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Genre: Rock
Marjory Razorblade (1973) 01. Marjory Razor Blade [add]
02. Marlene [add]
03. Talking to No One [add]
04. Eastbourne Ladies [add]
05. Old Soldier [add]
06. I Want My Crown [add]
07. Nasty, Lonesome Valley [add]
08. Dog Latin [add]
09. This Is Spain [add]
10. Chairman's Ball [add]
11. Good Boy [add]
12. Chicken Wing [add]
13. House on the Hill [add]
14. Cheat Me [add]
15. Jack and Edna [add]
16. Everybody Says lyrics
17. Mummy [add]
18. Heaven in My View [add]
19. Karate King [add]

Blame It on the Night (1974) 01. River of Sin [add]
02. Sign of the Times [add]
03. I Believe (In Love) [add]
04. Don't Delude Me [add]
05. Wanting You [add]
06. Take a Train [add]
07. Blame It on the Night [add]
08. Poor Swine [add]
09. Light up Your Little Light [add]
10. Choose [add]
11. Witch [add]
12. Right on Her Side [add]

Matching Head & Feet (1975) 01. Saviour [add]
02. Lucy [add]
03. Lonely Lovers [add]
04. Sunday Morning Sunrise [add]
05. Rock 'N' Roll Hymn [add]
06. Mrs. Hooley Go Home [add]
07. It's Not Me [add]
08. Turpentine [add]
09. Tulip [add]
10. One Fine Day [add]

Heartburn (1976) 01. Strange Locomotion [add]
02. Don't Make Waves [add]
03. Happy Band [add]
04. I Love My Mother [add]
05. Shangri-La [add]
06. America [add]
07. Big White Bird [add]
08. Games, Games, Games [add]
09. My Mother's Eyes [add]
10. Daddy [add]
11. Coconut Island [add]

Dynamite Daze (1978) 01. Dynamite Daze [add]
02. Brothers of Mine [add]
03. Lunatic [add]
04. Are We Dreaming [add]
05. Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty [add]
06. I Really Live Round Here (False Friends) [add]
07. I Am [add]
08. Amsterdam [add]
09. I Only Want to See You Smile [add]
10. Juliet and Mark [add]
11. Woman, Woman, Woman [add]
12. Cry [add]
13. Dance of the Bourgeoisie [add]

Millionaires & Teddy Bears (1978) 01. People [add]
02. Having a Party [add]
03. I'll Go Too [add]
04. I'm Just a Man [add]
05. Pretty Park [add]
06. Let Me Be With You [add]
07. Marigold [add]
08. Don't Blame Mandy [add]
09. Little Miss Portobello [add]
10. Wendy's Dream [add]
11. The World Is Full of Fools [add]

Babble (1979) 01. Are You Deceiving Me? [add]
02. Come Down Here [add]
03. Dead Dying Gone [add]
04. Stand Up [add]
05. Lonely Man [add]
06. I Really Love You [add]
07. Sun Shines Down on Me [add]
08. I Confess [add]
09. Sweetheart [add]
10. Shaking Hands With the Sun [add]
11. My Mind's Joined Forces [add]
12. It's My Mind [add]
13. Love Together [add]
14. Happy Homes [add]
15. It Really Doesn't Matter [add]
16. We Know Who You Are [add]

Bursting Bubbles (1980) 01. The Only One [add]
02. Children's Crusade [add]
03. No Melody [add]
04. Learn to Swim - Learn to Drown [add]
05. Mad Boy, No. 2 [add]
06. Dark Dance Hall [add]
07. I Don't Know What to Do [add]
08. A Little Piece of Heaven [add]
09. Day to Day [add]
10. Golden Days [add]
11. The Old Fashioned Love Song [add]

Sanity Stomp (1980) 01. Fat Man [add]
02. The Monkey Man [add]
03. How Strange [add]
04. Somewhere in My Mind [add]
05. When (See You Again) [add]
06. Taking on the World [add]
07. No Romance [add]
08. Too Dark (One for the Hero) [add]
09. Admit You're Wrong [add]
10. Formula Eyes [add]
11. New Motorway [add]
12. A Loving Hand [add]
13. Fear of Breathing [add]
14. In Silence [add]
15. Take on the Bowers [add]
16. Wonderful Wilderness [add]
17. My Wife Says [add]
18. The World Speaks [add]
19. You Can't Kill Us [add]

Pointing the Finger (1981) 01. There She Goes [add]
02. As I Recall [add]
03. Children of the Deaf [add]
04. One Little Moment [add]
05. Let Love Reside [add]
06. Sleeping, Waking [add]
07. Pointing the Finger [add]
08. You Can't Do That [add]
09. Song of the Womb [add]
10. Old Lady [add]

Beautiful Extremes Et Cetera (1983) 01. Something Gone Wrong [add]
02. Looking for the River [add]
03. Red Roses in Your Room [add]
04. Face in the Mirror [add]
05. Love in Your Heart [add]
06. Poor Little Actress [add]
07. Right in Hand [add]
08. Hello Friends, Hello Everybody [add]
09. Mona, Where's My Trousers? [add]
10. So Strange [add]
11. Rainbow Curve [add]

Sugar Candy Taxi (1999) 01. Sugar Candy Taxi [add]
02. Porcupine People [add]
03. Highway of Dreams [add]
04. Happy Little Fat Man [add]
05. The Garden Gate Song [add]
06. I'm into Your Game [add]
07. My Wife's Best Friend [add]
08. Little White Arms [add]
09. Rusting Away [add]
10. Bird Brain [add]
11. Tiger Lilian [add]
12. Fly [add]
13. Almost Dying [add]
14. Normal Man [add]
15. It Hurts [add]
16. Lancashire Song [add]

Room Full of Fools (2000) 01. Sugar Turning Sour [add]
02. I'm Will [add]
03. More Than Enough [add]
04. God Watches [add]
05. Whispering Desert [add]
06. Candlelight [add]
07. Forgive Me [add]
08. The Einstein Song [add]
09. Sugar Sugar Samba [add]
10. Celestial Bride [add]
11. Take Your Pain Away [add]
12. The Precious [add]
13. Speak to Me [add]
14. But I Love You So [add]
15. I Can't Make It [add]
16. Room Full of Fools [add]

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