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Frankie Armstrong lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Lovely in the Water (1972) 01. Tarry Trousers [add]
02. Green Valley [add]
03. Low Down on the Brrom [add]
04. The Cruel Mother [add]
05. Crafty Maid's Policy [add]
06. Maid in the Shore [add]
07. Frog and the Mouse [add]
08. Lovely on the Water [add]
09. Brown Girl [add]
10. Young Girl Cut Down in Her [add]
11. Unquiet Grave [add]
12. Saucy Sailor [add]
13. Two Sisters [add]

Frankie Armstrong: Songs & Ballads (1975) 01. Little Duke Arthurs Nurse [add]
02. Pit Men's Union [add]
03. Lady Diamond [add]
04. Lament for Huull Trawlers [add]
05. Month of January [add]
06. 3 Drunken Maidens [add]
07. Jack the Lad [add]
08. Whore's Lament [add]
09. Little Musgrave [add]
10. Collier Lass [add]
11. Female Drummer [add]

I Heard a Woman Singing (1984) 01. Cattle Call [add]
02. Mr. Fox [add]
03. Come Geordie, Hold the Bairn [add]
04. My Daughter, My Son [add]
05. Nothing Between Us Now [add]
06. New Boots [add]
07. Millworker [add]
08. Lady Margaret lyrics
09. Tam Lin [add]
10. Taken by Surprise [add]
11. The Ballad of Erica Levine [add]
12. I Don't Want Your Red, Red Roses [add]

Let No One Deceive You: Songs of Bertolt Brecht (1992) 01. Mack the Knife [add]
02. The Love Market [add]
03. We All Make the Bed That We Lie In [add]
04. Lullabies I, II, III/To My Countrymen/Lullaby IV [add]
05. A Man Is a Man [add]
06. The Song of the Little Wind [add]
07. Let No One Decieve You [add]
08. Song of the Moldau [add]
09. The Legend of the Dead Soldier [add]
10. Pirate Jenny [add]
11. Alabama Song [add]
12. What Keeps a Man Alive? [add]
13. Tango Ballad [add]

Till the Grass O'ergrew the Corn (1997) 01. The Broomfield Hill [Child 43] [add]
02. Lady Diamond [Child 269] [add]
03. Hares on the Mountain [Child 44] [add]
04. Fair Lizzie [Child 51] [add]
05. Young Orphy [Child 19] [add]
06. The Proud Girl [Child 68] [add]
07. The Lover's Ghost [Child 248] [add]
08. The Wife of Usher's Well [Child 79] [add]
09. John Blunt [Child 275] [add]
10. Child Waters [Child 63] [add]
11. The Well Below the Valley [Child 21] [add]
12. Clerk Colven [Child 42] [add]

Fair Moon Rejoices (1999) 01. Voices [add]
02. London Song [add]
03. Earth, Air, Fire and Water [add]
04. Invitation [add]
05. Flying High, Flying Free/Canaries in the Mine [add]
06. Still Is the Memory [add]
07. Speech to Apollo/Out of the Darkness [add]
08. I Feel That All the Stars Shine in Me [add]
09. Ballad of Marie Sanders [add]
10. Whore and the Holy One [add]
11. Mourn Not the Dead/Song of Augustina Rutz [add]
12. Farewell My Friends [add]
13. Let the Slave [add]

Garden of Love (1999) 01. The Garden of Love/All That Is Different [add]
02. Barbara Allen [add]
03. The Ride [add]
04. Kemp Owen [add]
05. The Devil and the Farmer's Wife [add]
06. Idumea [add]
07. Thou Man of Grief [add]
08. To the Begging [add]
09. Small Change [add]
10. The False Lover Won Back [add]
11. Leap Year [add]
12. Thomas of Welshbury [add]
13. The Cuckoo [add]
14. The Laird O' Drum [add]
15. The May Morning Dew [add]
16. Green Groweth the Holly [add]
17. The Voice That Lives Inside You [add]

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