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English Dogs lyrics
Genre: Rock
Invasion of the Porky Men (1984) 01. The Fall of Max [add]
02. World War 2 [add]
03. Your Country [add]
04. Blind Man [add]
05. Mercenary [add]
06. Never Die [add]
07. Astrophs Waiting [add]
08. News Flash [add]
09. Ghost of the Past [add]
10. Carol [add]
11. Spoils of War [add]
12. Cranked Up Really High [add]
13. Invasion of the Porky Men [add]
14. Caveman Brain [add]
15. Max (The Millionaire) [*] [add]
16. Psycho Killer [*] [add]
17. Free to Kill [*] [add]
18. Driven to Death [*] [add]
19. Left Me for Dead [*] [add]
20. R.I.P. [*] [add]

Forward into Battle (1985) 01. Ambassador of Fear [add]
02. The Chase Is On [add]
03. Incisor [add]
04. Survival of the Fittest [add]
05. Forward into Line [add]
06. The Final Conquest [add]
07. Ultimate Sacrifice [add]
08. Ordeal by Fire [add]
09. False Prophet [add]
10. Wall of Steel [add]
11. Nosferatu [add]
12. He That Is Bound Shall Be Freed [add]
13. Five Days to Death [add]
14. Brainstorm [add]

Where Legend Began (1986) 01. Trauma [add]
02. The Eye of Shamahn [add]
03. Enter the Domain [add]
04. Premonition [add]
05. Calm Before the Storm [add]
06. Flashback [add]
07. A Tomb of Traveller's Past [add]
08. Middle Earth [add]
09. Epilogue [add]

Bow to None (1994) 01. Nipper Tripper [add]
02. Amsterdam [add]
03. Face Pollution [add]
04. Criminal Juvenile [add]
05. Fun Door Enlightening [add]
06. Psycho Killer [add]
07. Bastard [add]
08. Barnaby Hoofer [add]
09. The Fall of Max [add]
10. (Would You Like to Live in My) Surgical Cocoon [add]
11. Left Me for Dead [add]
12. The Hanging Wanker [add]
13. D.N.A. [add]
14. Balloon [add]

All the World's a Rage (1998) 01. Shoot Your Head Off [add]
02. I've Got a Gun [add]
03. Last One Standing [add]
04. This Is Not a War [add]
05. Delete It [add]
06. Out in the Cold [add]
07. Wrecking Spree [add]
08. Die Waiting [add]
09. Under a Private Attack [add]
10. Fortress Europe [add]
11. A Cog in Their Machine [add]
12. Poor Air Quality [add]
13. Be What You Are [add]
14. Grass [add]
15. Reduction Line [add]
16. Body on the Line [add]
17. Disarm [add]

I've Got a Run [live] (2001) 01. Fall of Max [add]
02. Nipper Tripper [add]
03. Free to Kill [add]
04. Your Country Needs You [add]
05. Left Me for Dead [add]
06. Die Waiting [add]
07. Chosen Few [add]
08. Caveman Brain [add]
09. Face Pollution [add]
10. Psycho Killer [add]
11. Party in Amsterdam [add]
12. Free to Kill [add]
13. World War Two [add]

This Is Not War (2002) 01. Die Waiting [add]
02. Bad Manna (Be What You Are) [add]
03. This Is Not a War [add]
04. Lay Down Your Arms [add]
05. Wasted Life [add]
06. Nothing But a Nightmare [add]
07. Death's a Career [add]
08. Wrecking Spree [add]
09. I've Got a Gun [add]
10. Shoot Your Own Head Off [demo version] [add]
11. Fortress Europe [demo version] [add]
12. Grass [demo version] [add]
13. Fall of Max [live/*] [add]
14. Nipper Tripper [live/*] [add]
15. Free to Kill [live/*] [add]
16. Left Me for Dead [live/*] [add]
17. Psycho Killer [live/*] [add]

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