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HiM lyrics
Genre: Rock
Egg (1996) 01. Creality [add]
02. Sweatshop (3 X 5) [add]
03. Three on a Tree [add]
04. Painted Egg [add]
05. Ebola [add]
06. Bookkeeper [add]
07. Law [add]

Interpretive Belief System (1997) 01. Port of Entry [Resistance to the Ugly Spirit Mix] [add]
02. Science of X [add]
03. Twirling Dub [add]
04. L' Esprit N'A Pas d'Maison [add]
05. The Slow Attack [add]
06. Second Chance [add]

Sworn Eyes (1999) 01. A Verdict of Science [add]
02. Of the Periphery [add]
03. Trace Elements [add]
04. Scorn Nothing [add]
05. Sworn Eyes [add]

Our Point of Departure (2000) 01. Arrival [add]
02. Liberation (Pt. 1) [add]
03. Liberation (Pt. 2) [add]
04. Third Wish [add]
05. Weary Not Beaten [add]
06. Persistent Life [add]

New Features (2001) 01. Magnified Features [add]
02. In Transition [add]
03. Out Here [add]
04. Clouds [add]
05. Were Once [add]
06. Sea Level [add]

Many in High Places Are Not Well (2003) 01. Elementals [add]
02. Many in High Places Are Not Well [add]
03. Slow Slow Slow [add]
04. The Way the Trees Are [add]
05. Perspective from a Slow Spin [add]
06. Elope and Secede [add]
07. Coming of Age [add]

Peoples (2006) 01. This We Know [add]
02. Robber's Knot [add]
03. What's Up Tonight [add]
04. Shuddered [add]
05. Universe Peoples [add]
06. Pedaled as True [add]
07. How You Buy Fire [add]
08. As We Were Once [add]
09. In These Times [add]
10. The Silent Life [add]

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