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Ronald Stein lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Invasion of the Saucer Men/It Conquered the World (2001) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Narration [add]
03. Restaurant Scene [add]
04. Flying Saucer [add]
05. The Beer and The Bull [add]
06. Joe Wakes Art [add]
07. Colonel Enters [add]
08. Boy-Size Monster [add]
09. Colonel's Decision [add]
10. Alas Poor Joe [add]
11. Phone Call [add]
12. Joe's Death [add]
13. Balloon Death [add]
14. Police Station [add]
15. Car Claw [add]
16. Bullfight [add]
17. Searching for Claw [add]
18. Spotlight Ladies [add]
19. Kids Destroy Monsters [add]
20. Lovers Point Ending/End Title [add]
21. Main Title: It Conquered the World [add]
22. Lost Satellite [add]
23. It Arrives [add]
24. Beechwood Panic [add]
25. Flying Mind Control [add]
26. Evacuation/Joan Attacked/Newsman Killed [add]
27. Paul Attacked [add]
28. Joan's Plan [add]
29. Paul Kills Joan [add]
30. The Truth About It [add]
31. Claire and It/Paul's Confession [add]
32. Convincing Ted [add]
33. Claire's Death [add]
34. Attacking the Monster [add]
35. Death of It [add]
36. End Title [add]
37. It [add]
38. Flying Control Device [add]

The Haunted Palace/The Premature Burial [Original Motion Picture Soundtracks] (2005) 01. American International Pictures Fanfare/Main Title [From the ...] [add]
02. Arkham [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
03. People of Arkham/Beautiful Zombie/Evil Portrait [From the Haunted ...] [add]
04. Village Dusk Painting/Wheaton Creature [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
05. Vicious Ward/Mutant Circle [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
06. Stormy Night [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
07. Old Warlocks [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
08. Mysterioso [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
09. Tomorrow Morning/Death of Wheaton [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
10. I Promise/Find the Secret Door [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
11. Honoring Ann [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
12. Kerwin to the Rescue [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
13. Finale [From the Haunted Palace] [add]
14. Main Title [From the Premature Burial] [add]
15. Basement Crypt [From the Premature Burial] [add]
16. His Father's Tomb [From the Premature Burial] [add]
17. Guy Remembers [From the Premature Burial] [add]
18. The Dream, Pt. 1 [From the Premature Burial] [add]
19. The Dream, Pt. 2 [From the Premature Burial] [add]
20. Guy's Burial [From the Premature Burial] [add]
21. The Mollie Torture [From the Premature Burial] [add]
22. Guy's Funeral [From the Premature Burial] [add]
23. Key to the Crypt [From the Premature Burial] [add]
24. Guy's Choice [From the Premature Burial] [add]
25. His Father's Vault [From the Premature Burial] [add]
26. Three Murders [From the Premature Burial] [add]
27. Emily Abducted [From the Premature Burial] [add]
28. Guy's Revenge/Emily Buried [From the Premature Burial] [add]
29. Guy Shot/Rest in Peace/Finale [From the Premature Burial] [add]
30. Main Title [*] [add]
31. Main Title [*] [add]

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