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Martin Carthy lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Martin Carthy (1965) 01. High Germany [add]
02. The Trees They Do Grow High [add]
03. Sovay [add]
04. Ye Mariners All [add]
05. The Queen of Hearts [add]
06. Broomfield Hill [add]
07. Springhill Mine Disaster [add]
08. Scarborough Fair [add]
09. Lovely Joan [add]
10. The Barley and the Rye [add]
11. The Wind That Shakes the Barley [add]
12. The Two Magicians [add]
13. The Handsome Cabin Boy [add]
14. And a Begging I Will Go [add]

Second Album (1966) 01. Two Butchers [add]
02. Ball O' Yarn [add]
03. Farewell Nancy [add]
04. Lord Franklin [add]
05. Ramblin' Sailor [add]
06. Lowlands of Holland [add]
07. Fair Maid on the Shore [add]
08. Bruton Town [add]
09. Box on Her Head [add]
10. Newlyn Town [add]
11. Brave Wolfe [add]
12. Peggy and the Soldier [add]
13. Sailor's Life [add]

Byker Hill (1967) 01. The Man of Burnham Town [add]
02. The Fowler [add]
03. Gentleman Soldier [add]
04. Brigg Fair [add]
05. The Bloody Gardener [add]
06. The Barley Straw [add]
07. Byker Hill [add]
08. Davy Lowston [add]
09. Our Captain Cried "All Hands!" [add]
10. Domeama [add]
11. The Wife of the Soldier [add]
12. John Barleycorn [add]
13. Lucy Wan [add]
14. The Bonny Black Hare [add]

But Two Came By (1968) 01. Ship in Distress [add]
02. Banks of Sweet Primroses [add]
03. Jack Orion [add]
04. Matt Hyland [add]
05. White Hare [add]
06. Lord of the Dance [add]
07. Poor Murdered Woman [add]
08. Creeping Jane [add]
09. Streets of Forbes [add]
10. Long Lankin [add]
11. Brass Band Music [add]

Prince Heathen (1969) 01. Arthur McBride and the Sergeant [add]
02. Salisbury Plain [add]
03. Polly on the Shore [add]
04. The Rainbow [add]
05. Died for Love [add]
06. Staines Morris [add]
07. Reynardine [add]
08. Seven Yellow Gypsies [add]
09. Little Musgrave [add]
10. Prince Heathen [add]
11. The Wren [add]

Because It's There (1971) 01. Nothing Rhymed [add]
02. May Song [add]
03. Swaggering Boney [add]
04. Lord Randall [add]
05. Long John, Old John, and Jackie North [add]
06. Jolly Tinker [add]
07. Lovely Joan [add]
08. Three Cripples [add]
09. Siege of Delphi [add]
10. Nothing Rhymed [add]
11. Death of Young Andrew [add]

Crown of Horn (1971) 01. The Bedmaking [add]
02. Locks and Bolts [add]
03. King Knapperty [add]
04. Geordie [add]
05. Willie's Lady [add]
06. Virginny [add]
07. The Worchestershire Wedding [add]
08. Bonny Lass of Anglesey [add]
09. William Taylor the Poacher [add]
10. Old Tom of Oxford [add]
11. Palaces of Gold [add]

Out of the Cut (1971) 01. The Devil and the Feathery Wife [add]
02. Reynard the Fox [add]
03. The Song of the Lower Classes [add]
04. Rufford Park Poachers [add]
05. Molly Oxford [add]
06. Rigs of the Time [add]
07. I Sowed Some Seeds [add]
08. The Friar in the Well [add]
09. Jack Rowland [add]
10. Old Horse [add]

Selections (1971) 01. The Man of Burnham Town [add]
02. Creeping Jane [add]
03. The Irish Washerwoman/Ash Plant [add]
04. Lucy Wan [add]
05. Matt Hyland [add]
06. The Wife of the Soldier [add]
07. The Banks [add]
08. The Bloody Gardener [add]
09. Grey Daylight/Jenny's Chickens [add]
10. Gentlemen Soldier [add]
11. Long Lankin [add]
12. Davy Lowsto [add]

Sweet Wivelsfield (1971) 01. Shepherd O Shepherd [add]
02. Billy Boy [add]
03. Three Jolly Sneaksmen [add]
04. Trimdon Grange [add]
05. All of a Row [add]
06. Skewbald [add]
07. Mary Neal [add]
08. King Henry [add]
09. John Barleycorn [add]
10. The Cottage in the Wood [add]

Shearwater (1972) 01. I Was a Young Man [add]
02. Banks of Green Willow [add]
03. Handsome Polly-O [add]
04. Outlandish Knight [add]
05. He Called for a Candle [add]
06. John Blunt [add]
07. Lord Randall [add]
08. William Taylor [add]
09. Famous Flower of Serving Men [add]
10. Betsy Bell and Mary Gray [add]

Landfall (1977) 01. Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries [add]
02. Brown Adam [add]
03. O'er the Hills [add]
04. Cruel Mother [add]
05. Cold, Haily, Windy Night [add]
06. His Name Is Andrew [add]
07. The Bold Poachers [add]
08. Dust to Dust [add]
09. The Broomfield Hill [add]
10. January Man [add]

Right of Passage (1988) 01. The Ant and the Grasshopper [add]
02. Eggs in Her Basket [add]
03. A Stitch in Time [add]
04. McVeagh [add]
05. Hommage a Roche Proulx [add]
06. All in Green [add]
07. Company Policy [add]
08. The Banks of the Nile [add]
09. La Cardeuse [add]
10. Bill Norrie [add]
11. The Sleepwalker [add]
12. A Cornish Young Man [add]
13. The Dominion of the Sword [add]

Life and Limb [live] (1991) 01. Sovay [add]
02. The Begging Song [add]
03. Bows of London [add]
04. The Pepperpot/Sailing into Walpole's Marsh/Bunker Hill [add]
05. A Question of Sport [add]
06. Oh Dear Oh [add]
07. Carthy's March/The Lemon Tree [add]
08. Lochmaben Harper [add]
09. Byker Hill [add]

Skin & Bone (1992) 01. The Sheep Stealer [add]
02. The Poacher [add]
03. I Courted a Damsel [add]
04. Lucy Man [add]
05. The Trip We Took Over the Mountain [add]
06. The Skewbald [add]
07. The Ride in the Creel [add]
08. The Brown Girl [add]
09. Such a War Has Never Been [add]
10. Perfumes of Arabia [add]
11. Carthy's Reel/The Return to Camden Town [add]
12. The New Mown Hay [add]
13. Clyde's Water [add]
14. Mrs. Bermingham/No. 178/Blind Mary [add]

Signs of Life (1999) 01. New York Mining Disaster, 1941 [add]
02. Georgie [add]
03. Sir Patrick Spens [add]
04. The Deserter [add]
05. Heartbreak Hotel [add]
06. The Bonny Hind [add]
07. The Wife of Usher's Well [add]
08. John Parfit [add]
09. Barbary Ellen [add]
10. Hong Kong Blues [add]
11. The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll [add]
12. Prince Heathen [add]
13. Jim Jones in Botany Bay [add]

Both Ears & The Tail [live] (2001) 01. The Leitrim Fancy/Drowsy Maggie/Staten Island/The Corbie and the Craw/High [add]
02. Fair Maid on the Shore [add]
03. Porcupine Rag [add]
04. The Bonny Black Hare [add]
05. Sovay (The Female Highwayman) [add]
06. The Barmaid/Peter St. /The Mason's Apron [add]
07. The Broomfield Hill [add]
08. The Wind That Shakes the Barley [add]
09. The Hens March/The Four Poster Bed [add]
10. Man of Newlyn Town [add]
11. Dill Pickles Rag [add]
12. The Two Magicians [add]
13. The Kid on the Mountain/The Donegal/The Swallowstail/The Marquis of ... [add]

Waiting for Angels (2004) 01. The Foggy Dew [add]
02. Bonny Woodhall [add]
03. James Hatley [add]
04. Young Morgan [add]
05. The Royal Lament [add]
06. A Ship to Old England Came [add]
07. Waiting for Angels [add]
08. Bold General Wolfe [add]
09. Bloody Fields of Flanders/MacGregor of Rora [add]
10. The Harry Lime Theme [add]
11. Famous Flower of Serving Men [add]

Martins 4 (2005) 01. La Pasion del Lamento [add]
02. Kwame [add]
03. Jasper Songbird [add]
04. Glass of Water [add]
05. Rumba Nostalgica and el Feria [add]
06. Hymn a l'Amour [add]
07. Heather Down the Moor [add]
08. Vuelo [add]
09. Barrack Street Stroll [add]
10. Evocacion - De Damascus a Cordoba [add]
11. Rose of Allandale Medley [add]
12. I Sowed Some Seeds [add]

Straws in the Wind (2006) 01. Death of Queen Jane [add]
02. Ship in Distress [add]
03. Whalecatchers [add]
04. When I Was a Little Boy [add]
05. Bride's March from Unst/True Lover's Lament/Lord Inchiquin [add]
06. Royal Oak [add]
07. Treadmill Song [add]
08. Unfortunate Tailor [add]
09. Bold Benjamin [add]
10. Mrs Marriott [add]
11. Jacky Tar [add]
12. Mermaid [add]
13. Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor [add]
14. My Heart's in New South Wales [add]

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