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Christy Moore lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Prosperous (1972) 01. The Raggle Taggle Gipsies; Tabhair Dom Do Lamh [add]
02. The Dark-Eyed Sailor [add]
03. I Wish I Was in England [add]
04. Lock Hospital [add]
05. James Connolly [add]
06. The Hackler from Grouse Hall [add]
07. Tribute to Woody [add]
08. The Ludlow Massacre [add]
09. A Letter to Syracuse [add]
10. Spanchillhill [add]
11. The Cliffs of Dooneen [add]
12. Rambling Robin [add]

Live in Dublin (1978) 01. Hey Sandy [add]
02. The Boys of Barr Na Sr?ide [add]
03. Little Mother [add]
04. Clyde's Bonnie Banks [add]
05. Pretty Boy Floyd [add]
06. Bogey's Bonnie Banks [add]
07. The Crack Was Ninety in the Isle of Man [add]
08. Black Is the Color of My True Loves Hair [add]
09. One Last Cold Kiss [add]

The Iron Behind the Velvet (1978) 01. Patrick Was a Gentleman [add]
02. The Sun Is Burning [add]
03. Morrissey and the Russian Sailor [add]
04. The Foxy Devil [add]
05. Three Reels: The Newly Mowed Meadow/Farrell O'Gara's Reel [add]
06. Trip to Jerusalem/Mullingar Races/The Crooked Road [add]
07. Three Reels: Tommy Coen's/The Youngest Daughter/Flax in Bloom [add]
08. Patrick's Arrival [add]
09. Gabriel Mckeon's: Cailin Deas Cruaite Na Mbo/Gilbert Clancy's [add]
10. Dunlavin Green [add]
11. Joe McCann [add]
12. John of Dreams [add]

The Time Has Come (1983) 01. The Knock Song [add]
02. Faithful Departed [add]
03. Nancy Spain lyrics
04. Lanigans Ball [add]
05. All I Remember lyrics
06. Lakes of Pontchartrain [add]
07. Don't Forget Your Shovel lyrics
08. The Wicklow Boy [add]
09. The Time Has Come [add]
10. Go Move Shift [add]
11. Curragh of Kildare [add]
12. Sacco and Vanzetti [add]
13. Section 31 [add]
14. Only Our Rivers Run Free [add]

Ride On (1984) 01. The City of Chicago [add]
02. Among the Wicklow Hills [add]
03. Ride On lyrics
04. Sonny's Dream [add]
05. The Dying Soldier [add]
06. El Salvador [add]
07. Back Home in Derry [add]
08. McIlhatton [add]
09. Lisdoonvarna [add]
10. The Least We Can Do [add]
11. The City of Chicago [add]
12. Ride On lyrics
13. Sonny's Dream [add]
14. The Dying Soldier [add]
15. Vive La Quinte Brigada [add]
16. El Salvador [add]
17. Songs of Wandering Among Us [add]
18. Back Home in Derry [add]
19. McIlhatton [add]
20. Lisdoonvarna [add]
21. The Least We Can Do [add]

Ordinary Man (1985) 01. Sweet Music Roll On [add]
02. Delirium Tremens lyrics
03. Ordinary Man lyrics
04. Matty [add]
05. The Red in the Flickering Light [add]
06. The Diamondtina Drover [add]
07. Blantyre Explosion [add]
08. Hard Cases [add]
09. Continental Ceili [add]
10. St. Brendan's Voyage [add]
11. Another Song Is Born [add]
12. Quiet Desperation [add]

The Spirit of Freedom (1985) 01. Forever on My Mind [add]
02. No Time for Love [add]
03. The Peoples Own M.P. [add]
04. Deportee [add]
05. Michael Gaughan [add]
06. Grannies Dustbin Lid [add]
07. Dying Soldier [add]
08. Boy from Tamlaghtduff [add]
09. McIlhatton [add]
10. Jesus Christ and Jesse James [add]
11. Galtee Mountain Boy [add]
12. Back Home in Derry [add]

Nice 'n Easy (1986) 01. A Bunch of Thyme [add]
02. Nancy Spain lyrics
03. Galtee Mountain Boy [add]
04. Boys of Mullaghbawn [add]
05. Lanigans Rake [add]
06. Tippin' It up to Nancy [add]
07. Home by Bearna [add]
08. Little Musgrave [add]
09. Ballad of Timothy Evans [add]
10. Moving on Song [add]
11. Sacco and Vanzetti [add]

Unfinished Revolution (1987) 01. Biko Drum [add]
02. Natives lyrics
03. Metropolitan Avenue [add]
04. Unfinished Revolution [add]
05. The Other Side [add]
06. Messenger Boy lyrics
07. On the Bridge [add]
08. Suffocate [add]
09. Derby Day [add]
10. Doctor Vibes [add]
11. A Pair of Brown Eyes [add]

Christy Moore [Atlantic] (1988) 01. Biko Drum [add]
02. Natives lyrics
03. No Time for Love [add]
04. Lisdoonvarna [add]
05. Quiet Desperation [add]
06. The City of Chicago [add]
07. Ordinary Man lyrics
08. Ride On lyrics
09. Delirium Tremens lyrics
10. Unfinished Revolution [add]
11. The Dying Soldier [add]
12. Sweet Music Roll On [add]

Voyage (1989) 01. Mystic Lipstick [add]
02. The Voyage [add]
03. The Mad Lady and Me [add]
04. The Deportees Club [add]
05. The Night Visit [add]
06. All for the Roses [add]
07. Missing You [add]
08. Bright Blue Rose [add]
09. Farewell to Pripchat [add]
10. Musha, God Help Her [add]
11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [add]
12. Middle of the Island [add]

Smoke & Strong Whiskey (1991) 01. Welcome to the Cabaret [add]
02. Fairytale of New York [add]
03. Scapegoats [add]
04. Aisling lyrics
05. Burning Times lyrics
06. Smoke and Strong Whiskey [add]
07. Whacker Humphries [add]
08. Blackjack County Chains [add]
09. Green Island [add]
10. Encore [add]

King Puck (1993) 01. Before the Deluge [add]
02. The Two Conneeleys [add]
03. Lawless [add]
04. Yellow Furze Woman [add]
05. Giuseppe [add]
06. Sodom and Begorra [add]
07. Johnny Connors [add]
08. King Puck [add]
09. Away Ye Broken Heart [add]
10. Me and the Rose [add]

Live at the Point (1994) 01. Welcome to the Cabaret [add]
02. Natives lyrics
03. Fairytale of New York [add]
04. Delirium Tremens lyrics
05. Black Is the Colour [add]
06. Missing You [add]
07. Cliffs of Dooneen [add]
08. Well Below the Valley [add]
09. Go, Move, Shift [add]
10. Casey [add]
11. Ride On lyrics
12. Knock [add]
13. Joxer Goes to Stuttgart [add]
14. Nancy Spain lyrics

Graffiti Tongue (1996) 01. Yellow Triangle [add]
02. God Woman [add]
03. Minds Locked Shut [add]
04. Folk Tale [add]
05. Riding the High Stool [add]
06. Tiles and Slabs [add]
07. Strange Ways [add]
08. On the Mainland [add]
09. Boning Halls [add]
10. Miracles of Nature [add]
11. North and South of the River [add]
12. Rory Is Gone [add]

Traveller (1999) 01. Urgency Culture [add]
02. Raggle Taggle Gypsy [add]
03. I Loved Her [add]
04. Tell It Unto Me [add]
05. Rocky Road [add]
06. Last Cold Kiss [add]
07. Lovely Young One [add]
08. The Sirens Voice [add]
09. Burning Times lyrics
10. Glastonbury [add]
11. The Well [add]
12. What's the Story Git? [add]

This Is the Day (2001) 01. How Long [add]
02. So Do I lyrics
03. Johnny Don't Go [add]
04. Veronica [add]
05. Jack Doyle (AKA the Contender) [add]
06. Companeros [add]
07. Cry Like a Man [add]
08. A Stitch in Time [add]
09. Victor Jara [add]
10. Scallcrows [add]
11. The Piper's Path [add]

Live at Vicar Street (2002) 01. Continental Ceilidh [add]
02. First Time Ever [add]
03. A Pair of Brown Eyes [add]
04. Biko Drum [add]
05. Quiet Desperation [add]
06. MC Ihatton [add]
07. January Man [add]
08. Allende [add]
09. Johnny Don't Go [add]
10. Wantering Aongus [add]
11. Lisdoonvarna [add]
12. Ride On lyrics
13. Metropolitan Avenue [add]
14. Tribute to Noel Brazil [add]

Burning Times (2006) 01. Sixteen Fishermen Raving [add]
02. Motherland [add]
03. Butterfly (So Much Wine) [add]
04. Magic Nights in the Lobby Bar [add]
05. America I Love You [add]
06. Mercy [add]
07. Beeswing [add]
08. Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll [add]
09. Magdalene Laundries [add]
10. Burning Times lyrics
11. Peace in the Valley Again [add]
12. Changes [add]

Live in Dublin 2006 (2006) 01. Two Island Swans [add]
02. North and South [add]
03. So Do [add]
04. Hattie Carroll [add]
05. Motherland [add]
06. Wise & Holy Woman [add]
07. Casey [add]
08. The Magdalene Laundries [add]
09. Missing You [add]
10. Beeswing [add]
11. Smoke & Strong Whiskey [add]
12. America, You Are Not the World [add]
13. Natives lyrics
14. Quiet Desperation [add]
15. Ordinary Man lyrics
16. Ride On lyrics
17. Vive La Quinte Brigada [add]
18. The Contender [add]
19. City of Chicago [add]
20. Victor Jara [add]
21. The Two Conneeleys [add]
22. Yellow Triangle [add]
23. Strangeways [add]
24. Faithful Departed [add]
25. Sacco & Vanzetti [add]
26. Sonny's Dream [add]
27. Stitch in Time [add]
28. Veronica [add]
29. Corina Corina [add]
30. Butterfly (So Much Wine) [add]
31. Sixteen Fishermen Raving [add]
32. Mercy [add]
33. Cry Like a Man [add]
34. Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette [add]
35. Bright Blue Rose [add]

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