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Dirty Three lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sad & Dangerous (1994) 01. Kim's Dirt [add]
02. Killy Kundane [add]
03. Jaguar [add]
04. Devil in the Hole [add]
05. Jim's Dog [add]
06. Short Break [add]
07. Turk Reprise [add]
08. You Were a Bum Dream [add]
09. Warren's Waltz [add]
10. Turk [add]

Dirty Three (1995) 01. Indian Love Song [add]
02. Beter Go Home Now [add]
03. Odd Couple [add]
04. Kim's Dirt [add]
05. Everything's Fucked [add]
06. The Last Night [add]
07. Dirty Equation [add]

Horse Stories (1996) 01. 1000 Miles [add]
02. Sue's Last Ride [add]
03. Hope [add]
04. I Remember A Time When You Used To Love Me [add]
05. At The Bar [add]
06. Red [add]
07. Warren's Lament [add]
08. Horse [add]
09. I Knew It Would Come To This [add]

Ocean Songs (1998) 01. Sirena [add]
02. The Restless Waves [add]
03. Distant Shore [add]
04. Authentic Celestial Music [add]
05. Backwards Voyager [add]
06. Last Horse on the Sand [add]
07. Sea Above, Sky Below [add]
08. Black Tide [add]
09. Deep Waters [add]
10. Ends of the Earth [add]

Whatever You Love, You Are (2000) 01. Some Summers They Drop Like Flys [add]
02. I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night [add]
03. I Offered It up to the Stars & The Night Sky [add]
04. Some Things I Just Don't Want to Know [add]
05. Steller [add]
06. Lullabye for Christie [add]

She Has No Strings Apollo (2003) 01. Alice Wading [add]
02. She Has No Strings [add]
03. Long Way to Go With No Punch [add]
04. No Stranger Than That [add]
05. Sister Let Them Try and Follow [add]
06. She Lifted the Net [add]
07. Rude (And Then Some Slight Return) [add]

Cinder (2005) 01. Ever Since [add]
02. She Passed Through [add]
03. Amy [add]
04. Sad Sexy [add]
05. Cinders [add]
06. Doris [add]
07. Flutter [add]
08. The Zither Player [add]
09. It Happened [add]
10. Great Waves [add]
11. Dream Evie [add]
12. Too Soon, Too Late [add]
13. This Night [add]
14. Rain On [add]
15. Ember [add]
16. Michele [add]
17. Feral [add]
18. Last Dance [add]
19. In Fall [add]

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