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Genre: Soundtrack
City Slickers (1991) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Career End [add]
03. Find Your Smile [add]
04. Walking Funny [add]
05. Cowabunga [add]
06. Young at Heart [add]
07. Birth of a Norman [add]
08. The River [add]
09. Mitchy the Kid [add]
10. Where Did My Heart Go? [add]

The Addams Family [Original Score] (1991) 01. Deck the Halls/Main Title (Contains "The Addams Family Theme") [add]
02. Morning [add]
03. Seances and Swordfights [add]
04. Playmates [add]
05. Family Plotz [add]
06. The Mooche [add]
07. Evening [add]
08. A Party...for Me? [add]
09. Mamushka [add]
10. Thing Gets Work [add]
11. Fester Exposed [add]
12. The Rescue [add]
13. Finale [add]

A Few Good Men (1992) 01. Code Red/ Semper Fidelis [add]
02. Kaffe [add]
03. Facts and Figures [add]
04. Guantanamo Bay [add]
05. Hound Dog [add]
06. Big Mama Thornton [add]
07. Plea Bargain [add]
08. Trial and Error [add]
09. Pep Talk [add]
10. Honor [add]
11. Stars and Stripes Forever [add]

Heart and Souls (1993) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Julia and John [add]
03. Soul Mates [add]
04. Goodbye Thomas [add]
05. Heart and Soul [add]
06. Souled Out [add]
07. Goodbye Milo [add]
08. Mr. Hug-A-Bug [add]
09. Goodbye Penny [add]
10. Julia's Farewell/The End [add]
11. Walk Like a Man [add]
12. (You'll Always Be) My Heart and Soul [add]
13. What'd I Say [add]
14. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
15. The Star Spangled Banner [add]

Addams Family Values [Original Score] (1994) 01. It's an Addams! [add]
02. Sibling Rivalry [add]
03. Love on a Tombstone [add]
04. Debbie Meets the Family [add]
05. Camp Chippewa/"Camp Chippewa Song" [*] [add]
06. Fester's in Love [add]
07. The Big Date [add]
08. The Tango [add]
09. Fester and Debbie's Courtship [add]
10. Wednesday and Joel's Courtship [add]
11. The Honeymoon Is Over [add]
12. Escape from Debbie [add]
13. Eat Us [add]
14. Wednesday's Revolt [add]
15. Debbie's Big Scene [add]
16. Some Time Later [add]

City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994) 01. Mitch's Dream [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Found: One Smile [add]
04. Discovering the Map [add]
05. Oh! Brother [add]
06. Gold Diggers of 1994 [add]
07. The Map Is Real...And on Fire [add]
08. On the Trail [add]
09. Real Men [add]
10. Let's Get That Gold! [add]
11. Duke Saves the Day [add]
12. Come and Get Me [add]
13. The Stampede [add]
14. Look Who's Bonding Too [add]
15. Over the Buffalo's Back, Under the Frozen People [add]
16. To the Bat Cave! [add]
17. There's Gold in Them Thar Hills [add]
18. A Box Full of Lead [add]
19. Jackpot! [add]

North (1994) 01. Main Title [add]
02. A Very Successful Life [add]
03. The Secret Spot [add]
04. North Goes to Court [add]
05. Let's Get Crackin' [add]
06. Texas [add]
07. Bonanza [add]
08. North Looks West [add]
09. Hawaii [medley] [add]
10. North Heads North [add]
11. Alaska [add]
12. Winchell's Master Plan [add]
13. The World Traveler [add]
14. Bedford [add]
15. Homesick [add]
16. Winchell, Lies and Videotape [add]
17. New York City [add]
18. North Figures It Out [add]
19. Race to the Finish [add]
20. Reunion [add]

The American President (1995) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. Call Me Andy [add]
03. I Like Her [add]
04. It's Meatloaf Night [add]
05. The First Kiss [add]
06. The Slow Down Plan [add]
07. The Morning After/Meet the Press [add]
08. Politics as Usual [add]
09. Never Have an Airline Strike at Christmas [add]
10. I Have Dreamed (The State Dinner) [add]
11. Camp David [add]
12. Gathering Votes [add]
13. Make the Deal [add]
14. Decisions [add]
15. President Shepherd [add]
16. End Titles [add]

First Wives Club [Original Score] (1996) 01. Cynthia [add]
02. Annie [add]
03. Elise [add]
04. Brenda [add]
05. Bad News [add]
06. Wham, Bam, Divorce Me Ma'am [add]
07. Letter to Three Wives [add]
08. The First Wives Club [add]
09. Gathering Information [add]
10. Setting Up Shop [add]
11. Tea Time With Gunilla [add]
12. Duarto Makes His Entrance [add]
13. The Big Break In [add]
14. Phone Tag [add]
15. The Auction [add]
16. Operation Hell Hath No Fury [add]
17. The Unveiling [add]

Mother [Original Score] (1996) 01. Mrs. Robinson [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Such a Surprise [add]
04. In My Room [add]
05. Circling the Market [add]
06. Berate Me Tomorrow/The Blank Screen [add]
07. Trip to the Mall [add]
08. Land of a Thousand Dances [add]
09. At the Zoo [add]
10. The Hat Box [add]
11. Understanding Mother [add]
12. Look Who's Writing [add]
13. Across the Line [add]
14. Keep on Movin' [add]

Ghosts of Mississippi (1997) 01. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free) [add]
02. Prologue [add]
03. Myrlie Plants the Seed [add]
04. Bobby Gets Hooked [add]
05. On the Delta [add]
06. Friday Phone Call [add]
07. I Will Live My Life for You [add]
08. The Smoking Gun [add]
09. Klandestine Meeting [add]
10. Mannish Boy [add]
11. Walking Blues [add]
12. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
13. Busted [add]
14. Building the Case [add]
15. Bomb Scare [add]
16. Finding Strength [add]
17. Witnesses for the Prosecution [add]
18. DeLay Speaks [add]
19. Waiting for the Verdict [add]
20. Myrlie Victorious [add]
21. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free) [add]

Out of Towners (1999) 01. Isn't It Romantic? [add]
02. Empty Nest [add]
03. Fogged In [add]
04. All Aboard [add]
05. That Old Black Magic [add]
06. Park Avenue Stroll [add]
07. Hotel Arrival [add]
08. Fruits & Nuts [add]
09. Embrace Life [add]
10. Bad Girls [add]
11. Seduction [add]
12. The Great Escape [add]
13. Taxi! [add]
14. Aquarius [From the Broadway Musical Production hair] [add]
15. Racing to the Interview [add]
16. We're New Yorkers Now! [add]
17. Limboland [add]

61* [Original Score] (2001) 01. Opening Trumpet [add]
02. Scrapbook [add]
03. Flashback [add]
04. Mickey's Drunk [add]
05. Mickey and Whitey Dance [add]
06. The Fat F**k [add]
07. Post Kidney Threat [add]
08. Underdog [add]
09. One-Armed Homer [add]
10. On the Bust [add]
11. Hate Mail [add]
12. Pillow Talk [add]
13. Hair and Hip [add]
14. Out of the Race [add]
15. Roger Hits #59 [add]
16. Every Pitch Could Be the One [add]
17. The Knuckleball [add]
18. Take Me out to the Ball Game [add]
19. Regret [add]
20. Roger Wants #61 [add]
21. Holy Cow [add]
22. Locker Room [add]
23. McGwire Hug [add]

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