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Doc Holliday lyrics
Genre: Rock
Doc Holliday (1981) 01. Fix Me [add]
02. Captain Cooke [add]
03. Come Down Sally [add]
04. Uncle Tinker [add]
05. Whiskey Lady [add]
06. Magga Blue [add]
07. Restless Days [add]
08. Messiah Song [add]

Danger Zone (1986) 01. Danger Zone [add]
02. Ready to Burn [add]
03. Redneck Rock & Roll Band [add]
04. Run to Me [add]
05. Southern Girls [add]
06. Automatic Girl [add]
07. Tijuana Motel [add]
08. Thunder & Lightning/Into the Night [add]
09. All the Right Moves [add]
10. Easy Goin' Up [add]
11. Redneck Rock & Roll Band [live/*] [add]
12. Rollin' and Tumblin' [live/*] [add]

Song for the Outlaw (1989) 01. Last Ride [add]
02. Southern Man [add]
03. Doin' It Again [add]
04. Hometown Sweetheart [add]
05. Songfor the Outlaw [add]
06. Ain't No Fool [add]
07. Magic Midnight [add]
08. Moonshine Runner [add]
09. Bad Love [add]
10. Lonesome Guitar [add]
11. Whiskey Train [add]
12. Don't Stop Loving Me [add]

Through the Years (2000) 01. Early Morning Rain [add]
02. Four Strong Winds [add]
03. Just My Imagination [add]
04. Canadian State of Mind [add]
05. Tupelo Honey [add]
06. Broken Bottles [add]
07. Two Room Walk Up [add]
08. Sad State of Affair [add]
09. Two Hearts [add]
10. Land of Oz [add]
11. Walkin' in Memphis [add]
12. Thank Old Hank [add]
13. Turnng Off a Memory [add]
14. I Tried to Work for Jesus [add]
15. A Song for You [add]
16. La la la Means I Love You [add]
17. Are You Ready [add]
18. Do It to Me One More Time [add]

Pay Back's a B**ch (2000) 01. Pay Back's a B**cH [add]
02. How Can You Live [add]
03. Can You Smell - What the Doc Has Cookin' [add]
04. Get Off Your Knees and Close Your Mouth [add]
05. Little Miss I Never Do Nothin' Wrong [add]
06. Take a Good Look at You [add]
07. The Biggest Pig. I Know [add]
08. Gonna Tell the World - What a Piece of Dirt You Are [add]

Doc Holliday Rides Again (2001) 01. Last Ride [add]
02. Good Boy Gone Bad [add]
03. Don't Go Talkin' [add]
04. Southern Man [add]
05. Let Me Be Your Lover [add]
06. Doin' (It Again) [add]
07. Don't Stop Loving Me [add]
08. Hot Rod [add]
09. Lonesome Guitar [add]

It All Comes Back to Me (2002) 01. It All Comes Back to Me [add]
02. Alice in Wonderland [add]
03. In America [add]
04. I Can't Take My Heart Anywhere [add]
05. Love Ain't for the Weak at Heart [add]
06. Amnesia [add]
07. What Ever You Want [add]
08. Who Are "They" [add]
09. I Tried to Work for Jesus [add]
10. Memories Get in the Way [add]
11. On and on She Cried [add]
12. That "503" Number [add]

Good Time Music (2003) 01. Black Cat [add]
02. Highway Call [add]
03. Farmer's Tan [add]
04. Magnolia [add]
05. Trudy [add]
06. Good Time Music [add]
07. I Can't See You [add]
08. Simple Man [add]
09. It Suits Me Too [add]
10. Messiah [add]

The Rhythm of My Heart (2005) 01. The Rhythm of My Heart [add]
02. For the First Time [add]
03. If We Fall in Love Tonight [add]
04. Atlantic City [add]
05. Give It All You've Got [add]
06. So Far Away [add]
07. A Song for You [add]
08. My Life Story [add]
09. Whatever You Want [add]

Rebel Souls (2006) 01. Run for Your Life [add]
02. Fire on the Mountain [add]
03. Corinna [add]
04. Midnight Rider [add]
05. One After 909 [add]
06. Melissa [add]
07. Statesboro Blues [add]
08. Heard It in a Love Song [add]
09. The Ballad of Curtis Loew [add]
10. Bad Company [add]

In the Beginning (2007) 01. Forever Man [add]
02. Knock on Wood [add]
03. The Closer You Get [add]
04. I Can Dream About You [add]
05. Black Magic Woman [add]
06. What's Love Got to Do with It [add]
07. When Doves Fly [add]
08. Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On [add]
09. Always on My Mind [add]
10. Every Breath You Take [add]
11. 1999 [add]
12. Power of Love [add]

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