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Peter Garland lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Border Music (1992) 01. Cantares de la Frontera: Long Song - "Galisteo Basin" [add]
02. Cantares de la Frontera: Canci?n de Villanueva [add]
03. Cantares de la Frontera: The Waldo Waltz [add]
04. The Three Strange Angels [add]
05. Three Songs of Mad Coyote: 8 Tom-Toms [add]
06. Three Songs of Mad Coyote: 2 Bull-Roarers and Lion's Roar [add]
07. Three Songs of Mad Coyote: 4 Tom-Toms, 2 Bass Drums, 2 Pianos [add]
08. Obstacles of Sleep [add]
09. Apple Blossom [add]
10. Old Men of the Fiesta: Dance 1a/1b/1c [add]
11. Old Men of the Fiesta: Dance 2a/2b/2c [add]
12. Old Men of the Fiesta: Dance 3a/3b [add]
13. Old Men of the Fiesta: Dance 4a - "Ab?" [add]
14. Old Men of the Fiesta: Dance 4b - "The 'Hair of the Dog' Coda" [add]

Walk in Beauty (1992) 01. Walk in Beauty: Walk in Beauty [add]
02. Walk in Beauty: Turquoise Trail [add]
03. Walk in Beauty: A Peyote Fan [add]
04. Walk in Beauty: A Pine Pitch Basket [add]
05. Walk in Beauty: Lightning Flash [add]
06. Walk in Beauty: Walk in Beauty- (Calling Home My Shadow) [add]
07. Sones de Flor: Cantabile & Legato [add]
08. Sones de Flor: Quietly, Ethereal [add]
09. Sones de Flor: With Intensity [add]
10. Sones de Flor: Swinging & Rhythmic [add]
11. Sones de Flor: Distant & Stark [add]
12. Sones de Flor: With a Lilt, Evermore Intense [add]
13. Sones de Flor: ...With Abandon... [add]
14. Sones de Flor: Accented, Towards Tranquility [add]
15. Jornada del Muerto: Hermit Songs [add]
16. Jornada del Muerto: Ring of Bone [add]
17. Jornada del Muerto: Third Movement [add]
18. Jornada del Muerto: The View from Vulture Peak [add]

Nana + Victorio (1993) 01. Victorio - Meditation on Thunder [add]
02. Dress for War - Enchanted Words [add]
03. The Incorrigibles - Bonty Time [add]
04. Geronimo [Peyote Songs] [add]
05. Nanay [Rock 'n' roll] [add]
06. Nana + Victorio [add]
07. Pe?asco Blanco [add]

The Days Run Away (2000) 01. Bright Angel [add]
02. Hermetic Bird [add]
03. The Days Run Away [add]
04. A Song [add]
05. Two Persian Miniatures I [add]
06. Two Persian Miniatures II [add]
07. The Fall of Quang Tri [add]
08. Nostalgia of the Southern Cross [add]

Love Songs (2005) 01. Coyote's Bones : For William Winant [Last Piece: For William W] [add]
02. Coyote's Bones (In Memoriam William Colvig) [add]
03. Matachin Dances: Dance No. 1 [add]
04. Matachin Dances: Dance No. 2 [add]
05. Matachin Dances: Dance No. 3 [add]
06. Matachin Dances: Dance No. 4 (The Dance of Death- To the Memory of ...) [add]
07. Matachin Dances: Dance No. 5 (Corcov?- Night Bird) [add]
08. Matachin Dances: Dance No. 6 [add]
09. Love Songs: When the Rain Comes/Black Sands /"Qu? Me ..." [Cha-Cha-Cha] [add]

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