) 01. Gravity Talks [add]
02. Old Chief [add]
03. 5 Easy Pieces [add]
04. Deliverance [add]
05. Over My Head [add]
06. Snake Bit [add]
07. Alice [add]
08. Blue Parade [add]
09. That's What You're Here For [add]
10. Brave Generation [add]
11. Abigail's Ghost [add]
12. Cheap Wine [add]
13. Narcolepsy [add]

Gas Food Lodging (1985) 01. That's What Dreams Are For [add]
02. Black River [add]
03. Hair Of The Dog [add]
04. This I Know [add]
05. Fadin' Away [add]
06. Easy Way Out [add]
07. Sixteen Ways lyrics
08. The Drifter [add]
09. Sea Of Cortez [add]
10. We Shall Overcome [add]

No Free Lunch (1985) 01. Time Ain't Nothing lyrics
02. Honest Man [add]
03. Ballad of Guy Fawkes [add]
04. No Free Lunch [add]
05. (Gee Ain't It Funny How) How Time Slips Away [add]
06. Jimmy Boy [add]
07. Keep on Moving [add]
08. Smokestack Lightning [*] [add]

The Killer Inside Me (1987) 01. Clarkesville [add]
02. Mighty Gun [add]
03. Jamie [add]
04. Whispering Wind [add]
05. Ghost Hand [add]
06. Sorry Naomi [add]
07. No Man's Land [add]
08. Track You Down (His Master's Voice) [add]
09. Born To Fight [add]
10. We Ain't Free [add]
11. Killer Inside Of Me [add]

Here Comes the Snakes (1989) 01. Keith Can't Read lyrics
02. Rock & Roll Disease [add]
03. Morning Blue lyrics
04. Zombie for Love [add]
05. Broken Radio lyrics
06. Change lyrics
07. Tenderloin [add]
08. Way Back Home [add]
09. We Had It All lyrics
10. D.T. Blues [add]

This Time Around (1989) 01. This Time Around lyrics
02. Cool Million lyrics
03. Rev. Luther lyrics
04. Good Patient Woman lyrics
05. You Couldn't Get Arrested lyrics
06. The Quarter [add]
07. Foot [add]
08. Hold the Line lyrics
09. Pills and Booze [add]
10. We're All Waiting [add]

Scapegoats (1991) 01. Guy Like Me [add]
02. Little Things in Life [add]
03. Two Lovers (Waitin' to Die) [add]
04. Gold in the Graveyard [add]
05. Hector's Out [add]
06. Shed a Tear (For the Lonesome) [add]
07. Blowfly [add]
08. Sun Goes Down [add]
09. Where the Rooster Crows [add]
10. Baby Loves Her Gun [add]

Too Much Fun (1992) 01. She's All Mine [add]
02. Frozen in My Headlights [add]
03. Love Is Insane [add]
04. Too Much Fun [add]
05. The Getaway [add]
06. I Owe You One [add]
07. Man Needs Woman [add]
08. Sweetest Thing [add]
09. Thing or Two [add]
10. Hands and Knees [add]
11. Wait and See [add]
12. Rainy Days and Mondays [add]

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