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The Albion Band lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Battle of the Field (1976) 01. Albion Sunrise [add]
02. Morris Medley: Mouresque/London Pride/So Selfish Runs the Hare/Maid Of [add]
03. I Was a Young Man [add]
04. New St. George/La Rotta [add]
05. Gallant Poacher [add]
06. Cheshire Rounds/The Old Lancashire Hornpipe [add]
07. Hang?d I Shall Be [add]
08. Reaphook and Sickle [add]
09. Battle of the Somme [add]

The Prospect Before Us (1977) 01. Uncle Bernard's/Jenny Lind [add]
02. The Hunt Is Up [add]
03. Varsovianna [add]
04. Masque Tune [add]
05. Huntsman's Chorus [add]
06. Minuet [add]
07. Wassail Song [add]
08. Picking of Sticks/The Old Mole [add]
09. Merry Sherwood Rangers [add]
10. La Sexte Estampie Real [add]
11. I Wish I Was a Single Again [add]
12. The Whim [add]
13. Hopping Down in Kent [add]
14. Horse's Brawl [add]
15. On Christmas Night All Christians Sing [#/*] [add]
16. Merry Sherwood Rangers [*] [add]

Rise Up Like the Sun (1978) 01. Ragged Heroes [add]
02. Poor Old Horse [add]
03. Afro Blue/Danse Royale [add]
04. Ampleforth/Lay Me Low [add]
05. Time to Ring Some Changes [add]
06. House in the Country [add]
07. The Primrose [add]
08. Gresford Disaster [add]

Lark Rise to Candleford (1980) 01. The Girl I Left Behind Me [add]
02. Lemady/Arise and Pick a Posy [add]
03. All of a Row [add]
04. Tommy Toes [add]
05. John Dory [add]
06. Witch Elder [add]
07. All of a Row (Reprise) [add]
08. Abroad for Pleasure [add]
09. The Day Thou Gavest [add]
10. Battle of the Somme [add]
11. The Grand Circle Dance [add]
12. Speed the Plough [add]
13. Snow Falls [add]
14. Cart Music [add]
15. The Holly and the Ivy [add]
16. Postman's Knock [add]
17. Hunt Music [add]
18. Scarlet and the Blue [add]
19. Dare to Be a Daniel [add]
20. Jacob's Well [add]
21. Jacob's Well (Reprise) [add]

Light Shining (1984) 01. Light Shining [add]
02. Wolfe [add]
03. London Dance Song Medley: Pell-Mell in Pall Mall/The Kensington Square [add]
04. Pell Mell in Pall Mail [add]
05. Kensington Square Dance [add]
06. Aldwych [add]
07. Green Mist [add]
08. Railway Station [add]
09. Swift Nick [add]
10. Always Chasing Rainbow [add]
11. Sisters [add]
12. Beware of the Blue [add]

1990 (1990) 01. Yellow Dress [add]
02. The Power and the Glory [add]
03. Fairford Breakdown [add]
04. Fossie Shuffle [add]
05. Ramble Away [add]
06. The Flood [add]
07. Nameless Kind of Hell [add]
08. Adam and Eve [add]
09. Lock up Your Daughters [add]
10. The Party's Over [add]

Songs from the Shows (1990) 01. Here We Come A-Wassailing [add]
02. While Shepard's Watched [add]
03. Ashley Reads 'Charles Dickens' [add]
04. Rudolph Blues [add]
05. Run Rudolph Run [add]
06. Phil Read's from "Under the Greenwood Tree" [add]
07. Broom Dance [add]
08. Cathy Reads "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" [add]
09. In the Cross of Christ [add]
10. Tramp on the Street [add]
11. Lamb of God [add]
12. Sweet Themmes Run Softly [add]
13. Poor Old Horse [add]
14. Howard Reads from "Three Men in a Boat" [add]
15. Simon (As a Swan) Recites a Poem by Spike Milligan [add]
16. Swan-Upping Song [add]
17. Lemady/Arise and Pick a Posy [add]
18. Chris Introduces 'Foxy Comes to Town' [add]
19. Dominion of the Sword [add]
20. When the Fighting Is Over [add]
21. Rumour Hill [add]
22. Bells of Paradise [add]
23. Ashley Reads a Poem by John Clare [add]
24. Snow Falls [add]
25. Key to the North [add]
26. Life on the River [add]
27. The Sheep Shearing Song [add]
28. The Building of Our Bridge [add]
29. Twickenham Ferry [add]
30. Letters [add]
31. Horse Music [add]
32. Burning the Clavie [add]
33. Speed the Plough [add]
34. All in the Morning [add]
35. Judas [add]
36. Jesus and Shall It Ever Be [add]
37. Poor Old Man [add]
38. The Wastelands of England [add]
39. Big Yellow Taxi/New Jerusalem [add]
40. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
41. Dragonfly [add]
42. Haxey Hood Game/Estample [add]

BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (1993) 01. Medley: Uncle Bernard's/Albion Sunrise/Jenny Lind [add]
02. Bouree [add]
03. The Gresford Disaster [add]
04. La Sexte Estampie Real [add]
05. Hopping Down in Kent [add]
06. Buttered Peas [add]
07. Medley: Postman's Knock/Black Joke [add]
08. Medley: Snowdrop Polka/High Tea Tango/Seaside Shuffle [add]
09. The Greatest Show on Earth (Soccer Song) [add]
10. Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow [add]
11. London Dance Song Medley: Pell-Mell in Pall Mall/The Kensington Square [add]

Captured (1994) 01. Ball, Anchor and Chain [add]
02. Yellow Dress [add]
03. Horeshoe Hornpipe/Chasing the Jack [add]
04. The Party's Over [add]
05. Adam and Eve [add]
06. Nameless Kind of Hell [add]
07. Fossie Shuffle [add]
08. Go North [add]
09. Chapel Keithack/House in the Country [add]
10. Up the Crooked Spire [add]
11. Set Their Mouths to Twisting [add]
12. Hanging Tree [add]
13. Fireman's Song [add]

Albion Heart (1995) 01. Albion Heart [add]
02. Appalachian Front Porch Game [add]
03. Colours of Love [add]
04. Man in the Bottle [add]
05. The Devil in Me [add]
06. Rebecca Johnson [add]
07. Close Your Eyes [add]
08. Crocodile Line [add]
09. Love Ia an Abandoned Car [add]
10. Gypsy [add]
11. Get up & Do It Again [add]
12. Long, Long Road [add]

Acousticity (1996) 01. Flandyke Shore [add]
02. The Foresters/Nichol's Real Ale Polka/The Travellers/The Seven Stones [medley] [add]
03. Sister Moon lyrics
04. We Lie [add]
05. Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump lyrics
06. Head-Smashed-In-Reel [add]
07. Black Jack, Blue John and Galena/Blue John Hornpipe [add]
08. Bitter Sweet Bed [add]
09. Fastnet Rock/Man of War [add]
10. Carolan's Cap/Sir Festus Burke [add]
11. Dancer to the Drum [add]
12. Fiddle on the Washboard [add]

Along the Pilgrim's Way (1998) 01. Along the Pilgrims Way [add]
02. Handyke Shore [add]
03. Appalachian Front Porch Game [add]
04. This Blessed Plot [add]
05. Rebecca Johnson [add]
06. Jigs: The Switchback/The New Book/The Slippery Slope [add]
07. Fastnet Rock/Man of War [add]
08. Close Your Eyes [add]
09. When She Sings in the Kitchen [add]
10. Crocodile Line [add]
11. We Lie [add]
12. Ball, Anchor and Chain [add]
13. Yellow Dress [add]
14. Go North [add]

Christmas Album (1999) 01. Joseph's Tidings [add]
02. Let No Man Come into This Hall [add]
03. Christmas Has Come Round Again [add]
04. Mistletoe, Mistletoe [add]
05. I Am Beguiled [add]
06. As Joseph Was a 'Walking [add]
07. Two Wise Men [add]
08. The Redbreast [add]
09. Dad, Is There Really a Santa Claus? [add]
10. Innocent's Song [add]
11. The Star [add]
12. Fat Sam's Band [add]
13. Tune for a Blythesome Turkey [add]
14. Make It This Christmas [add]
15. Three Shepherds [add]
16. Scrooge Blues [add]
17. Nothing Can Turn the Tide [add]
18. Two Thousand Years Is a Very Long Time [add]

Happy Accident (1999) 01. Wings [add]
02. Coming Home to Me [add]
03. The Landslide [add]
04. Pear Tree [add]
05. Half Each [add]
06. Hearts of Coal [add]
07. Instrument Makers [add]
08. A Chromosome or Two [add]
09. The Sun Is God [add]
10. Death Is Just a Dream 1 [add]
11. Death Is Just a Dream 2 [add]
12. Midsummer Night Dreams [add]
13. Wooden O [add]

Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival (1999) 01. Boycott's Bouree [add]
02. Y'acre of Land [add]
03. La Sexte Extampie Royale [add]
04. Postman's Knock/Black Joker [add]
05. Merry Sherwood Rangers [add]
06. Gresford Disaster [add]
07. Gentleman's Agreement/Busy Gardener/Falling Star [add]
08. Harvest Anthem [add]
09. The Shipwreck [add]
10. Orion's Belt [add]
11. The Rose and the Rock [add]

Demi Paradise (1999) 01. Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger [add]
02. Ivory Tower [add]
03. Along the Pilgrims Way [add]
04. My Secret Place [add]
05. Reels: The Gaspe Reel/Sam's Slammer/Imogen's Ridge [add]
06. Young Man Cut Down in His Prime [add]
07. When She Sings in the Kitchen [add]
08. White Water Running [add]
09. Sea of Sorrow [add]
10. Jigs: The Switchback/The New Book/The Slippery Slope [add]
11. This Blessed Plot [add]
12. Circle Round the Sun lyrics

Road Movies (2001) 01. Press Gang [add]
02. B4391/I-95 [add]
03. The Road Beneath My Wheels [add]
04. Dental Excursion [add]
05. Pieces of Me [add]
06. Home Straight [add]
07. Cookery Is the New Rock 'N' Roll [add]
08. When My Son Is Grown [add]
09. Customs:Culture Shock/Etiquette/Nothing to Declare [add]
10. It Is That Window of Time [add]
11. She Still Waits [add]
12. Southern Skies [add]
13. He Ran Out of Road [add]

An Evening With (2002) 01. The Landslide [add]
02. I Am a Humble Bridge [add]
03. Chief Seattle's Reply/Time to Ring Some Changes [add]
04. I'm a Poor Dressmaker [add]
05. Wings [add]
06. Bedtime at Bryn Rhodyn [add]
07. Seven Strong Spires [add]
08. Go North [add]
09. The Three Shepherds [add]
10. Steamroller Blues [add]

Before Us Stands (2002) 01. The Complete Angler [add]
02. Jig Sawjig/Real Alereel [add]
03. Excerpt from Arnold Bennett's Novel Clayhanger [add]
04. The Potter's Dream [add]
05. The Cities' Favourite Sons [add]
06. About Paint [add]
07. Listen to the Winds [add]
08. Bedtime at Bryn Rhodyn [add]
09. Duty Free [add]
10. Welcome to the World [add]
11. Directions: Forwards/Backwards/Afterwards [add]
12. I'm Going Away, Love [add]
13. Seven Strong Spires [add]

An Albion Christmas (2003) 01. On Christmas Night All Christians Sing [add]
02. Somerset Wassail [add]
03. Gloucestereshire Wassail [add]
04. Here We Come A'wassailing [add]
05. Snow Falls [add]
06. The Advent Polka/Saint Nick's Brawl [add]
07. My Father Played the Melodeon [add]
08. Rejoice and Be Merry [add]
09. Sir Roger de Coverley [add]
10. The Wren Song [add]
11. The King [add]
12. Julian of Norwich [add]
13. Come Love Carolling [add]
14. Rebel Jesus [add]
15. Little Johnny England [add]
16. Sweet Chiming Bells [add]
17. Bell Tower Polka [add]

No Surrender (2003) 01. Brief Encounter [add]
02. Albion Heart [add]
03. Head Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump/Head-Smashed-In Reel [add]
04. The Gardener's Bonny Daughter [add]
05. To Ireland I Made My Way [add]
06. Go North [add]
07. No Surrender [add]
08. Shapes on the Landscape [add]
09. Along the Downs [add]
10. The Drover's Song [add]
11. Turnpike Reel [add]
12. Close Your Eyes [add]
13. What Celia Sees [add]
14. Tan Hill Fair [add]
15. All-Seeing Stour [add]
16. I Am a Humble Bridge [add]
17. Micheal Morey's Hump [add]
18. Up the Crooked Spire/General Ward [add]
19. Ill Omens [add]
20. Wings of Mercury [add]
21. Daniel Callaghan [add]
22. Shine on Love [add]
23. Pleasures of the Town/Uncle Bernard's [add]
24. The Blue-Eyed Stranger/The Curly-Headed Ploughboy [add]
25. Little Johnny England [add]
26. Garland Gay [add]
27. The Snake [add]
28. Four Up [add]
29. Wings [add]
30. I'm a Poor Dressmaker [add]
31. Go North [add]
32. Stand Quite Still [add]
33. If There's No Other Way [add]
34. Art Nouveau [add]
35. You Never Know Where We Have Been [add]

Acousticity: On Tour [live] (2004) 01. Rainbow Over the Hill [add]
02. One Hundred Miles [add]
03. Stuck It Right This Time [add]
04. Faraway Tom/An Irish Day [add]
05. Frozen Man [add]
06. We Lie [add]
07. Jerusalem Ridge [add]
08. The Oak [add]
09. Hanging Tree [add]
10. The Willow [add]
11. Danny's Down [add]
12. Brief Encounters [add]
13. Newton Hornpipe/Low Fell/Blue John Hornpipe [add]
14. Memories of You [add]

Albion Sunrise: The HTD Recordings 1994-1999 (2004) 01. Ball, Anchor and Chain [add]
02. Yellow Dress [add]
03. Set Their Mouths to Twisting [add]
04. Hanging Tree [add]
05. Flandyke Shore [add]
06. Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump lyrics
07. Medley: Fasnet Rock/Man of War [medley] [add]
08. Fiddle on the Washboard [add]
09. Albion Heart [add]
10. Colours of Love [add]
11. Close Your Eyes [add]
12. Gypsy [add]
13. Ivory Tower [add]
14. Young Man Cut Down in His Prime [add]
15. Jigs: The Switchback/The New Book/The Slippery Slope [add]
16. This Blessed Plot [add]
17. Circle Round the Sun lyrics
18. Coming Home to Me [add]
19. The Landslide [add]
20. Hearts of Coal [add]
21. Death Is Just a Dream No. 1 [add]
22. Death Is Just a Dream No. 2 [add]
23. Wings [Single Version] [add]
24. Shine On Love [add]
25. Ken's Hornpipes [add]
26. The Potter's Dream [add]
27. Listen to the Wind [add]
28. Bedtime at Bryn Rhodyn [add]
29. Welcome to the World [add]
30. Mistletoe, Mistletoe [add]
31. As Joseph Was A-Walking [add]
32. The Star [add]

Heritage (2004) 01. Ragged Heroes [add]
02. Poor Old Horse [add]
03. Afro Blue [add]
04. Ampleforth [add]
05. Time to Ring Some Changes [add]
06. House in the Country [add]
07. Primrose [add]
08. Gresford Disaster [add]
09. Postmans Knock [add]
10. Pain & Paridise [add]
11. Lay Me Low [add]
12. Rainbow Over the Hill [add]

Dancing at the Royal (2007) 01. Varsovianna [live] [add]
02. Cuckoo's Nest [live] [add]
03. Merry Sherwood Rangers [live] [add]
04. Picking of Sticks/The Old Mole [live] [add]
05. Trips to Brighthelmstone [live] [add]
06. Fair Maid of Islington [live] [add]
07. Princess Royal [live] [add]
08. I'll Go and 'List for a Sailor [live] [add]
09. Bonny Green Garters [live] [add]
10. Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene [live] [add]
11. La Sexte Estampie Royale [live] [add]
12. Old Sir Simon the King [live] [add]
13. Hopping Down in Kent [live] [add]
14. Horse's Brawl [live] [add]
15. Black Mary's Hornpipe [live] [add]
16. Froggy's First Jump/Beetle on the Wine [add]
17. Snowdrop Polka [add]
18. Gervaise Brawl [add]
19. Jenny in Her Shift/Tom Jones [add]
20. Hi! Tequila Tango/High Tea Tango [add]
21. The Fretful Porcupine [add]
22. Wiggle, Wriggle/Roll Me Over [add]
23. October 4th [add]
24. Seaside Shuffle [add]
25. The View [add]
26. The Chaplet/Bantering Billy [add]
27. Elderwaters [add]
28. Black Almain/Halek Brawl [add]

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