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Gastr del Sol lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Serpentine Similar (1993) 01. A Watery Kentucky [add]
02. Easy Company [add]
03. A Jar of Fat [add]
04. Ursus Arctos Wonderfilis [add]
05. Eye Street [add]
06. For Soren Mueller [add]
07. Serpentine Orbit [add]
08. Even the Odd Orbit [add]

Crookt, Crackt, or Fly (1994) 01. Wedding in the Park [add]
02. Work from Smoke [add]
03. Parenthetically [add]
04. Every Five Miles [add]
05. Thos. Dudley Ah! Old Must Dye [add]
06. Is That a Rifle When It Rains? [add]
07. The C in Cake [add]
08. The Wrong Soundings [add]

Upgrade & Afterlife (1996) 01. Our Exquisite Replica of "Eternity": [add]
02. Rebecca Sylvester [add]
03. The Sea Uncertain [add]
04. Hello Spiral [add]
05. The Relay [add]
06. Crappie Tactics [add]
07. Dry Bones in the Valley (I Saw the Light Come Shining 'Round and ...) [add]

Camoufleur (1998) 01. The Seasons Reverse [add]
02. Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder [add]
03. Black Horse [add]
04. Each Dream Is an Example [add]
05. Mouth Canyon [add]
06. A Puff of Dew [add]
07. Bauchredner [add]

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