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Elf Power lyrics
Genre: Rock
Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs (1995) 01. Pioneer Mansion [add]
02. Temporary Arm [add]
03. All Your Experiments [add]
04. Finally Free [add]
05. Drug Store [add]
06. Loverboy's Demise [add]
07. Slither Hither [add]
08. Circular Malevolence [add]
09. When the Serpents Approach [add]
10. Surgery [add]
11. Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs [add]
12. Arachnid Dungeon Attack [add]
13. Grand Intrusion Call [add]
14. Monster Surprise [add]
15. Heroes and Insects [add]
16. The Winter Hawk [add]
17. Exalted Exit Wound [add]

When the Red King Comes (1997) 01. Step Through the Portal [add]
02. Into the Everlasting Time [add]
03. The Frightened Singers [add]
04. The Secret Ocean [add]
05. The Aarow Flies Close [add]
06. Icy Hands Will Never Melt Away [add]
07. When the Red King Comes [add]
08. The Separtating Fault [add]
09. Spectators [add]
10. Introducing Cosmic Space [add]
11. The Bengal Parade [add]
12. Needles in the Camel's Eye [add]
13. ....Silver Lake [add]
14. It's Been a Million Years [add]

A Dream in Sound (1999) 01. Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home [add]
02. High Atop the Silver Branches [add]
03. Willowy Man lyrics
04. Olde Tyme Waves [add]
05. Jane [add]
06. All the Passengers [add]
07. We Dream in Sound [add]
08. Carnival [add]
09. The Wels [add]
10. Noble Experiment [add]
11. Simon (The Bird With the Candy Bar Head) [add]
12. Rasing and Falling in a Little World [add]
13. O What a Beautiful Dream [add]
14. [instrumental] [add]

The Winter Is Coming (2000) 01. Embrace the Crimson Tide [add]
02. Skeleton [add]
03. The Great Society [add]
04. The Winter Is Coming [add]
05. Wings of Light [add]
06. The Sun Is Forever [add]
07. People Underneath [add]
08. Green Sea Days [add]
09. The Naughty Villain [add]
10. Leopard's Teeth [add]
11. Birds in the Backyard [add]
12. 100,000 Telescopes [add]
13. The Albatross [add]

Creatures (2002) 01. Let the Serpent Sleep [add]
02. Everlasting Scream [add]
03. The Creature [add]
04. Palace of the Flames [add]
05. The Modern Mind [add]
06. Visions of the Sea [add]
07. Things That Should Not Be [add]
08. Three Seeds [add]
09. The Haze [add]
10. Unseen Hand [add]
11. The Creature, Pt. 2 [add]

Nothing's Going to Happen (2002) 01. Nothing's Going to Happen [add]
02. Why Can't I Touch It [add]
03. Shadows in Vain [add]
04. Weird on the Avenue [add]
05. Pay to Cum [add]
06. Hybrid Moments [add]
07. Never Talking to You Again [add]
08. I Walked With the Zombie [add]
09. Unforced Peace [add]
10. I Love the Living You [add]
11. Upside Down [add]
12. Hot Love [add]
13. Cotton Crown [add]
14. You Make Me Die [add]
15. Felt Good to Burn [add]
16. Listening to the Higson's [add]

Walking With the Beggar Boys (2004) 01. Never Believe [add]
02. Walking with the Beggar Boys [add]
03. Drawing Flies [add]
04. The Stranger [add]
05. Hole in My Shoe [add]
06. The Cracks [add]
07. Evil Eye [add]
08. Don't Let It Be [add]
09. Invisible Men [add]
10. Empty Pictures [add]
11. Big Thing [add]

Back to the Web (2006) 01. Come Lie Down with Me (And Sing My Song) [add]
02. An Old Familiar Scene [add]
03. Rolling Black Water [add]
04. King of Earth [add]
05. Peel Back the Moon, Beware! [add]
06. 23rd Dream [add]
07. Somewhere Down the River [add]
08. The Spider and the Fly [add]
09. Forming [add]
10. All the World Is Waiting [add]
11. Under the Northern Sky [add]
12. Back to the Web [add]

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