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Genre: Celtic
If the Cap Fits (1978) 01. Kerry Reel/Michael Coleman's/Wheels of the World, the/Julia Delaney [add]
02. The Dinney Delaney's/Yellow Wattle [add]
03. The Mason's Apron/Laingston's Reel [add]
04. Paddy Fahy's Jigs/Cliffs of Moher [add]
05. The Star of Munster/John Stenson's No. 1/John Stenson's No. 2 [add]
06. Biddy Martin's/Get the Rigger/Bill Sullivan's Polka [add]
07. Caisle?n Na N?r Bobby Casey's Hornpipe [add]
08. Toss the Feathers...Etc. [add]

Promenade (1979) 01. The Pigeon on the Gate/Lafferty's Reel/Matt People's Reel [add]
02. Lord Franklin [add]
03. Walsh's Hornpipe/The Old Torn Peticoat (Reel) /The Bank of Ireland [add]
04. Coinleach Ghlas an Fh?mhair [add]
05. The Promenade [add]
06. AR a Ghabh?il Go Baile ?tha Claith Domh [add]
07. The Whole Chicken in the Soup/The Bird in the Bush/The New Mown Meadow/The [add]
08. The Reverend Brother's Jig/Sean Ryan's Jig [add]

Eavesdropper (1981) 01. Victory Reel/London Lasses/Courting Them All [add]
02. Scully Casey's Jig/The Eavesdropper [add]
03. Johnny Leary's/Micko Russell's Slides [add]
04. Rose in the Garden/Andy McGann's [add]
05. Garrett Barry's [add]
06. The Steeplechase/The Graf Spee [add]
07. The Blackbird [add]
08. Killoran's/The Hilltop/Jim Coleman's [add]
09. Palm Sunday/The Burnt Old Man [add]
10. O'Connell's Trip to Parliament/The Fairy Reel [add]
11. Pa?stin Fionn (Air and Hornpipe) /The Atlantic Sound [add]
12. O'Keefe's/Trip to the Cottage [add]

Portland (1982) 01. Maudabawn Chapel/The Wild Irishman/The Moher Reel [add]
02. Eirigh a Shi?ir [add]
03. Breton Gavottes [add]
04. The Rolling Waves/The Market Town/Scatter the Mud [add]
05. Aird U? Chumhaing [add]
06. Paddy's Return/Willy Coleman's/Up in the Air [add]
07. Lucy's Fling/S'Iomadh Rud a Chunnaic Mi/Some Day the Devil Is Dead [add]
08. Is Fada Lion Uaim ? [add]
09. Tom Morrison's/The Beare Island Reel/George White's Favourite/Dipping t [add]

Up Close (1984) 01. Lord Gordon's Reel [add]
02. A Polka (From Charlie Harris' Reel) /A Finnish Polka/Jessica's Polka [add]
03. Thrush in the Straw/A Health to the Ladies/The Boys of the Town [add]
04. Tuttle's Reel/The Bunch of Green Rushes/The Maids of Mitchelstown [add]
05. Shephard's Daughter/Jerusalem Ridge/Michael Kennedy's Reel [add]
06. Bloom of Youth/Molloy's Favourite/The Cabin Hunter [add]
07. Boys of Ballycastle/The Stack of Barley [add]
08. The Raheen Medley [add]
09. Rambler/The Chapel Bell [add]
10. Peeler's Jacket/The Flax in Bloom/Eileen Curran [add]
11. Orphan/The Mist on the Mountain/The Stolen Purse [add]

The Funny Reel (1985) 01. Kerryman's Daughter/Funny Reel/Castle Kelly [add]
02. Miss Walshe's/Lad O'Beirne's [add]
03. The Rights of Man [add]
04. The Copper Plate/Dinny O'Brien's [add]
05. The Derry Hornpipe [add]
06. Gallagher's Frolic/Paddy Killoran's [add]
07. The Bonny Bunch of Roses [add]
08. Father Tom's Wager/The Idle Road [add]
09. Andy McGann's/The Ballinasloe Fair [add]
10. Morrison's/Irish American [add]
11. Humours of Bandon/Planxty Brown/The Orange Rogue [add]
12. Aughamore/The Dairy Maid [add]
13. Slieve Na Mban/Cuckoo's Nest [add]
14. Lord McDonald's/The Ballinasloe Fair [add]

Open House (1992) 01. The Bus Stop Reel/Miss Mccloud's Reel/Lost Indian [add]
02. Frailach [add]
03. Open House/Two to the Bar/Porter for Three [add]
04. Bour?es [add]
05. The Crowley's Reel/House of Hammill/Mullingar Races [add]
06. The Humours of Ennistymon/Old as the Hills [add]
07. The Untitled Reel/Queen of the May/Congress [add]
08. Glory of the Meeting House [add]
09. La Partida [add]
10. The Long Acre/Clyde's Banks [add]
11. Mickey the Moulder/Stan Chapman's Jig [add]
12. Barn Dances [add]

Hoof and Mouth (1997) 01. Tour de Taille (Around the Waist) [add]
02. Drag Her 'Round the Road/Sporting... [medley] [add]
03. Okarina/The Tatoo [add]
04. Hoof and Mouth [add]
05. Oedipus Rex [add]
06. Split Rock/The Pipe on the Hob/Blue Adder [add]
07. And When I Die [add]
08. Paddy the Caffler/Glen Cottage Polka/Tolka Polka [add]
09. Ducino Kolo [add]
10. Tour de Taille (Reprise) [add]
11. Kuivatasaluevalssi [add]
12. Bright Sunny South [add]

In Concert [live] (1999) 01. The Butterfly [add]
02. Bonny Kate/Jenny's Chickens [add]
03. Kitty O'Shea [add]
04. The Cottage Groves/Maudabawn Chapel/The Beare Island Reel [add]
05. Itzikel [add]
06. Up Sligo/The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee/Out With the Boys [add]
07. The Mountain Road/Doctor Gilbert/McFadden's Handsome Daughter [add]
08. Walsh's Hornpipe/The Old Torn Petticoat /The Bank of ... [Two Versions] [add]
09. Sean Ryan's Jigs [add]
10. Roll in the Barrell/In the Tap Room/The Earl's Chair [add]
11. The Blackbird [Two Versions] [add]
12. Lucy Campbell/The Jolly Tinker [add]

Sweeney's Dream (2001) 01. Love at the Endings/John McGrath's Reel [add]
02. The Humours of Lissadell/Sweeney's Dream [add]
03. Murphy's Hornpipe [add]
04. The Sligo Maid/The Woman of the House/The Sailor's Bonnet [add]
05. The Strayaway Child [add]
06. The College Groves [add]
07. Toss the Feathers [add]
08. The King of Fairies [add]
09. The Mason's Apron/Laingston's Reel [add]
10. The Bunch of Keys/The Girl That Broke My Heart [add]
11. Bonny Kate/Jenny's Chickens [add]
12. Rise a Mile (Ride a Mile, Ride a Mule) [add]
13. Brendan McGlinchey's Reel (Splendid Isolation) /Sweeney's Buttermilk [add]
14. Tuttle's Reel (Custom Gap) /The Chicken in the Saucepan (The Maids ...) [add]
15. The Kid on the Mountain [add]
16. The Killarney Wonder Schottisches: Gurren Castle and the Finnea Lasses/The [add]
17. George White's Favourite/The Happy Days of Youth/Coleman's Cross [add]

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