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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dea lyrics
Genre: Rock
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (1998) 01. Richter Scale Madness [add]
02. Novena Without Faith [add]
03. Fake Fake Eyes [add]
04. Half of What [add]
05. Gargoyle Waiting [add]
06. Prince With a Thousand Enemies [add]
07. Ounce of Prevention [add]
08. When We Begin to Steal... [add]

Madonna (1999) 01. And You Will Know Them... [add]
02. Mistakes & Regrets [add]
03. Totally Natural [add]
04. Blight Takes All [add]
05. Clair de Lune [add]
06. Flood of Red [add]
07. Children of the Hydra's Teeth [add]
08. Mark David Chapman [add]
09. Up from Redemption [add]
10. Aged Dolls [add]
11. The Day the Air Turned Blue [add]
12. A Perfect Teenhood [add]
13. Sigh Your Children [add]

Source Tags & Codes (2002) 01. It Was There That I Saw You [add]
02. Another Morning Stoner [add]
03. Baudelaire [add]
04. Homage [add]
05. How Near How Far [add]
06. Heart in the Hand of the Matter [add]
07. Monsoon [add]
08. Days of Being Wild [add]
09. Relative Ways [add]
10. After the Laughter [add]
11. Source Tags and Codes [add]

Worlds Apart (2005) 01. Ode to Isis [add]
02. Will You Smile Again? [add]
03. Worlds Apart [add]
04. The Summer of '91 [add]
05. The Rest Will Follow [add]
06. Caterwaul [add]
07. A Classic Arts Showcase [add]
08. Let It Dive [add]
09. To Russia My Homeland [add]
10. All White [add]
11. The Best [add]
12. The Lost City of Refuge [add]

So Divided (2006) 01. Intro: A Song of Fire and Wine [add]
02. Stand in Silence [add]
03. Wasted State of Mind [add]
04. Naked Sun [add]
05. Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory [add]
06. So Divided [add]
07. Life [add]
08. Eight Days of Hell [add]
09. Witch's Web [add]
10. Segue: Sunken Dreams [add]
11. Sunken Dreams [add]

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