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De Danann lyrics
Genre: Celtic
De Danann (1976) 01. Tripping up the Stairs [add]
02. The Sunny Banks [add]
03. The Mountain Streams [add]
04. Cathleen Henir's [add]
05. Eighteen Years Old [add]
06. Green Fields of Rossbeigh [add]
07. Toss the Feathers [add]
08. The Duke of Leinster [add]
09. The Blackbird [add]
10. Rambling Irishman [add]
11. Gold Ring [add]
12. The Shores of Lough Bran [add]
13. Glenbeigh Hornpipe [add]
14. Mountain Lark [add]

Star-Spangled Molly (1978) 01. Coleraine Jig/Derrane's John Stenson's/Moher Reel [add]
02. Maggie [add]
03. Kitty's Wedding/The Rambler [add]
04. New Irish Barn Dance [add]
05. Come Back Again to Me, Mavourneen [add]
06. Conlon's Jig/Padraig O'Keefe's/Head O'Cabbage/Boys of Malin [add]
07. The Cuckoo's Nest [add]
08. My Irish Molly-O [add]
09. Hey Jude [add]
10. Morrison's/The Tailor's Thimble/Wellington's [add]
11. I'm Leaving Tipperary [add]

The Mist Covered Mountain (1980) 01. Mac's Fancy, the Mist Covered Mountain [add]
02. Cameronian Reel/The Doon Reel [add]
03. S?amais?n [add]
04. Mulvihill's Reel/The Dawn [add]
05. The Banks of the Nile [add]
06. Johnny Leary's Polka/O'keefe's Polka/Johnny Do I Miss You [add]
07. Mister O'Connor [add]
08. Henry Joy [add]
09. The Cottage in the Grove/Sean Ryan's Reel [add]
10. M?ire Mh?r [add]
11. Langstrom's Pony/The Tap Room/Lord Ramsey's Reel [add]

A Jacket of Batteries (1983) 01. A Jacket of Batteries [add]
02. The Call and the Answer [add]
03. The Clumsy Lover [add]
04. Flatbush Waltz [add]
05. Catalonia [add]
06. Reels: Sailing in B/Alice's Reel [add]
07. Mountains of Pommeroy [add]
08. Mandela [add]
09. The Rambles of Bach [add]
10. T?im I Mo Shu? [add]
11. Doberman's Wallet [add]
12. Carrickfergus [add]
13. Eleanor Rigby [add]

Song for Ireland (1983) 01. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (In Galway) [add]
02. Hard Times [add]
03. Mulqueen's Reels [add]
04. The Turkey in the Straw [add]
05. Live Not Where I Love [add]
06. The Hearty Boys of Ballymoate [add]
07. Song for Ireland [add]
08. The Bells of St. Louis [add]
09. The Chicken Reel [add]
10. Charlie Harris' Reels [add]
11. Jenny Rocking the Cradle [add]
12. Barney from Killarney [add]

Anthem (1985) 01. The Wren's Nest [add]
02. Let It Be [add]
03. Johnston's Hornpipe [add]
04. Connie from Constantinople [add]
05. Jonny I Hardly Knew Ye [add]
06. Ril an Spideal [add]
07. Anthem for Ireland [add]
08. Jimmy Byrnes and Dinkies [add]
09. Diglake Fields [add]
10. Duo in G [add]
11. Paddy's Lamentation [add]

Ballroom (1987) 01. Rights of Man/The Pride of Petravore (Hornpipes) [add]
02. Teddy O'Neill lyrics
03. Haley's Favourite /Kitty Come over /Mullins' Fancy [Jig] [add]
04. Sweet Forget-Me-Not lyrics
05. Eleanor Neary's /The Miller of Droghan [Hornpipe] [add]
06. Smiling Bride/Handsome Young Maids [Jigs] [add]
07. Far Away In Australia lyrics
08. A Shepherd's Dream/Ongo Bucharesti [Jewish Reels] [add]
09. All the Fine Young Men lyrics
10. Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door/Palm Trees Wave on High/Boulavogue/Pu [add]

Selected Jigs Reels & Songs (1988) 01. Tom Billy's Ryan's Jig/The Sandymount Reel/The Glogher Reel [add]
02. Love Will Ye Marry Me/Byrne's Hornpipe [add]
03. The Broken Pledge/Jenny's Welcome to Charlie [add]
04. The Banks of the Quay/Crucaharan Cross [add]
05. The Flower of Sweet Strabane [add]
06. The Flowers of Spring/Jackie Small's Jig [add]
07. The Log Cabin/Bean A' Ti AR Lar [add]
08. Carolan's Draught [add]
09. The Banks of Red Roses [add]
10. Over the Bog Road [add]
11. The Hags Purse/Colliers Jig [add]
12. Barbara Allen [add]
13. Dear Irish Boy/Johnny Leary's Polkas [add]

1/2 Set in Harlem (1991) 01. Joe Derrane's Reel/Galway Rambler/Jerry Holland's [add]
02. Lights Across the Bay [add]
03. Restless Farewell [add]
04. Klezmer Hornpipes [add]
05. Mulvihill's & Dublin Porter [add]
06. If Anything Happened to You [add]
07. Mike Flanagan's Jig [add]
08. A Classical Reel [add]
09. Glasgow Lullabye [add]
10. Maam Valley [add]
11. The Snowy Cordillera [add]
12. The Maids of Mullaghmore [add]
13. Operator [add]

Hibernian Rhapsody (1996) 01. Noel Hills' [add]
02. Donegal Reels [add]
03. Captain Jack lyrics
04. Humors of Lissadel & Jenny Picking Cockles [add]
05. The Garden Valley lyrics
06. Lark on the Strand [add]
07. Erin Ni Neosainn Ce Hi [add]
08. Hibernian Rhapsody [add]
09. The Rose and the Briar [add]
10. George Ross' Horn Pipes [add]
11. The Mountains of Pommeroy [add]
12. Sean McGuire's [add]
13. The Irish Girl [add]
14. The Girl That Broke My Heart [add]
15. Danny Boy [add]

The Ultimate Traditional Experience (1999) 01. The Cuckoo's Nest Medley [add]
02. Come Back Again to Me Mavourneen [add]
03. New Irish Barn Dance [add]
04. Conlon's Jig/Padraig O'Keefe's Head 'O Cabbage/Boys of Malin [add]
05. My Irish Molly-O [add]
06. Hey Jude [add]
07. Maggie [add]
08. Coleraine Jig/Derrane's/John Stenson's [add]
09. Kitty's Wedding/Rambler [add]
10. The Teetotlar/St Anne's [add]
11. Then You'll Remember Me [add]
12. Morrison's/Tailors Thimble/Wellington's [add]
13. I'm Leaving Tipperary [add]

Welcome to the Hotel Connemara (2000) 01. River Deep Mountain High [add]
02. Parisienne Walkways [add]
03. The Sally Gardens/Laydown Sally [add]
04. Love Hurts [add]
05. You've Lost That Loving Feeling [add]
06. The Rocks of Bawn/Take It to the Limit [add]
07. When a Man Loves a Woman [add]
08. Hey Jude [add]
09. Suspicious Minds [add]
10. Gasoline Alley [add]
11. A Whiter Shade of Pale [add]
12. It's Over [add]
13. Eleanor Rigby/Fr. McKenzie's Jig [add]
14. Only the Lonely [add]
15. Bohemian Rhapsody [add]

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