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Secretions lyrics
Genre: Rock
Attention Deficit Disorder (1999) 01. I Was Seduced by the Bearded Lady [add]
02. Four Speed Automatic Jesus [add]
03. I Still Think Cindy Crawfords Ugly [add]
04. Freaks Like Us [add]
05. I Gotta Pee [add]
06. Gut Trash Vegan [add]
07. I Cant Believe I Went to the High School Prom [add]
08. Viva la Lucha Libre [add]
09. Kill My Neighbors [add]
10. The Girl Who Was Thirty Feet Tall [add]
11. Insulin Noy Heroin [add]
12. Anarchy Is Silly [add]
13. I Want You to Be My Muse [add]
14. Love of My Life [add]

'Til Death (2002) 01. Til Death [add]
02. Wreckin Ball of Sound [add]
03. Sick of Feelin' Like Shit [add]
04. Attention Deficit Disorderly [add]
05. I'm Gonna Get You So Laid [add]
06. I Need Caffeine [add]
07. My Sister Is a Tweeker [add]
08. Do You Still Wanna Be My Girlfriend [add]
09. Double O Summer [add]
10. Chunk Lips [add]
11. Art Rock Mother Fucker [add]
12. Boner [add]
13. Fuckin Zombies [add]
14. Mil Mascaras [add]
15. We Secrete You Suck [add]

Coming to Save the World (2006) 01. Kick Your Daddy's Ass [add]
02. Faker [add]
03. Cemetary Pogo [add]
04. Long Lonely Road [add]
05. Hippie Stoner [add]
06. Can't Be Trusted [add]
07. Don't Wanna See Her That Way [add]
08. Mercy Rose [add]
09. Can't Believe I'm Falling in Love [add]
10. Computerhead [add]
11. Zombie Girl [add]
12. Distrubing Analogues [add]
13. Crapper [add]
14. Road on Which I'm Leaving [add]

Faster Than the Speed of Drunk (2007) 01. Faster Than the Speed of Drunk [add]
02. 3 Chords and a Fuck You [add]
03. Fired for a Living [add]
04. Mini Suicide [add]
05. Its Better If I Just Lie to You [add]
06. Moms Fucked Up [add]
07. Freaks Like Us [add]
08. That Kind of Girl [add]
09. Kill My Neighbors [add]
10. Ramen and a 40 [add]
11. Troublemaker [add]
12. Jerkin off to You [add]
13. Alien Girl [add]
14. Viva La Lucha Libre [add]
15. Dont Fuck with the Teenage Harlets [add]

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