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Marcus Shelby lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Un Faux Pas! (1997) 01. Je l'Ai Vu en Permier (I Saw Her First) [add]
02. Un Faux Pas! (One False Move) [add]
03. Mademoiselle Mila (Enters) [add]
04. J'Ai Beaucoup de Chance (I'm So Lucky) [add]
05. Desilusions de Grandeur (Delusions of Grandeur) [add]
06. Quest Coastings (West Coastings) [add]
07. Femme Metisse [Mixed Women] [add]
08. Rendez-Vous avec Mila (Rendez-Vous with Mila) [add]
09. Mademoiselle Mila (Exits) [add]
10. Une Lettre Ouverte (An Open Letter) [add]
11. Resolution d' Antoine (Antoine's Resolution) [add]

Midtown Sunset (1998) 01. Arriving at the Space, Pt. 1 Intro [add]
02. Arriving at the Space [add]
03. Arriving at the Space/The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain (Text) [add]
04. Slappin' 7th Avenue With the Sole of My Shoe [add]
05. Blue Monday [add]
06. Hope (Text) [add]
07. Two Women [add]
08. The Block [add]
09. At the Savoy [add]
10. Jazz Band in a Parisian Cabaret [Text] [add]
11. Background for Ivy [add]
12. Background for Ivy/Harlem Girl [Text] [add]
13. Midtown Sunset [add]
14. Arriving at the Space, Pt. 2 Intro [add]
15. Arriving at the Space/The Souls of My People (Text) [add]

Sophisticate (1998) 01. The Sophisticate I (Sophistiquče I) [add]
02. 20th and Mission (La 20eme et Mission) [add]
03. Time to Fall in Love Again (Tomber a Nouveau Amoureux) [add]
04. The Joylovers (Les Amours Joyeux) [add]
05. Dance of the Mission Babies (Les Demoiselles de la Rue Mission) [add]
06. Marlon's Getaway (Marlon S' Echappe) [add]
07. Anais Petit (Anais Petit) [add]
08. The Sophisticate II (Sophistiquče II) [add]

The Lights Suite (2001) 01. Compositions: Moten Swing [add]
02. Compositions: Maia [add]
03. The Lights Suite: The Lights [add]
04. The Lights Suite: Afro Mission [add]
05. The Lights Suite: Portrait [add]
06. The Lights Suite: Dance of the Mission Babies [add]
07. The Lights Suite: Anais Petit [add]
08. The Lights Suite: Dinah [add]

Port Chicago (2006) 01. Act I: Introduction [add]
02. Act I: Opening Dance [add]
03. Act I: Call to War [add]
04. Act I: Training Day [add]
05. Act I: Mechanized Women [add]
06. Act I: Work Routine [add]
07. Act I: Barracks Life [add]
08. Act I: Black in Blue [add]
09. Act II: Work Routine 2 [add]
10. Act II: Big Liberty Blues [add]
11. Act II: Sweet Brownness [add]
12. Act II: Explosion [add]
13. Act II: After [add]
14. Act II: Exoneration [add]

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