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Art Sirota lyrics
Genre: Children's
Norton Songs (2003) 01. Elvis' Norton [add]
02. Far Away from Home and Broke Down Pushin' My Norton Down the Roa [add]
03. Serious Collector [add]
04. The Seat They Used Was Orange and the Oil They Used Was Green [add]
05. Norton Navigator Jungle Diary #3 [add]
06. Boom Shaboom My Engine Just Went Boom Again [add]
07. Talkin' Vintage Restoration Blues [add]
08. In the Home Stretch [add]
09. Surf Norton [add]
10. Norton Rap [add]
11. Battleship Gray [add]

Turn on the Love (2003) 01. Turn on the Love [add]
02. If This Ain't Love I Don't Know What Is [add]
03. Melanie [add]
04. Lying to You [add]
05. Sherry Like the Wine [add]
06. Wishing Well [add]
07. I Should Have Trusted You [add]
08. What Will You Say [add]
09. Hamlet's Blues [add]
10. Nashville in the Spring [add]
11. Movin' to the Country [add]
12. I'm Gonna Love the Cows Til' You Come Home [add]
13. La Honda Woman [add]
14. What's in It for Me [add]
15. Sanitary War [add]

Toil and Trouble (2003) 01. Good Ol' Friend of Mine [add]
02. Lost Runner [add]
03. Stalkin' Me [add]
04. Dance in the Moonlight [add]
05. Crud in My Beard [add]
06. Very Special Friend [add]
07. Mr Newspaperman [add]
08. When the Morning Sun Rises in the West [add]
09. Lidice [add]
10. Jenny [add]
11. Big Fish [add]
12. Talkin' First Bike Blues [add]
13. The Daddy-O [add]
14. Belly Button Blues [add]
15. Livin' in the Back of My Car [add]

From Where I Stand (2003) 01. From Where I Stand [add]
02. I Joined the NRA by Mistake [add]
03. Mean Creature Blues [add]
04. The Earth Will Fight Back [add]
05. The Was a Butterfly [add]
06. Their Digging a Hole [add]
07. Please Love [add]
08. Run, Daphine Run [add]
09. I'm Going to Say a Prayer [add]
10. Blue Food [add]
11. Take Away Nuclear Weapons [add]
12. Why Can't Peple Try [add]
13. I Love It on the Earth [add]
14. From Where I Stood [add]
15. Another Song [add]

Sky Blue Pony (2003) 01. Little Seed [add]
02. Sky Blue Pony [add]
03. Big Jake [add]
04. How Would It Feel [add]
05. Stop and Stare [add]
06. Queen Gabriella [add]
07. Lighting Man [add]
08. I Don't Wanna Clean Up My Room [add]
09. Push Me in the Shopping Cart [add]
10. Tommy Cat [add]
11. Caveman Blues [add]
12. A Windswept Memory [add]

State of the Art (2003) 01. Play Some Boogie-Woogie for Me [add]
02. Mama Fights Deportation Blues [add]
03. Lynda Left LA [add]
04. Pissed and Poor [add]
05. Won't You Spend the Night in My Room [add]
06. Nobody [add]
07. Feng Shui Mama [add]
08. Fire and Ice [add]
09. Way Beyond My Means [add]
10. Scrap Cat [add]
11. Affairs of the Heart [add]
12. Talkin' Design-Your-Own-Mate Nightmare Blues [add]
13. Using You [add]
14. You Were Just Cheating Yourself [add]
15. Another Day in Dreamland [add]

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