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Genre: Rock
Olympian (1995) 01. Haunted by You [add]
02. Your Love, It Lies [add]
03. Truth, Rest Your Head [add]
04. A Car That Sped lyrics
05. Left-Handed lyrics
06. London, Can You Wait? [add]
07. To the City [add]
08. Still Can't Find the Phone [add]
09. Sleep Well Tonight lyrics
10. Olympian lyrics
11. We'll Find Our Own Way lyrics

Drawn to the Deep End (1997) 01. New Amusements lyrics
02. Fighting Fit [add]
03. Where Are They Now? [add]
04. Speak to Me Someone [add]
05. We Could Be Kings [add]
06. Why Was I Born? [add]
07. Long Sleeves for the Summer [add]
08. Save Me, I'm Yours [add]
09. Voice of the Father [add]
10. The Accidental [add]
11. I Love You, What Are You? [add]
12. Sub Rosa [add]

Revelations (1999) 01. As Good as It Gets [add]
02. In Love With Love lyrics
03. Love Won't Work [add]
04. The British Disease [add]
05. Fill Her Up lyrics
06. Something in the Water [add]
07. Mayday [add]
08. Angel [add]
09. The Looker [add]
10. Little Child [add]
11. Stop [add]
12. The Police Will Never Find You [add]
13. You'll Never Walk Again [add]

Rising for Sunset [live] (2000) 01. Does He Have a Name? [excerpt] [add]
02. Fill Her Up lyrics
03. The British Disease [add]
04. Where Are They Now? [add]
05. London, Can You Wait? [add]
06. Mayday [add]
07. As Good as It Gets [add]
08. Your Love, It Lies [add]
09. Rising for Sunset [add]
10. For the Dead [add]
11. Be My Light, Be My Guide [add]
12. Speak to Me Someone [add]
13. Olympian lyrics
14. You'll Never Walk Again [add]
15. Somewhere in the World [add]

Libertine (2002) 01. Let Me Move On [*] [add]
02. Does He Have a Name? [add]
03. A Simple Request [add]
04. Yours for the Taking [add]
05. Is It Over? [add]
06. O Lover [add]
07. With Love in Mind [*] [add]
08. Let Me Rest [add]
09. From Georgia to Osaka [*] [add]
10. We'll Get What We Deserve [add]
11. Walking in the Shallows [add]
12. You [add]
13. Spy in the Clubs [add]
14. Somewhere in the World [add]

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