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Genre: Jazz
Grand Pianola Music/Eight Lines (1985) 01. Grand Pianola Music [add]
02. Eight Lines [add]

Harmonium [live] (1985) 01. Negative Love [add]
02. Because I Could Not Stop for Death/Wild Nights [add]

The Chairman Dances (1987) 01. The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orch) [add]
02. Christian Zeal & Activity [add]
03. Two Fanfares for Orchestra: Tromba Iontana [add]
04. Two Fanfares for Orchestra: Short Ride in a Fast Machine [add]
05. Two Fanfares for Orchestra: Common Tones in Simple Time [add]

Fearful Symmetries/The Wound-Dresser (1988) 01. The Wound-Dresser [add]
02. Fearful Symmetries [add]

American Elegies (1991) 01. The Unanswered Question [add]
02. Five Songs: Thoreau [add]
03. Five Songs: Down East [add]
04. Five Songs: Cradle Song [add]
05. Five Songs: At the River [add]
06. Five Songs: Serenity [add]
07. Fog Tropes [add]
08. Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety [add]
09. Eros Piano [add]
10. Elegy in Memory of Maurice Ravel [add]

Death of Klinghoffer (1992) 01. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
02. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
03. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
04. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
05. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
06. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
07. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
08. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
09. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
10. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
11. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
12. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
13. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
14. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
15. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
16. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
17. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
18. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
19. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
20. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
21. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
22. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
23. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
24. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
25. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
26. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
27. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]
28. The Death of Klinghoffer [add]

Hoodoo Zephyr (1993) 01. Coast [add]
02. Disappointment Lake [add]
03. Tourist Song [add]
04. Tundra [add]
05. Bump [add]
06. Cerulean [add]
07. Hoodoo Zephyr [add]

Harmonielehre (1993) 01. Harmonielehre, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Harmonielehre, Pt. 2: The Anfortas Wound [add]
03. Harmonielehre, Pt. 3: Meister Eckhardt and Quackie [add]
04. The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orchestra) [add]
05. Tromba Lontana [add]
06. Short Ride in a Fast Machine [add]

Chamber Symphony: Grand Pianola (1994) 01. Chamber Symphony: Movement 1 [add]
02. Chamber Symphony: Movement 2 [add]
03. Chamber Symphony: Movement 3 [add]
04. Grand Pianola Music [add]
05. Grand Pianola Music [add]
06. Grand Pianola Music [add]

Nixon in China (1995) 01. Act I, Scene I: Beginning [add]
02. Act I, Scene I: Soldiers of Heaven Hold the Sky [add]
03. Act I, Scene I: The People Are the Heroes Now lyrics
04. Act I, Scene I: Landing of the Spirit of '76 [add]
05. Act I, Scene I: Your Flight Was Smooth, I Hope? lyrics
06. Act I, Scene I: News Has a Kind of Mystery lyrics
07. Act I, Scene II: Beginning [add]
08. Act I, Scene II: You Know We'll Meet With You Confrere the ... [add]
09. Act I, Scene II: You've Said That There's a Certain Well-Known Tree [add]
10. Act I, Scene II: Founders Come First, Then Profiteers [add]
11. Act I, Scene II: We No Longer Need Confucius [add]
12. Act I, Scene II: Like the Ming Tombs [add]
13. Act I, Scene III: Beginning [add]
14. Act I, Scene III: Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Friends [add]
15. Act I, Scene III: Mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests [add]
16. Act I, Scene III: Cheers [add]
17. Act II, Scene I: Beginning [add]
18. Act II, Scene I: Look Down at the Earth [add]
19. Act II, Scene I: This Is Prophetic! [add]
20. Act II, Scene I: At Last the Weather's Warming Up [add]
21. Act II, Scene II: Beginning [add]
22. Act II, Scene II: Oh What a Day I Thought I'd Die! [add]
23. Act II, Scene II: Whip Her to Death! [add]
24. Act II, Scene II: Tropical Storm [add]
25. Act II, Scene II: Flesh Rebels [add]
26. Act II, Scene II: I Have My Brief [add]
27. Act II, Scene II: It Seems So Strange [add]
28. Act II, Scene II: I Am the Wife of Mao Tse-Tung [add]
29. Act III: Beginning [add]
30. Act III: Some Men You Cannot Satisfy [add]
31. Act III: I Am No One [add]
32. Act III: The Maos Dance [add]
33. Act III: Sitting Around the Radio [add]
34. Act III: Let Us Examine What You Did [add]
35. Act III: When I Woke Up I Dinly Realized the Jap Bombers Had Given ... [add]
36. Act III: I Have No Offspring [add]
37. Act III: I Can Keep Still [add]
38. Act III: After That the Sweat Had Soaked My Uniform [add]
39. Act III: Peking Watches the Stars [add]
40. Act III: You Won at Poker [add]
41. Act III: I Am Old and I Cannot Sleep [add]

Violin Concerto/Shaker Loops (1996) 01. Violin Concerto: Quarter Note =78 [add]
02. Violin Concerto: Chaconne: Body Through Which the Dream Flows [add]
03. Violin Concerto: Toccare [add]
04. Shaker Loops: Shaking and Trembling [add]
05. Shaker Loops: Hymning Slews [add]
06. Shaker Loops: Lops and Verses [add]
07. Shaker Loops: A Final Shaking [add]

El Dorado (1996) 01. El Dorado, For Orchestra, Pt. 1: A Dream of Gold [add]
02. El Dorado, For Orchestra, Pt. 2: Soledades [add]
03. Berceuse ?l?giaque, Arrangement for Small Orchestr [add]
04. The Black Gondola, (Orch. Of Liszt's La Lugubre G [add]

Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances (1998) 01. Judah to Ocean [add]
02. Toot Nipple [add]
03. Dogjam [add]
04. Pavane: Shoe's So Fine [add]
05. Rag the Bone [add]
06. Habanera [add]
07. Stubble Crochet [add]
08. Hammer & Chisel [add]
09. Alligator Escalator [add]
10. St?ndchen: The Little Serenade [add]
11. Judah to Ocean (reprise) [add]
12. The Perilous Shore [add]
13. Hoe-down (Mad Cow) [add]
14. Put Your Loving Arms Around Me [add]

I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky (1998) 01. I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky [add]
02. A Sermon on Romance [add]
03. Consuelo's Dream [add]
04. Mike's Song About Arresting a Particular Individual [add]
05. Tiffany's Solo [add]
06. Song About the on-Site Altercation [add]
07. Song About the Bad Boys and the News [add]
08. Your Honor My Client He's a Young Black Man [add]
09. Leila's Song: Alone (Again or at Last) [add]
10. Three Weeks and Still I'm Outta My Mind [add]
11. Crushed by the Rock I Been Standing On [add]
12. Dewain's Song of Liberation and Surprise [add]
13. Este Pais! /This Country [add]
14. One Last Look at the Angel in Your Eyes [add]
15. Finale [add]

Century Rolls (2000) 01. Concerto for Piano "Century Rolls": First Movement [add]
02. Concerto for Piano "Century Rolls": Manny's Gym [add]
03. Concerto for Piano "Century Rolls": Hail Bop [add]
04. Lollapalooza [add]
05. Slonimsky's Earbox [add]

El Ni?o (2001) 01. I Sing of a Maiden [add]
02. Hail, Mary, Gracious! [add]
03. La Anunciaci?n [add]
04. For With God No Thing Shall Be Impossible [add]
05. The Babe Leaped in Her Womb [add]
06. Magnificat [add]
07. Now She Was Sixteen Years Old [add]
08. Joseph's Dream [add]
09. Shake the Heavens [add]
10. Se Habla de Gabriel [add]
11. The Christmas Star [add]
12. Pues Mi Dios Ha Nacido a Penar [add]
13. When Herod Heard [add]
14. Woe Unto Them That Call Evil Good [add]
15. And the Star Went Before Them [add]
16. The Three Kings [add]
17. And When They Were Departed [add]
18. Dawn Air [add]
19. And He Slew All the Children [add]
20. Memorial de Tlatelolco [add]
21. In the Day of the Great Slaughter [add]
22. Pues Esta Tiritando [add]
23. Jesus and the Dragons [add]
24. A Palm Tree [add]

Naive & Sentimental Music (2002) 01. Naive and Sentimental Music [add]
02. Mother of the Man [add]
03. Chain to the Rhythm [add]

I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky [Naxos] (2005) 01. Act I, No. 1: I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky [add]
02. Act I, No. 2: A Sermon on Romance [add]
03. Act I, No. 3: Leila's Song of the Wise Young Women [add]
04. Act I, No. 4: Solo in Sunlight [add]
05. Act I, No. 5: Donde Estas? [add]
06. Act I, No. 6: Mike's Song About Arresting a Particular Individual [add]
07. Act I, No. 7: Tiffany's Solo [add]
08. Act I, No. 8: Song About the on Site Altercation [add]
09. Act I, No. 9: Song About the Bad Boys and the News [add]
10. Act I, No. 10: Your Honor My Client, He's a Young Black Man [add]
11. Act I, No. 11: Consuelo's Dream [add]
12. Act I, No. 12: Rick's Cross-Examination of Tiffany and Mike [add]
13. Act I, No. 13: Song About Law School as the Natural Follow-Up to Jail [add]
14. Act I, No. 14: Leila's Solo: Alone (Again or at Last) [add]
15. Act I, No. 15: Song About the Sweet Majority Population of the World [add]
16. Act II, No. 16: Duet - Three Weeks and Still I'm Outta My Mind [add]
17. Act II, No. 16b: Earthquake Sounds [add]
18. Act II, No. 17: Earthquake Music [add]
19. Act II, No. 18: Crushed by the Rock I Been Standing on [add]
20. Act II, No. 19: Duet in the Middle of Terrible Duress [add]
21. Act II, No. 20: Dewain's Song of Liberation and Surprise [add]
22. Act II, No. 21: Este Pais/This Country [add]
23. Act II, No. 22: One Last Look at the Angel in Your Eyes [add]
24. Act II, No. 23: Finale [add]

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