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The Boo Radleys lyrics
Genre: Rock
Ichabod & I (1990) 01. Eleanor Everything [add]
02. Bodenheim Jr. [add]
03. Catweazle [add]
04. Sweet Salad Birth [add]
05. Hip Clown Rag [add]
06. Walking 5th Carnival [add]
07. Kaleidoscope [add]
08. Happens to All of Us [add]

Everything's Alright Forever (1992) 01. Spaniard lyrics
02. Towards the Light [add]
03. Losing It (Song for Abigail) [add]
04. Memory Babe [add]
05. Skyscraper [add]
06. I Feel Nothing [add]
07. Room at the Top [add]
08. Does This Hurt? [add]
09. Sparrow [add]
10. Smile Fades Fast [add]
11. Firesky [add]
12. Song for the Morning to Sing [add]
13. Lazy Day [add]
14. Paradise [add]

Giant Steps (1993) 01. I Hang Suspended lyrics
02. Upon 9th and Fairchild [add]
03. Wish I Was Skinny lyrics
04. Leaves and Sand [add]
05. Butterfly McQueen [add]
06. Rodney King [Song for Lenny Bruce] [add]
07. Thinking of Ways [add]
08. Barney (...and Me) [add]
09. Spun Around lyrics
10. If You Want It, Take It lyrics
11. Best Lose the Fear [add]
12. Take the Time Around [add]
13. Lazarus lyrics
14. One Is For [add]
15. Run My Way Runaway lyrics
16. I've Lost the Reason [add]
17. The White Noise Revisited lyrics

Wake Up! (1995) 01. Wake Up Boo! lyrics
02. Fairfax Scene lyrics
03. It's Lulu lyrics
04. Joel lyrics
05. Find the Answer Within [add]
06. Reaching Out from Here [add]
07. Martin, Doom! It's Seven O'Clock lyrics
08. Stuck on Amber [add]
09. Charles Bukowski Is Dead [add]
10. 4am Conversation lyrics
11. Twinside lyrics
12. Wilder lyrics

C'mon Kids (1996) 01. C'mon Kids lyrics
02. Meltin's Worm [add]
03. Melodies for the Deaf (Colours for the Blind) [add]
04. Get on the Bus [add]
05. Everything Is Sorrow lyrics
06. Bullfrog Green lyrics
07. What's in the Box? (See Whatcha Got) [add]
08. Four Saints lyrics
09. New Brighton Promenade [add]
10. Fortunate Sons lyrics
11. Shelter lyrics
12. Ride the Tiger [add]
13. One Last Hurrah lyrics

Kingsize (1998) 01. Blue Room in Archway [add]
02. The Old Newsstand at Hamilton Square [add]
03. Free Huey lyrics
04. Monuments for a Dead Century [add]
05. Heaven's at the Bottom of This Glass [add]
06. Kingsize lyrics
07. High as Monkeys [add]
08. Eurostar lyrics
09. Put Your Arms Around Me and Tell Me Everything's Going to Be Ok. [add]
10. Adieu Clo Clo [add]
11. Jimmy Webb Is God lyrics
12. She Is Everywhere lyrics
13. Comb Your Hair lyrics
14. Song from the Blueroom [add]
15. The Future Is Now lyrics

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