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King Gerbil lyrics
Genre: Spoken Word
The Worst of King Gerbil (2003) 01. Dick Rocks the World [add]
02. The Third Dragon Meets Brigham Young [add]
03. Fuck Your Lord [add]
04. Birthday Feast [add]
05. Intercom Serenade [add]
06. Satanic Radiation [add]
07. Bitches and Hoes Incorporated [add]
08. Directions (Fist Up Ass) [add]
09. Easy-E Combo [add]
10. The Book, Video, Kiddie-Porn & Crack Club [add]
11. Crucifixes or Stuffed Water Buffaloes? [add]
12. Birthday Girl [add]
13. The Customer Is Always Right [add]
14. Should We Act Like Clowns? [add]
15. Stop in the Name of Help [add]
16. Nacho Cheese on Breasts [add]
17. What a Freak...Beep! [add]
18. Old Crazy Bitch [add]
19. Drug Dealing Kids [add]
20. Butt Fucking Bitches & Horny Ho-Bags [add]
21. I'll Have You Arrested... [add]
22. Lord, Let Us Breakdance! [add]
23. Mind of a Loonie Chick [add]
24. Little Bit O' Home Pornography [add]
25. Golf Balls Are a Serious Matter [add]
26. A Saddle for My Wife [add]
27. The Baldwin Fun Machine [add]
28. Kicking Shit out of Mother Fuckers [add]
29. Iron Lungs Anonymous [add]
30. Shit-Pit? [add]
31. Babysitter Withdrawl [add]
32. Modern Bingo Theory [add]
33. Craig Crack [add]
34. Quazi-Pizzaria [add]
35. Execution [add]
36. Bad Back Bitch [add]
37. I Want a Fucking Room [add]
38. Workin' for the Man [add]
39. Drugstore Dream Parade [add]
40. What Kind of Girls Do You Like? [add]
41. Hello, Are You Open? [add]
42. Butt-Fucking and a Little Beastiality [add]
43. Hit Foot [add]
44. Shit Corn [add]
45. Cute as a Bug's Ear [add]
46. Amfuckingbitious [add]
47. Sleepy Time Inn [add]
48. Right in the Middle of My Face [add]
49. Funky Cold Medina [add]
50. Mind of a Lunatic [add]

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