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Freescha lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Kids Fill the Floor (0000) 01. Every Shiney Night [add]
02. My First Robot [add]
03. Kite High! [add]
04. Kid Brother [add]
05. Boyrgurl [add]
06. Blooms and Blossoms [add]
07. Peaches Pond [add]
08. Bumble [add]
09. Cherry Blue Boo [add]
10. Henry Hudson [add]
11. Sotopes [add]
12. Up the Coast [add]
13. Whales Wave Goodbye [add]

Slower Than Church Music (2002) 01. Mollusk [add]
02. Gole [add]
03. Boogy Foot [add]
04. Cosmo Sees Rain [add]
05. The Loom [add]
06. Wood Working [add]
07. Mothy Hooves [add]
08. Abominable Love [add]
09. Saturday Morning [add]
10. Church Music [add]

What's Come Inside You (2003) 01. Rinky Dink [add]
02. Laser Love [add]
03. Feel Back [add]
04. Watcha Gonna Go for It? [add]
05. Drive Me Wide [add]
06. Smurf Shoe [add]
07. Baby Maker [add]
08. Lover Function [add]
09. Too Close to Try [add]
10. Rap the Beat On [add]
11. The Sun Is Still [add]
12. Come Good [add]
13. Radio Heart [add]
14. Star Black [add]

Casino Versus Japan (2004) 01. Come Along, Do [add]
02. Sheena [add]
03. Coromiak [add]
04. Dental Fur [add]
05. Blinking [add]
06. Pony Blow [add]
07. Durusey [add]

Head Warlock Double Stare (2006) 01. Testing the Jammer [add]
02. Old Ace for Duke of Slade [add]
03. Galacticus [add]
04. Moving [add]
05. Where All Good Squishes Go [add]
06. Chasm Night [add]
07. Gory Gums [add]
08. Phantom, Strike the Disco Down! [add]
09. Death Battle 2: Call of the Haunted (Return of Sawlord - Baby Tiger) [add]
10. Killer on the Ride [add]
11. Humping for Dummies [add]
12. The Pageant of Smote Thine Beard [add]
13. Glitter Gun for Glue [add]
14. King Dracula [add]
15. Nothing to Say But Magic [add]
16. Candleabra [add]
17. Shiver Me Timbers [add]
18. Scandalous [add]
19. Frozen Stiff [add]
20. Speaker Eater [add]
21. Secret Admirer [add]
22. Phantas Me on the Opera [add]
23. Bring Me the Boogie [add]
24. The Strange Disappearance of Jebodiah Sloak, Journeyman [add]

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