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Genre: Folk
Players All Are We (1994) 01. Angel of the Morning [add]
02. If a Rose [add]
03. I Work [add]
04. Water Is Life [add]
05. Players All Are We [add]
06. Carmella [add]
07. Memory Lane [add]
08. All We Need Is Love [add]
09. Doesn't Matter [add]
10. Have the Seasons Changed [add]
11. All Good Children [add]
12. Thrill of the Race [add]
13. Your Heart Is a Diamond [add]
14. If Love Is an Apple [add]

I Think It's About Time! (2001) 01. Love Is Everywhere [add]
02. For the Ocean [add]
03. I Think It's About Time [add]
04. Life Is So Fine [add]
05. The Wind in the Trees [add]
06. Remember Me My Old Friend [add]
07. Anglesea [add]
08. White Dove of Tommorow [add]
09. Come Ride the Storm [add]
10. No Need to Shout [add]
11. Putting on the Fire [add]
12. Old Rivers Run Dry [add]
13. If the Ship Comes In [add]
14. The Ned Kelly Song [add]

Hundreds of Miles (2005) 01. Sailors Lament [add]
02. Your Heart Is a Diamond [add]
03. Hundreds of Miles [add]
04. Albert Park [add]
05. The Wind Is High [add]
06. She'll Be Right [add]
07. Don't Spit in the Ocean [add]
08. Get on Your Horse [add]
09. If Your Head Is Spinning [add]
10. Let Me Go [add]
11. Her Name Is Carol [add]
12. Say That You Love Me [add]
13. Inside Is Out [add]
14. You Lift Me Higher [add]

Love Has Its Answers (2005) 01. It's Australia I Love [add]
02. Hard Times [add]
03. I'm Drinking [add]
04. It's a Shame [add]
05. Just Dance On [add]
06. Love Has Its Answers [add]
07. Open Roads [add]
08. It's a Question of Balance [add]
09. Rocket to the Moon [add]
10. Tear Drops I Cry [add]
11. The Almond Tree [add]
12. The Rain and I [add]
13. Tare This Building Down [add]
14. You and I [add]

For the Good of All (2006) 01. A Bit of This [add]
02. Seven Lonely Children [add]
03. A Brand New Day [add]
04. A Flower Growing Free [add]
05. For the Good of All [add]
06. I'm a Poor Man You See [add]
07. Four Walls [add]
08. If I Bend [add]
09. Penny [add]
10. I Am the Keeper [add]
11. There's a Time [add]
12. I'm a Travelled Man [add]
13. Days of Wine and Roses [add]

Live at the Muse, 2 Night Stand (2006) 01. If the Ship Comes In [add]
02. The Rain & I [add]
03. Albert Park [add]
04. All Good Children [add]
05. Angel of the Morning [add]
06. I'm Drinking [add]
07. For the Ocean [add]
08. Hundreds of Miles [add]
09. I Work [add]
10. Remember Me My Old Friend [add]
11. Sailor's Lament [add]
12. Seven Hills in Jerusalem [add]
13. The Wind Is High [add]
14. You and Me [add]

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