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Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer lyrics
Genre: Folk
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer (1989) 01. Last Night I Dreamed [add]
02. Love's Last Chance [add]
03. Freight Train Blues [add]
04. My Prairie Home [add]
05. I've Endured [add]
06. Early [add]
07. I'm Not Alone Anymore [add]
08. Names [add]
09. Walkin' in the Glory [add]
10. Are You Tired of Me [add]
11. Tune Medley (Tater Patch/Magpie/June Apple) [add]
12. The Crawdad Song [From the Cackle Sisters] [add]

Help Yourself (1990) 01. Help Yourself! [add]
02. Stop, Look and Listen [add]
03. Where Are My Feelings [add]
04. When My Shoes Are Loose [add]
05. What You Gonna Wear? [add]
06. Read a Book [add]
07. Nobody Else Like Me [add]
08. I've Got a Secret [add]
09. Never Talk to Strangers [add]
10. The Name and Address Song [add]
11. You Are What You Eat [add]
12. I Believe Myself [add]

A Parents' Home Companion (1995) 01. Instruction Manual [add]
02. The Therapy Fund [add]
03. Daughters of Feminists [add]
04. It's Better Than That [add]
05. Everybody's Doin' It [add]
06. Orange Cocoa Cake [add]
07. That's My Boy [add]
08. Are We There Yet? [add]
09. A Chat With Your Mother (The F-Word Song) [add]
10. Dear Mom [add]

Nobody Else Like Me (1995) 01. Hello, Hello, Hello [add]
02. Kye Kye Kule [add]
03. Nobody Else Like Me [add]
04. Speciall Kids [add]
05. A Little Like You and a Little Like Me [add]
06. I See With My Hands [add]
07. Twins [add]
08. A Kid Like Me [add]
09. May There Always Be Sunshine [add]
10. Walkin' on My Wheels [add]
11. Harry's Glasses [add]
12. Everything Possible [add]

Blanket Full of Dreams (1996) 01. Swingtime Lullaby [add]
02. It's Nighttime [add]
03. Goodnight, Goodnight [add]
04. Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine [add]
05. Sleep Like a Little Pea [add]
06. All in a Night [add]
07. Love Makes a Family [add]
08. Cowgirl's Lullaby [add]
09. Moon, My Dad and Me [add]
10. Lucky Girl [add]
11. Time to Sleep [add]
12. Give a Little Love Away [add]

Voice on the Wind (1997) 01. Cactus Swing [add]
02. Seasons Change [add]
03. Psalm of Life [add]
04. Shady Grove [add]
05. Summer's Eve [add]
06. Time to Learn [add]
07. Voice on the Wind [add]
08. Ruby [add]
09. Nobody's Body But Mine [add]
10. Nine Gold Medals [add]
11. Halfway There [add]
12. Guitar Boogie [add]
13. What Will I Leave [add]

Changing Channels (1998) 01. Turn It off, Change the Channel, Leave the Room! [add]
02. 50 Things That I Can Do Instead of Watch TV [add]
03. A Ballet Dancing Truck Driver [add]
04. Count to Ten and Try Again [add]
05. That's What I Like About You [add]
06. Use a Word [add]
07. Talk to Me [add]
08. Dad Threw the TV Out the Window [add]
09. Buy Me This and Buy Me That [add]
10. The TV Way [add]
11. The Power in Me [add]
12. Sharing [add]

Pillow Full of Wishes (2000) 01. Rainbow's End: Pot of Gold [add]
02. Make a Wish [add]
03. The Banana Wish Song [add]
04. All Around the World [add]
05. I'll Be Dreaming of Hawaii [add]
06. The Music Box [add]
07. Sleepyheads: Spencer's Song [add]
08. Time for Little Ones [add]
09. Sailing [add]
10. Ther's a Fairy in My Pocket [add]
11. Hush [add]
12. Save One Wish for You [add]
13. Goodnight Waltz [add]
14. Moonlight [add]

Pocket Full of Stardust (2002) 01. The Rhythm of the World [add]
02. The Silliest Dream [add]
03. Countin' Cars on the Sleepytime Train [add]
04. Pocket Full of Stardust [add]
05. Water, Sun, Earth and Sky [add]
06. Jiggle and Tackle [add]
07. Who's Been Sleepin' in My Bed? [add]
08. I Got Pajamas [add]
09. Sail Away Together [add]
10. Thank You [add]
11. Goodnight Serenade [add]
12. Counting Stars/Every Little Star [add]
13. Talkin' to My Teddy [add]
14. Pocket Full of Stardust (Reprise) [add]
15. Whispers [add]
16. Wish for Tomorrow [add]

Postcards (2003) 01. Fool's Gold [add]
02. Long Time Travelin' [add]
03. Hopelessly in Love [add]
04. It's the Girl [add]
05. Valse ? Django [add]
06. Survivors of the Storm [add]
07. Arrange and Rearrange [add]
08. Birds and Ships [add]
09. Mason's Apron [add]
10. A House of Gold [add]
11. The Speculator [add]
12. Here Is the Chorus [add]

Bon App?tit! Musical Food Fun (2003) 01. Bon App?tit [add]
02. Breakfast Power [add]
03. Big Strong Muscles [add]
04. Water [add]
05. The Garden Song [add]
06. Potato [add]
07. Germs [add]
08. Hula Hoop [add]
09. A Little Taste of This, a Little Taste of That [add]
10. Aerobics [add]
11. Number One [add]
12. Banana [add]
13. Five a Day [add]
14. Food Jokes [add]
15. The Food Pyramid [add]
16. Here's One Wish [add]

Scat Like That: A Musical Word Odyssey (2005) 01. Scat Like That [add]
02. Flip Flapjacks [add]
03. I Love Pie [add]
04. A-E-I-O and U [add]
05. 50 States [add]
06. The Limerick Song [add]
07. A Pirate's Life [add]
08. Pig Latin Polka Dance (Igpay Atinlay Olkapay Anceday) [add]
09. Dagnabbit [add]
10. A Riddle in the Middle [add]
11. Black Socks [add]
12. Is Not, Is Too! [add]
13. It Only Takes a Minute [add]
14. IM4U [add]

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