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Young MC lyrics
Genre: Rap
Stone Cold Rhymin' (1989) 01. I Come Off [add]
02. Principal's Office [add]
03. Bust a Move [add]
04. Non Stop lyrics
05. Fastest Rhyme [add]
06. My Name Is Young [add]
07. Know How lyrics
08. Roll With the Punches [add]
09. I Let 'Em Know [add]
10. Pick Up the Pace [add]
11. Got More Rhymes [add]
12. Stone Cold Buggin' [add]
13. Just Say No lyrics

Brainstorm (1991) 01. That's the Way Love Goes [add]
02. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize [add]
03. Do You Feel Like I Do [add]
04. After School [add]
05. The Right One [add]
06. The Um Dee Dum Song [add]
07. Album Filler [add]
08. Keep It in Your Pants [add]
09. Use Your Head [add]
10. Listen to the Beat of the Music [add]
11. Inside My Head [add]
12. Life in the Fast Lane [add]
13. That's the Way Love Goes [Remix] [add]

Return of the 1 Hit Wonder (1997) 01. One Hit (Intro) [add]
02. Freakie [add]
03. On & Poppin' [add]
04. You Ain't Gotta Lie (Ta Kick It) [add]
05. Madame Buttafly [add]
06. Lingerie [add]
07. Coast 2 Coast [add]
08. Fuel to the Fire [add]
09. Bring It Home [add]
10. Intensify [add]
11. Mr. Right Now [add]
12. On & Poppin' [Remix] [add]

Ain't Going out Like That (2000) 01. What It Look Like [add]
02. Ain't Goin' out Like That [add]
03. Oh! [add]
04. Way of the World [add]
05. That's Right [add]
06. After Dark [add]
07. Y'all Don't Hear Me Doe [add]
08. Where's the Party At? [add]
09. Dreamer [add]
10. Ain't Goin' out Like That [Smooth And Scratchy Mix] [add]
11. Bust a Move [The Y2K Mix] [add]

Engage the Enzyme (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Stress Test [add]
03. Feel the Love [add]
04. Heatseeker [add]
05. Whop de Whoop [add]
06. Flows [add]
07. Unsigned Diva [add]
08. Babe [add]
09. Crucial [add]
10. One Time for Your Mind [add]
11. Ain't No Way in the World [add]
12. In Case [add]
13. Without Doubt [add]
14. Easier [add]
15. Heatseeker [*] [add]
16. Feel the Love [*] [add]

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