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Ammoncontact lyrics
Genre: Rap
Sounds Like Everything (2003) 01. Azul of the Cosmos [add]
02. Juno What I Mean [add]
03. Juno Mas [add]
04. House Plants [add]
05. We the Continuum [add]
06. Super Eagles & Black Stars [add]
07. Hu Vibes Re: Invention [add]
08. Drops [add]
09. Encouragement [add]
10. Stereo-X 5:15, Pt. 1 [add]
11. Stereo-X 5:15, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Zato Ichi [add]
13. Ist Melody Music [add]
14. Fatu Batu [add]
15. Uncle Randy's Electribe 1 [add]
16. Uncle Randy's Electribe 2 [add]
17. Ultra DB [add]
18. Brasilintime [Kinda on Some Funk Edit] [add]
19. Top Tape 1 [add]
20. Our Cry for Peace [add]

One in an Infinity of Ways (2004) 01. Dreamy [add]
02. Healing Vibrations [add]
03. Infinity of Rhythm Instrumental (For Keepintime) [add]
04. Through the Moon [add]
05. Fun Is for Funky [add]
06. Wu Woomp Woomp [add]
07. Wu Wu Woomp [add]
08. Good Life to Groove Merchant [add]
09. Like Waves of the Sea [add]
10. Love Letters [add]
11. Ballad of the Untitled [add]
12. One in an Infinity of Ways [add]

New Birth (2005) 01. Omniverses 1 (Los Angeles to the Astro-Infinity) [add]
02. Naeem (10 Pounds 7 Ounces of Love) [add]
03. Futuro [Hot Off the MPC to Disk Mix] [add]
04. It Started as a Remix for Elvin ("Nobody, Nadie" Estela) [add]
05. A Satellite's Return [Hot Off the MPC to Disk Mix] [add]
06. New Birth (Like Waves Crashing and Crashing Again) [add]
07. Omniverses 2 [In Tribute to the Late Mary Hansen and the Ever Wo] [add]
08. My People (I'm Spittin for the Freedom Of) [add]
09. Temple Jam [Collective Improvisation] [add]

With Voices (2006) 01. Children of the Sun [add]
02. Into 777 [add]
03. Like This [add]
04. A Zillion Tambourines [add]
05. Elevation [add]
06. With Voices [add]
07. Drum Riders [add]
08. Ropepe [add]
09. Through the Pauses [add]
10. Beautiful Flowers [add]
11. Earth's Children [add]
12. Sleep Stasis [add]
13. Worth It [add]
14. Love Needs No Destination to Have Made It [add]
15. Life Force Contact [add]
16. One for Ayler [add]

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