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DJ Eddie Def lyrics
Genre: Rap
Open Your Mind (2000) 01. Ol' Skool Mix [add]
02. (Not A) Dank Sinatra [add]
03. All Fall Down [add]
04. Inner Scratch Demons [add]
05. You Are a Dummy [add]
06. Asian Scratch Mix [add]
07. Big Beat Double Up [add]
08. Electro Boogie Mix [add]
09. Bobafette (Last of the Gemini) [add]
10. Listen to How the DJs Rock up the Space [add]
11. Buzz Light Years [add]
12. How to Use a Gemini Sampler [add]
13. Leave Your Guns at Home [add]
14. What? [add]
15. Sample Jerks [add]
16. Foggy and Blurry [add]
17. Scratching Is Dead [add]
18. Hemp Lords Rap [add]

Stuff (2001) 01. Broadcastory/Love You [add]
02. This Is a Test/Institute of B-Boyism [add]
03. Commercials [add]
04. Dragonloop [add]
05. Badtrip [add]
06. Aggressive on Soft [add]
07. Stay With Us Cricket Mix [add]
08. Reprise Again Uh Huh [add]
09. Slow on T.H.C. Develope [add]
10. Reenactment Bonus [add]
11. Out in the Vill [add]
12. 12 Step Program [add]
13. Boombap Must Die! [add]
14. Sad Sad Poor Poor [add]
15. Left/Right [add]

Inner Scratch Demons (2001) 01. Intro/Crybaby [add]
02. King of Rock [add]
03. World Premier [add]
04. The Future the Past [add]
05. You Are a Dummy [add]
06. Story of the 80s [add]
07. Base Waxxin [add]
08. Please Come Back to Me [add]
09. Invasion [add]
10. Dank Sinatra [add]
11. Jack D Vs. G Shack [add]
12. Memories/Aweful Noise [add]
13. Mexican Disses [add]
14. I Like It You Like It [add]
15. Space Funk [add]
16. Records and Tapes [add]
17. It's Strange [add]
18. Mighty Hard Break [add]
19. Intouchable Beeootch [add]
20. Inner Scratch Demons [add]
21. Crabs on Pubics [add]
22. Ol' School Section/Electro/I Thought You Were My Friend/When It ... [add]
23. Eddie Def Feedback Outro [add]

Cheap Recordings (2001) 01. Attack of the Killer Synth [add]
02. Space Travelrz Theme [add]
03. Corperate Killer [add]
04. Ed-Die-Def [add]
05. Drum Machine Leftovers [add]
06. Cheese [add]
07. Mood 1 [add]
08. Mood 1 the Beatdown [add]
09. Mood 2/Alien Caca [add]
10. Machine Technic 2 [add]
11. "DJ Quest Created This Style" [Feedback Music] [add]
12. This It What You Paid For [add]
13. Lowrider Bike [add]
14. Noolde Doodle [add]

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