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Sideways lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Sideways (2001) 01. Rat Song [add]
02. Being Awake [add]
03. In Jail with Jewels [add]
04. Skat [add]
05. Dark Poem [add]
06. Mi Cabeza Esta Llenar Con Quebradisos [add]
07. Don't Forget [add]

Superheated Sunshine (2004) 01. Cloud of Smoke [add]
02. Superheated Sunshine [add]
03. One More Thing [add]
04. Knoxville Road [add]
05. Ruminations of a Suit [add]
06. What Is Charisma? [add]
07. I'm Floating Through It All [add]
08. Foot Inside the Door [add]
09. Prison Train [add]
10. Garbage [add]
11. Thinking the Unthinkable [add]
12. The New Low Show [add]
13. When the Witness Smarts [add]
14. Props to My Homies [add]
15. Most Things Don't Happen [add]
16. Superheated Slide [add]
17. From One Obsession to the Next [add]

Midwinter Mission (2005) 01. Blue Dollhouse [add]
02. Biohazard Team [add]
03. Crawl Over Here and Slap Me [add]
04. The Woodland Marauder [add]
05. Picking Up a Fallen Woman [add]
06. Not Another Word [add]
07. I'm Starting to See the Patterns [add]
08. This Rave's a Bore [add]
09. Here Comes Robert Johnson [add]
10. I'm Voting for the Slumber Party [add]
11. Old Instrumental [add]
12. Forerunner of the Spring [add]
13. Drowning Man [add]
14. Kicked Back Down [add]
15. All the World Is a Stage [add]
16. Christmas Time Is Almost Here (Instrumental) [add]
17. Santa Claus Is Coming To [add]

Upsidedownland (2005) 01. Anyone Can Snap [add]
02. Cupid's Arrow [add]
03. Missing Time & The Men in Black [add]
04. Two Tone Headless Male Mannequin Blues [add]
05. A Cold Wind Blows [add]
06. Cinderella After Midnight [add]
07. The Organ Grinder's Monkey [add]
08. You Know What I Hate About Award Shows [add]
09. I Don't Want It to Be Now [add]
10. The Whole World's Opening Up [add]
11. The Magic Words [add]
12. Make Love to It [add]
13. Weighed Down by Fur [add]
14. Nightmare Ward [add]
15. The Oozy Weed Twist [add]
16. I've Bought Another Day [add]
17. Broken Play [add]
18. Santa Claus Is Coming To [add]

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