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Fastbacks lyrics
Genre: Rock
...And His Orchestra (1987) 01. Seven Days [add]
02. Light's on You [add]
03. If You Tried [add]
04. Don't Cry for Me [add]
05. In the Winter [add]
06. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong [add]
07. K Street [add]
08. You Will Be the One [add]
09. Call It What You Want [add]
10. Set Me Free [add]
11. I Need Some Help [add]
12. Midnight Confessions [add]
13. See and Say [add]
14. Only at Night [add]
15. What Will They All Say? [add]
16. In America [add]
17. No Lethal Hope [add]
18. Fast Enough [add]
19. Wait! [add]
20. Whenever I'm Walking [add]

Bike-Toy-Clock-Gift [live] (1990) 01. Only at Night [add]
02. What Will They All Say? [add]
03. Don't Cry for Me [add]
04. In the Winter [add]
05. I Need Some Help [add]
06. Better Than Before [add]
07. Always Tomorrow [add]
08. Brighton Rock [add]
09. Lose [add]
10. In America [add]
11. Yesterday at Midnight [add]
12. Roll Away the Stone [add]
13. Swallow My Pride [add]
14. Love You More [add]
15. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong [add]
16. Trouble Sleeping [add]

Very, Very Powerful Motor (1990) 01. In the Summer [add]
02. Apologies [add]
03. Trouble Sleeping [add]
04. Better Than Before [add]
05. What to Expect/Dirk's Car Jam [add]
06. Says Who? [add]
07. Last Night I Had a Dream That I Could Fly [add]
08. I Won't Regret [add]
09. I Guess [add]
10. Always Tomorrow [add]
11. I'll Be Okay [add]
12. Everything I Don't Need [add]

The Question Is No (1992) 01. Dear Mr. Oswald [add]
02. Run No More [add]
03. My Letters [add]
04. What's It Like [add]
05. Really [add]
06. Impatience [add]
07. Above the Sunrise [add]
08. Everything I Don't Need [live] [add]
09. Lose [add]
10. It Came to Me in a Dream [add]
11. 3 Boxes [add]
12. I Never Knew [add]
13. Someone Else's Room [add]
14. Don't Eat That It's Poison [add]
15. Breakup Theme [add]

Zucker (1993) 01. Believe Me Never [add]
02. Gone to the Moon [add]
03. Hung on a Bad Peg [add]
04. Under the Old Lightbulb [add]
05. Never Heard of Him [add]
06. When I'm Old [add]
07. All About Nothing [add]
08. Bill Challenger [add]
09. Parts [add]
10. Kind of Game [add]
11. They Don't Care [add]
12. Please Read Me [add]
13. Save Room for Me [add]
14. That Was [add]

Answer the Phone Dummy (1994) 01. Waste of Time [add]
02. On the Wall [add]
03. Went for a Swim [add]
04. Old Address of the Unknown [add]
05. Back to Nowhere [add]
06. BRD Coated [instrumental] [add]
07. I Found the Star [add]
08. And You [add]
09. On Your Hands [add]
10. I'm Cold [add]
11. T.H.I.N.K. [add]
12. In the Observatory [add]
13. Trumpets Are Loud [add]
14. Meet the Author [add]
15. Future Right [add]

New Mansions in Sound (1996) 01. Fortunes Misery [add]
02. Which Has Not Been Written [add]
03. No Information [add]
04. I Know [add]
05. Weather Perfectly Clear [add]
06. 555, Pt. 1 [add]
07. 555, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Stay at Home [add]
09. The Bitter Drink [add]
10. Just Say [add]
11. Banner Year [add]
12. Is It Familiar? [add]
13. Space Station No. 5 [add]
14. Find Your Way [add]
15. Girl's Eyes [add]

Here They Are: Fastbacks Live at Crocodile Cafe (1996) 01. Out of the Charts [add]
02. Run No More [add]
03. Hung on a Bad Peg [add]
04. The Light's on You [add]
05. On the Wall [add]
06. Went for a Swim [add]
07. Old Address of the Unknown [add]
08. Under the Old Lightbulb [add]
09. I'm Cold [add]
10. In the Observatory [add]
11. On Your Hands [add]
12. They Don't Care [add]
13. Save Room for Me [add]
14. Rat Race [add]

The Day That Didn't Exist (1999) 01. One More Hour [add]
02. Goodbye, Bird [add]
03. Like Today [add]
04. As Everything [add]
05. New Book of Old [add]
06. Defy's Gravity [add]
07. I Was Stolen [add]
08. Dreams I.H.S. [add]
09. Have You Had Enough [add]
10. We Can Be [add]
11. Maybe [add]
12. What's the Use? [add]
13. My Destiny [add]
14. The Day That Didn't Exist [add]

Truth, Corrosion and Sour Bisquits (2004) 01. AAA [add]
02. We Tried [add]
03. Ball of Fire [add]
04. Time and Matter [add]
05. All in Order [add]
06. Go All the Way [add]
07. Rocket Man [add]
08. Queen of Eyes [add]
09. Do the Right Thing [add]
10. On the Couch [add]
11. Wait It Out [add]
12. Allison [add]
13. In Search of Outer Space [add]
14. I'll Return [add]
15. Out of the Charts [add]

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