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Ruthless lyrics
Genre: Rap
Discipline of Steel/Metal With (1999) 01. Discipline of Steel [add]
02. Ancient Warrior [add]
03. Known No Evil [add]
04. Look Out [add]
05. Sign of the Cross [add]
06. Another Day in Hell [add]
07. Raiders of the Night [add]
08. Hardcore [add]
09. Run for Your Life [add]
10. The Message [add]
11. Gates of Hell [add]
12. Metal Without Mercy [add]
13. Bury the Axe [add]
14. The Fever [add]
15. Mass Killer [add]

Ruthless 4 Life (2003) 01. I Don't Wanna Be in Jail No More [add]
02. Death Before Dishonor [add]
03. Big Boy Style [add]
04. Looking for the Chewing [add]
05. Ruthless [add]
06. Down South [add]
07. Enemies [add]
08. Dirty Dirty [add]
09. For Sho [add]
10. Spring Break [add]
11. Ghetto [add]
12. Niggaz Go Roll [add]
13. Over the Average Lucky [add]

Deliciously Vicious (2005) 01. Ruthless [add]
02. Gjyeah!!! (Featuring DC of Lyrical Pedestrianz) [add]
03. Taste This Fist (Featuring Playaz Lounge Crew) [add]
04. Eat Sh! t B! tCH [add]
05. Cross the Rubicon [add]
06. ....And [add]
07. Mandy's Goin Through Some Shit [add]
08. R.I. Pieces (Fallen Soldiers) [add]
09. On the Crawl [add]
10. Deliciously Vicious [add]
11. Stackracollapse [add]
12. Encounters of the 33rd Kind [add]
13. Hydrowarfare (Featuring DC of Lyrical Pedestrianz) [add]
14. Danger Rangerz [add]
15. Just Smoke [add]
16. The Float [add]
17. Mind Power [add]
18. Serial MC's (Featuring Playaz Lounge Crew and DC of Lyrical Pede [add]
19. Stuck in This Skin [add]

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