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East River Pipe lyrics
Genre: Rock
Shining Hours in a Can (1994) 01. Make a Deal With the City [add]
02. My Life Is Wrong [add]
03. Helmet On [add]
04. Happytown [add]
05. Axl or Iggy [add]
06. Psychic Whore [add]
07. Firing Room [add]
08. Silhouette Town [add]
09. Dogman [add]
10. When Will Your Friends All Disappear? [add]
11. Bernie Shaw [add]
12. 40 Miles [add]
13. Times Square Go-Go Boy [add]
14. She's a Real Good Time [add]
15. Woody's Car [add]

Poor Fricky [Sarah] (1994) 01. Bring on the Loser [add]
02. Ah Dictaphone [add]
03. Crawl Away [add]
04. Metal Detector [add]
05. Put-Down [add]
06. Superstar in France [add]
07. Keep All Your Windows Tight Tonight [add]
08. Make It Real [add]
09. Hey, Where's Your Girl? [add]
10. Walking the Dog [add]
11. Million Trillion [add]

Poor Fricky [Merge] (1995) 01. Bring on the Loser [add]
02. Metal Detector [add]
03. Here We Go [add]
04. Put-Down [add]
05. Superstar in France [add]
06. Keep All Your Windows Tight Tonight [add]
07. Ah Dictaphone [add]
08. Walking the Dog [add]
09. Marty [add]
10. Crawl Away [add]
11. Hey, Where's Your Girl? [add]
12. Powerful Man [add]
13. When the Ground Walks Away [add]

Mel (1996) 01. The Club Isn't Open [add]
02. I Am a Small Mistake [add]
03. Spotlight [add]
04. Beautiful Worn-Out Love [add]
05. New York Crown [add]
06. Kill the Action [add]
07. We're Going to Nowhere [add]
08. Lonely Line Away [add]
09. Prettiest Whore [add]
10. Guilty as Charged [add]
11. Take Back the Days [add]
12. Life Is Born Today [add]

The Gasoline Age (1999) 01. Shiny, Shiny Pimpmobile [add]
02. Hell Is an Open Door [add]
03. Cybercar [add]
04. Wholesale Lies [add]
05. My Little Rainbow [add]
06. Party Drive [add]
07. King of Nothing Never [add]
08. 14st Street Boys Stolen Car Club [add]
09. All You Little Suckers [add]
10. Astrofarm [add]
11. Down 42nd Street to the Light [add]
12. Altantic City (Gonna Make a Million Tonight) [add]
13. Don't Hurrry [add]

Garbageheads on Endless Stun (2003) 01. Where Does All the Money Go? [add]
02. Monumental Freaks [add]
03. I Won't Dream About the Girl [add]
04. I Bought a Gun in Irvington [add]
05. Girls on the Freeway [add]
06. The Long Black Cloud [add]
07. Arrival Pad No. 19 [add]
08. Streetwalkin' Jean [add]
09. Stare the Graveyard Down lyrics
10. Millionaires of Doubt [add]
11. It's Always Been This Way [add]

What Are You On? (2006) 01. What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You? [add]
02. Crystal Queen [add]
03. What Are You On? [add]
04. I'll Walk My Robot Home [add]
05. The Ultrabright Bitch [add]
06. Druglife [add]
07. Absolutely Nothing [add]
08. Dirty Carnival [add]
09. You Got Played, Little Girl [add]
10. Life Is a Landfill [add]
11. Shut Up and Row [add]
12. Trivial Things [add]
13. Some Dreams Can Kill You [add]

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