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The Dogs lyrics
Genre: Rap
Straight (1990) 01. Cardboard Town [add]
02. Kiss My Heart Goodbye [add]
03. Lie in This Land [add]
04. You Can't Burn the Devil [add]
05. No Gypsy Blood [add]
06. Empty World [add]
07. Back on the Juice [add]
08. Evil [add]
09. Victims of Success [add]
10. Flying Solo [add]
11. Heroine [add]
12. Chiva [add]
13. Lady Nicotine [add]

The Dogs (1990) 01. Intro [add]
02. Where Is Disco Rick At? [add]
03. Lets Go, Lets Go [add]
04. Fuck the President [add]
05. Ten Little Niggers [add]
06. Lick It [add]
07. Take It Baby [add]
08. Dog Call [add]
09. Take It Off [add]
10. Crack Rock [add]
11. Who Gives a Fuck [add]
12. Get Loose [add]
13. Fuck You All [add]

Beware of the Dogs (1991) 01. Intro [add]
02. Talking True Shit [add]
03. Radio [add]
04. Get Down [add]
05. Fuck All Night [add]
06. Life About Crack [add]
07. Sexy's Got Beef [add]
08. Nasty Dance [add]
09. Work That Ass Baby [add]
10. Got That Spirit [add]
11. I Know a Bitch [add]
12. Hyped Up [add]
13. Dogga Mix [add]
14. Fuck You All III [add]

K-9 Bass (1992) 01. Commin' Correct [add]
02. Outta Gas [add]
03. Dogs-Gimme Some Mo' [add]
04. Shake Dance [add]
05. Pussy on Cum Fire [add]
06. Suck It Before I F.. K It [add]
07. Bi--H, Give up the Money [add]
08. Gimme, Gimme, Gimmie [add]
09. Shoot the Fucker [add]
10. Mutt Them Ho's [add]
11. Live With the Dogs [add]
12. It's Time 2 Groove [add]
13. Dogga Mixx II [add]
14. Dookie Shoot [add]
15. Long and Strong [add]
16. Pass the Pussy [add]
17. Broamin [add]
18. The Bite Has Begun [add]
19. Dogs Barking [add]

3 Is a Crowd (1995) 01. The Price of My Sins [add]
02. Super Friend [add]
03. Three Is a Crowd [add]
04. Back from Nowhere [add]
05. Today Sounds Like Yesterday [add]
06. Skydogs [add]
07. Never Been in Love [add]
08. 19 Again [add]
09. Noise Therapy [add]
10. The End of the Gang [add]
11. I Wanna Be Your Dog [add]

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