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Black Tape for a Blue Girl lyrics
Genre: Rock
Ashes in the Brittle Air (1989) 01. Ashes in the Brittle Air [add]
02. Across a Thousand Blades [add]
03. The Touch and the Darkness [add]
04. Through Sky Blue Rooms [add]
05. The Scar of a Poet [add]
06. You Tangle Within Me [add]
07. From the Tightrope [add]
08. Am I So Deceived [add]
09. Is It Love That Dare Not Be? [add]
10. I Ran to You [add]
11. I Wish You Could Smile [add]

A Chaos of Desire (1990) 01. These Fleeting Moments [add]
02. A Chaos of Desire [add]
03. Pandora's Box [add]
04. Tear Love from My Mind [add]
05. The Hypocrite Is Me [add]
06. Beneath the Icy Floe [add]
07. We Watch Our Sad-Eyed Angel Fall [add]
08. One Last Breath [add]
09. Of These Reminders [add]
10. How Can You Forget Love? [add]
11. Chains of Color [add]
12. Could I Stay the Honest One? [add]

First Pain to Linger (1996) 01. Forbidden [add]
02. The Glass Is Shattered [add]
03. Pandora's Dream [add]
04. Overwhelmed, Beneath Me [add]
05. I No Longer Remember the Feelings [add]
06. A Good Omen [add]

Remnants of a Deeper Purity (1996) 01. Redefine Pure Faith [add]
02. Fin de Si?cle [add]
03. With My Sorrows [add]
04. For You Will Burn Your Wings upon the Sun [add]
05. Wings Tattered, Fallen [add]
06. Fitful [add]
07. Remnants of a Deeper Purity [add]
08. Again, to Drift [For Veronika] [add]
09. I Have No More Answers [add]

Mesmerized By the Sirens (1997) 01. Jamais Pars [add]
02. A Teardrop Left Behind [add]
03. Dark Skinned and Inviting [add]
04. Lie Broken, Bleeding [add]
05. Hairline Sunlight [add]
06. With a Million Tears [add]
07. The Sawdust Scatter [add]
08. Beneath the Planks [add]
09. Scream, My Shallow [add]
10. Seireenien Lumoama [add]

Rope (1997) 01. Memory, Uncaring Friend [add]
02. Hide in Yourself [add]
03. Within These Walls [add]
04. The Holy Terrors [add]
05. End [add]
06. Seven Days Till Sunrise [add]
07. The Rope lyrics
08. The Few Remaining Threads [add]
09. The Lingering Flicker [add]
10. Slow Blur [add]
11. The Floor Was Hard But Home [add]
12. We Return [add]

This Lush Garden Within (1997) 01. Left Unsaid [add]
02. The Broken Glass [add]
03. We Exist, Entwined [add]
04. Overwhelmed, Beneath Me [add]
05. This Lush Garden Within [add]
06. The Christ in the Desert [add]
07. The Turbulence and the Torment [add]
08. The Flow of Our Spirit [add]
09. Into the Garden [add]
10. Decompsed by the Fire of the Firmament [add]
11. Gravity's Angel [add]
12. On Broken Shells of Crystal Dreams [add]
13. Our Future Imagined [add]

As One Aflame Laid Bare by Desire (1999) 01. As One Aflame Laid Bare by Desire [add]
02. Given: The Waterfall/The Illuminating Gas [add]
03. Entr'acte (The Garden Awaits Us) [add]
04. Tell Me You've Taken Another [add]
05. Entr'acte (The Carnival Barker) [add]
06. Dream [add]
07. The Apotheosis [add]
08. Russia [add]
09. Your One Wish [add]
10. Dulcinea [add]
11. The Green Box [add]
12. Denouement (Denouncement) [add]
13. The Passage [add]

Before the Buildings Fell (2000) 01. Kathryn [add]
02. Diversion [add]
03. Resolution [add]
04. The Room [add]
05. Jane [add]
06. Leading to the Edge [add]
07. Before the Buildings Fell [add]
08. Fragments of Benediction [add]
09. The Amber Girl [add]

The Scavenger Bride (2002) 01. The Scavenger Bride [add]
02. Kinski [add]
03. All My Lovers [add]
04. Shadow of a Doubt [add]
05. The Doorkeeper [add]
06. Floats in the Updrafts [add]
07. A Livery of Bachelors [add]
08. Das Liselottenbett [add]
09. The Lie Which Refuses to Die [add]
10. The Scavenger's Daughter [add]
11. Like a Dog/Letter to Brod [add]
12. The Whipper [add]
13. Bastille Day, 1961 [add]

Halo Star (2004) 01. Glow [add]
02. Tarnished [add]
03. The Gravediggers [add]
04. Your Love Is Sweeter Than Wine [add]
05. Indefinable, Yet [add]
06. Knock Three Times [add]
07. Scarecrow [add]
08. Damn Swan! [add]
09. Already Forgotten [add]
10. The Fourth Footstep [add]
11. Dagger [add]
12. Halo Star [add]

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