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Genre: Folk
Album (0000) 01. 10 X 10 [add]
02. Like We Were Before [add]
03. Eat Fruit [add]
04. Whenever I Think of You [add]
05. Banana High Noon [add]
06. I'm Not Home [add]
07. Wife [add]
08. Sugar Lady [add]
09. Meat Grinder [add]
10. Medicine Man [add]

From a Drop to the Sea (1998) 01. Don't Push the River [add]
02. Another Cosmic Cowboy [add]
03. Magic of Love [add]
04. Come Home [add]
05. The Miner [add]
06. And Quietly Flows the Dawn [add]
07. Lessons in Life [add]
08. No Sweeter Sight [add]
09. In Search of Oneness [add]
10. Still Unsung [add]

'Bout Time (2005) 01. Time Now to Move On [add]
02. Love Lives On [add]
03. This Time Around [add]
04. One at Heart [add]
05. Your Mind's Playin' Tricks on You [add]
06. Dear Brothers and Sisters [add]
07. From the Part of You [add]
08. Child of the Universe [add]
09. Deeper Part of Life [add]
10. Just the Way Life Is [add]

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