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Paul Safar lyrics
Genre: Rock
Earthplay (2001) 01. Artists in the Making [add]
02. The Lazy Rain [add]
03. Hierarchy of Power [add]
04. Stillness in Motion [add]
05. Constant Love Song [add]
06. Hiking Song [add]
07. Terra [add]
08. Change This Day Around [add]
09. April 23rd [add]
10. Beautiful Waters [add]
11. Garden Suite [add]
12. Kind Face [add]
13. The Return of Light [add]
14. Carry on Today [add]
15. Nature of Us [add]

This Little City (2001) 01. This Little City [add]
02. Take a Stand [add]
03. Precious One [add]
04. Wandering [add]
05. Epic Story [add]
06. Motherless Children [add]
07. Veil Has Been Lifted [add]
08. Sense of Place [add]
09. Boundaries [add]
10. Blossom of Spring [add]
11. Singular Moment [add]
12. Precious One [add]
13. One More Lullaby [add]

Front Porch Days (2003) 01. Yonder They Come [add]
02. Sakura [add]
03. Crosswalk Song [add]
04. Tum Balalaika [add]
05. The Ocean Song [add]
06. I've Been Working on the Railroad [add]
07. Cedar Tree [add]
08. Two Birds [add]
09. The Child [add]
10. Scarborough Fair [add]
11. Evening Star [add]
12. Front Porch Days [add]
13. Sweet Dreams [add]

Nisse's Dream (2003) 01. Overture [add]
02. Once Upon a Time [add]
03. Lovely Lilywhite [add]
04. The Trolls Steal Lilywhite [add]
05. Lilywhite Is Gone/It Has to Be Nisse [add]
06. Nisse Is Afraid [add]
07. Song of Fear [add]
08. Mother Comfortsnisse [add]
09. Lullaby [add]
10. Nisse Has a Dream [add]
11. Buttered Bread [add]
12. Nisse Meets the Witch [add]
13. Witch's Song [add]
14. Nisse Meets Dog [add]
15. Take Care of Me [add]
16. Nisse Meets Bear [add]
17. I Am Strength [add]
18. The Trolls Try to Milk Lilywhite [add]
19. Troll Song [add]
20. Nisse, Bear and Dog Have a Plan [add]
21. Nisse's Song of Strength [add]
22. Capture of the Trolls [add]
23. Celebration Dance [add]

Dream a Story (2004) 01. River Song [add]
02. Clouds Pass By [add]
03. Alice Watched [add]
04. The Mirror [add]
05. May 23rd.,1964 [add]
06. Ho Ho Wataney [add]
07. Clouds [add]
08. First Born Son [add]
09. In a Crystal Week [add]
10. The Sun Is Harsh [add]
11. Walking Song [add]
12. Waltz [add]
13. You Can't Say **** [add]

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