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Genre: Rock
Not in My Airforce (1996) 01. Maggie Turns to Flies [add]
02. Quicksilver lyrics
03. Girl Named Captain lyrics
04. Get Under It lyrics
05. Release the Sunbird [add]
06. John Strange School lyrics
07. Parakeet Troopers lyrics
08. One Clear Minute lyrics
09. Chance to Buy an Island [add]
10. I've Owned You for Centuries [add]
11. The Ash Gray Proclamation [add]
12. Flat Beauty lyrics
13. King of Arthur Avenue [add]
14. Roofer's Union Fight Song lyrics
15. Psychic Pilot Clocks Out lyrics
16. Prom Is Coming lyrics
17. Party lyrics
18. Did It Play? lyrics
19. Double Standards Inc. lyrics
20. Punk Rock Gods lyrics
21. Meet My Team lyrics
22. Good Luck Sailor lyrics

Waved Out (1998) 01. Make Use lyrics
02. Vibrations in the Woods [add]
03. Just Say the Word [add]
04. Subspace Biographies lyrics
05. Caught Waves Again [add]
06. Waved Out lyrics
07. Whiskey Ships lyrics
08. Wrinkled Ghost lyrics
09. Artificial Light lyrics
10. People Are Leaving lyrics
11. Steeple of Knives [add]
12. Rumbling Joker lyrics
13. Showbiz Opera Walrus lyrics
14. Pick Seeds from My Skull [add]
15. Second Step Next Language lyrics

Kid Marine (1999) 01. Submarine Teams lyrics
02. Flings of the Waistcoat Crowd lyrics
03. The Big Make-Over lyrics
04. Men Who Create Fright lyrics
05. Television Prison lyrics
06. Strictly Comedy lyrics
07. Far-Out Crops [add]
08. Living Upside Down lyrics
09. Snatch Candy lyrics
10. White Gloves Come Off [add]
11. Enjoy Jerusalem! lyrics
12. You Can't Hold Your Women [add]
13. Town of Mirrors [add]
14. Powerblessings lyrics
15. Island Crimes lyrics

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department (1999) 01. Frequent Weaver Who Burns lyrics
02. Soul Train College Policeman lyrics
03. Pop Zeus lyrics
04. Slick as Snails [add]
05. Do Something Real lyrics
06. Port Authority lyrics
07. Soft Smoke lyrics
08. Same Things lyrics
09. And I Don't (So Now I Do) lyrics
10. Tight Globes lyrics
11. I Get Rid of You [add]
12. Life Is Beautiful lyrics
13. Messiahs lyrics
14. Larger Massachusetts lyrics
15. And My Unit Moves lyrics

Choreographed Man of War (2001) 01. I Drove a Tank [add]
02. She Saw the Shadow [add]
03. Edison's Memos [add]
04. 7th Level Shutdown [add]
05. 40 Yards to the Burning Bush [add]
06. Aeriel [add]
07. Citizen Fighter [add]
08. Kickboxer Lightning [add]
09. Bally Hoo [add]
10. Instrument Beetle [add]

Completed Soundtrack for the Tropic of Nipples (2002) 01. The Valium Restaurant [add]
02. Ovarian Angel Architect [add]
03. Kerouac Never Drove, So He Never Drove Alone [add]
04. Industry Standard [add]
05. Corduroy [add]
06. Mosquitoes Dropped Their Javelins [add]
07. Pressurized [add]
08. Chowder, Anyone? [add]
09. All for Sex and Better Whiskey [add]
10. The Sonny Liston Fan Club [add]
11. Tykie Love (Text Book Memorial Hemmingway) [add]
12. Tropic of Nipples [add]
13. Electricute Your Cock [add]
14. Tropic of Labia [add]
15. World's Coolest Rock Star [add]
16. Too Animalistic [add]
17. Revolver Tricks [add]
18. Gotta [add]
19. Punkmobile [add]
20. God Save the Whales [live] [add]
21. I Live With the Roaches [add]
22. I'm in Love With Your Mom [add]

Motel of Fools (2003) 01. In the House of Queen Charles Augustus [add]
02. Captain Black [add]
03. Red Ink Superman [add]
04. The Vault of Moons [add]
05. Saga of the Elk [add]
06. The Spanish Hammer: She Drives Me Camaro/Lift/Love Set/Wildlife Energy [add]
07. Harrison Adams [add]

Fiction Man (2004) 01. Run Son Run [add]
02. I Expect a Kill [add]
03. Sea of Dead [add]
04. Children Come On [add]
05. The Louis Armstrong of Rock and Roll [add]
06. Losing Usage [add]
07. Built to Improve [add]
08. Paradise Style [add]
09. Conspiracy of Owls [add]
10. It's Only Natural [add]
11. Trial of Affliction and Light Sleeping [add]
12. Every Word in the World [add]
13. Night of the Golden Underground [add]
14. Their Biggest Win [add]

From a Compound Eye (2006) 01. Gold [add]
02. Field Jacket Blues [add]
03. Dancing Girls and Dancing Men [add]
04. A Flowering Orphan [add]
05. The Right Thing [add]
06. U.S. Mustard Company [add]
07. The Numbered Head [add]
08. I'm a Widow [add]
09. Fresh Threats @ Salad Shooters and Zip Guns [add]
10. Kick Me and Cancel [add]
11. Other Dogs Remain [add]
12. Kensington Cradle [add]
13. Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft [add]
14. Hammer in Your Eyes [add]
15. 50 Year Old Baby [add]
16. I Surround You Naked [add]
17. Cock of the Rainbow [add]
18. Conqueror of the Moon [add]
19. Blessed in an Open Head [add]
20. A Boy in Motion [add]
21. Denied [add]
22. Lightshow [add]
23. I'm a Strong Lion [add]
24. Payment for the Babies [add]
25. Kingdom Without [add]
26. Recovering [add]

Normal Happiness (2006) 01. Accidental Texas Who [add]
02. Whispering Whip [add]
03. Supernatural Car Lover [add]
04. Boxing About [add]
05. Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On) [add]
06. Get a Faceful [add]
07. Towers and Landslides [add]
08. I Feel Gone Again [add]
09. Gasoline Ragtime [add]
10. Rhoda Rhoda [add]
11. Give Up the Grape [add]
12. Pegasus Glue Factory [add]
13. Top of My Game [add]
14. Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day [add]
15. Join the Eagles [add]
16. Full Sun (Dig the Slowness) [add]

Silverfish Trivia (2007) 01. Come Outside [add]
02. Circle Saw Boys Club [add]
03. Wickerman Smile [add]
04. Touched to Be Sure [add]
05. Waves, Etc. [add]
06. Cats Love a Parade [add]
07. Speak in Many Colors [add]

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