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Game Theory lyrics
Genre: Rock
Real Nighttime (1985) 01. Here Comes Everybody [add]
02. 24 lyrics
03. Waltz the Halls Always [add]
04. I Mean It This Time lyrics
05. Friend of the Family [add]
06. If and When It Falls Apart [add]
07. Curse of the Frontierland [add]
08. Rayon Drive lyrics
09. She'll Be a Verb [add]
10. Real Nighttime lyrics
11. You Can't Have Me [add]
12. I Turned Her Away lyrics
13. Any Other Hand [add]
14. I Want to Hold Your Hand [add]
15. Couldn't I Just Tell You [add]

Big Shot Chronicles (1986) 01. Here It Is Tomorrow [add]
02. Where You Going Northern [add]
03. I've Tried Subtlety [add]
04. Erica's Word [add]
05. Make Any Vows [add]
06. Regenisraen [add]
07. Crash into June [add]
08. Book of Millionaires [add]
09. The Only Lesson Learned [add]
10. Too Closely [add]
11. Never Mind [add]
12. Like a Girl Jesus [add]
13. Girl w/A Guitar [add]
14. Come Home With Me [add]
15. Seattle [add]
16. Linus and Lucy [add]
17. Faithless [add]

Lolita Nation (1987) 01. Kenneth, What's the Frequency? [add]
02. Not Because You Can [add]
03. Shard [add]
04. Go Ahead, You're Dying To [add]
05. Dripping With Looks [add]
06. Exactly What We Don't Want to Hear [add]
07. We Love You, Carol and Alison [add]
08. The Waist and the Knees [add]
09. Nothing New [add]
10. The World's Easiest Job [add]
11. Look Away [add]
12. Slip [add]
13. The Real Sheila [add]
14. Andy in Ten Years [add]
15. Watch Who You're Calling Space Garbage Meteor Mouth/Pretty Green ... [add]
16. Where They Have to Let You In [add]
17. Turn Me on Dead Man [add]
18. Mammoth Gardens [add]
19. Little Ivory [add]
20. Museum of Hopelessness [add]
21. Toby Ornette [add]
22. All Clockwork and No Bodily Fluids Makes Hal a Dull Humbert/In ... [add]
23. One More for Saint Michael [add]
24. Choose Between Two Sons [add]
25. Chardonnay [add]
26. Last Day That We're Young [add]
27. Together Now, Very Minor [add]

Two Steps From the Middle Ages (1988) 01. Room for One More, Honey [add]
02. What the Whole World Wants [add]
03. The Picture of Agreeability [add]
04. Amelia, Have You Lost [add]
05. Rolling With the Moody Girls [add]
06. Wyoming [add]
07. In a DeLorean [add]
08. You Drive [add]
09. Leilani [add]
10. Wish I Could Stand or Have [add]
11. Don't Entertain Me Twice [add]
12. Throwing the Election [add]
13. Initiations Week [add]

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