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Sanne Salomonsen lyrics
Genre: Rock
Where Blue Begins (1991) 01. Back to My Baby [add]
02. Running Free [add]
03. A Love for the World [add]
04. Where Blue Begins lyrics
05. When You Walk in the Room [add]
06. Feels So Real (Love Hurts)f [add]
07. Storm Warning [add]
08. Responsible [add]
09. The Fever [add]
10. Crazy Love [add]

Language of the Heart (1994) 01. Haven't I Been Good to You [add]
02. Language of the Heart lyrics
03. Love Done Right [add]
04. Last Chance for Love [add]
05. Love Don't Bother Me [add]
06. What Does It Matter [add]
07. Walking That Fine Line [add]
08. Come to the Water [add]
09. Grip of Love [add]
10. When a Woman Pretends [add]

1996 (1996) 01. Mødet Med Din Mund [add]
02. Guder Og Gudinder [add]
03. Det Røde Blod [add]
04. Den Lille Løgn [add]
05. Gadebarn [add]
06. En Usynlig Mand [add]
07. Bange Og Glad [add]
08. Alt Hvad VI Gi'r [add]
09. Hende Eller Mig [add]
10. Før Nat Bli'r Til Dag [add]
11. Indtil VI Ses Igen [add]

In a New York Minute (1998) 01. New York Minute [add]
02. Sometimes It Snows in April [add]
03. Love Me Still [add]
04. Little Wing [add]
05. A Song for You [add]
06. Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer [add]
07. I Can't Make You Love Me [add]
08. Still Crazy After All These Years [add]
09. In Love We Grow [add]
10. Smooth Operator [add]

Sannes Bästa, Vol. 2 (2000) 01. Follow [add]
02. I Won't Ever Let You Down [add]
03. Nowhere to Turn [add]
04. As the Night Comes On [add]
05. Ud Af Mørket [add]
06. Kød Og Blod [add]
07. Øst for Paradis [add]
08. Stemmen Fra Mit Hjerte [add]
09. VI Gør Det Med Hinanden [add]
10. Uden Dig [add]
11. Sæ Fri [add]
12. Back to My Baby [add]
13. The Fever [add]
14. A Love for the World [add]
15. Den Lille Løgn [add]
16. Confused [add]
17. Lose You in the End [add]
18. Light My Fire [add]

Evita: Sange Fra Musicalen (2001) 01. Ouverture (Ouverture) [add]
02. Requiem (Requiem) [add]
03. Sikke et Cirkus (Oh What a Circus) [add]
04. Denne Nat Fuld Af Stjerneskud (On This Night) [add]
05. Eva, Hvad Vil du I Byen (Eva, Beware of the City) [add]
06. Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires) [add]
07. Så Hvad Sker der Nu? (Another Suitcase) [add]
08. Tak Og Godnat (Goodnight and Thank You) [add]
09. De Falder Som Fluer (The Lady's Got Potential) [add]
10. Jeg Kunne Gavne Dig (Surprisingly Good to You) [add]
11. Perons Nye Veninde (Persons Latest Flame) [add]
12. Et Nyt Argentina (New Argentina) [add]
13. Kald Ikke Mer' Argentina (Don't Cry for Me Argentina) [add]
14. Svæer På en Sky (High Flying Adored) [add]
15. Smuk Som Når Regnbuen Viser Sig (Rainbow High) [add]
16. Stromme Af Penge (Money Kept Rolling) [add]
17. Folket Elsker Hende (She's a Diamond) [add]
18. Santa Evita (Santa Evita) [add]
19. Vals for Che Og Evita (Waltz for Che and Evita) [add]
20. Evas Sidste Radiotale (Final Broadcast) [add]
21. Lament (Lament) [add]

Freedom (2003) 01. How Does It Feel [add]
02. Fly Away [add]
03. Teardrops in Heaven [add]
04. Rock the Cradle [add]
05. You're Gonna Cry [add]
06. Like a Woman [add]
07. One World [add]
08. Miracle [add]
09. Girlfriend [add]
10. The Rainbow [add]
11. My Freedom [add]
12. Drama [add]
13. Fluffy [add]

The Album (2005) 01. For Life [add]
02. New Beginning [add]
03. You've Never Been Loved Before lyrics
04. On a Night Like This lyrics
05. Work It Out [add]
06. Love You Like I Do [add]
07. Mystery to Me [add]
08. Fools [add]
09. Precious You [add]
10. Sugah [add]
11. Time for Us [add]
12. Everybody's Eyes on You [add]
13. Morning [add]
14. Higher Ground [*] [add]

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