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Dervish lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Harmony Hill (1993) 01. Apples in Winter [add]
02. Hills of Greenmore [add]
03. The Green Fields of Miltown [add]
04. Bellaghy Fair [add]
05. The Ploughman [add]
06. The Green Mountain [add]
07. Welcome Poor Paddy Home [add]
08. Jig C Jig [add]
09. The Fair Maid [add]
10. Virginia Set [add]
11. A St?r Mo Chro? [add]
12. Slides and Reels [add]

At the End of the Day (1995) 01. Touching Cloth [add]
02. AR Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi (For Ireland Won't Tell Her Name) [add]
03. Jim Coleman's Set [add]
04. An Spailpin Fanach [add]
05. Packie Duigman's [add]
06. Lone Shanakyle [add]
07. Drag Her 'Round the Road [add]
08. Peata Beag [add]
09. The Trip to Sligo Set [add]
10. Sheila Nee Iyer [add]
11. The Kilavill Set [add]
12. I Courted a Wee Girl [add]
13. Josefin's Waltz [add]
14. Thirty Seconds [add]
15. Eileen McMahon [add]

Playing with Fire (1996) 01. Buckleys Fancy/Name Unknown/Finns Reel [add]
02. Molly and Johnny [add]
03. Last Night's Fun [add]
04. The Wheels of the World [add]
05. Maire Mor [add]
06. I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her [add]
07. The Hungry Rock [add]
08. Calin Rua [add]
09. The Ash Plant Set [add]
10. Peigin Mo Chroi [add]
11. Game of Love [add]
12. Willie Lennox [add]
13. Let Down the Blade [add]

Live in Palma (1997) 01. Packie Duignan's [add]
02. Intro [add]
03. Spailp? F?nach [add]
04. Slip Jigs [add]
05. Intro [add]
06. Sheila Nee Iyer [add]
07. Intro [add]
08. The Trip to Sligo [add]
09. Intro [add]
10. The Hungry Rock [add]
11. Intro [add]
12. Ar ?irinn N? Neosfainn C? H? (For Ireland Won't Tell Her Name) [add]
13. Molly and Johnny [add]
14. The Green Mountain [add]
15. I Courted a Wee Girl/Josefin's Waltz [add]
16. Intro [add]
17. Drag Her 'Round the Road [add]
18. Intro [add]
19. M?ire Mh?r [add]
20. Intro [add]
21. I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her [add]
22. Intro [add]
23. The Hills of Greenmore [add]
24. Intro [add]
25. The World's End [add]
26. Peata Beag [add]
27. Intro [add]
28. Pheig?n Mo Chroi [add]
29. Intro [add]
30. Jim Coleman's [add]
31. Happy Birthday to Felip [add]
32. Intro [add]
33. Edward by Lough ?irn's Shore [add]
34. Introductions [add]
35. Killavil Jigs [add]
36. Ailili? Na Gamhna [add]

Midsummer's Night (2001) 01. Midsummer's Night Medley: Martin Wynnes #3/Steampacket/Sweat House [add]
02. Se?n Bh?in [add]
03. Tenpenny Bit [add]
04. The Banks of Sweet Viledee [add]
05. Palmer's Gate Reels: Mick O'Connor's/Jack Roe/Palmer's Gate [add]
06. ?rin Gr? Mo Chro? [add]
07. Lark on the Strand: The Lark on the Strand/Frahers/Four Mile Stone [add]
08. Cairns Hill [add]
09. There Was a Maid in Her Father's Garden [add]
10. Abbeyfeale Set: Paddy from Portlaw/Paddy in London/Ceannguilla [add]
11. An T-?ll [The Apple] [add]
12. Bold Doherty [add]
13. Out on the Road Reels: Out on the Road/Repeal of the Union/Fair Wind [add]
14. Red-Haired Mary [add]

Spirit (2004) 01. John Blessings: Tinker Hill/Patsy Touheys, Patsy/Mary ... [add]
02. Jig Songs: A an R?gaire Dubh/B Na Ceannabh?in Bh?na (The Little ...) [add]
03. Father Jack: The Pipers Picnic/T'Athair Jack Walsh/Pull the Knife ... [add]
04. The Fair Haired Boy [Song] [add]
05. Siesta Set: Kevin Burkes/McCabes/The Siesta/Gabe O'Sullivan's Reels [add]
06. Soldier Laddie [Song] [add]
07. Beauties of Autumn: The Beauties of Autumn/An P?istin Fionn [add]
08. The Lag's Song [Song] [add]
09. Boots of Spanish Leather [Song] [add]
10. O'Raghailligh's Grave [add]
11. Swallows Tail: O'Rghailligh's Grave/Swallows Tail [add]
12. The Cocks Are Crowing [Song] [add]
13. Whelans: Trounsdells Cross/Whelans [Jigs] [add]

Live at Johnny Fox's (2006) 01. Reels : Rathlin Island, The Graff Spree, Last Night's Fun [add]
02. Song : Pegin Mo Chroi [add]
03. Slip Jigs : My Mind Will Never Be Easy, The Ash Plant [add]
04. Song : Maire Mhor [add]
05. Reels : Kevin Burke's Slow Reel : The Hungry Rock [add]
06. Song : A Stor Mo Chroi [add]
07. Song : The Fair Maid [add]
08. Jig : C Jig [add]
09. Song : Johnny & Molly [add]
10. Jigs : I Buried My Wife and Dance on Top of Her, Jerry Holland's, John [add]
11. Song : Welcoming Poor Paddy Home [add]
12. Slides : Kerry Slides [add]

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