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Radio Free Vestibule lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Sketches, Songs and Shoes (1994) 01. The Grunge Song [add]
02. I Don't Want to Go to Toronto [add]
03. Ned's New Haircut [add]
04. Exclusive Interview With Mr. Dressup [add]
05. You're a Hamburger [add]
06. Something's Wrong With Gilligan's Island [add]
07. The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan [add]
08. Christmas on Acid [add]
09. Hits of the Future [add]
10. A.A. On a Field Trip [add]
11. Laurence Olivier for Diet Coke [add]
12. The Sound Store [add]
13. Froo Froo the Talking Cat [add]
14. Beethoven Backing up His Truck [add]
15. Atonal Music [add]
16. Fortune Teller [add]
17. Zalgon 26 McGee [add]
18. How Many Times Has This Happened to You? [add]
19. Kevin and God [add]
20. The Sound Of... [add]
21. Bulbous Bouffant [add]
22. Phillipa and Denina [add]
23. The Car Alarm [add]
24. Looking for a Job in Quebec [add]

Get Spiffy! (2002) 01. I Spy [add]
02. Higher-Lower I [add]
03. Play by Play [add]
04. Kentworth Haynes Olde English Tea Biscuits [add]
05. Cooking Time With Phillipa and Denina [add]
06. Pete and Bob: Scooby Doo [add]
07. The Body of Christ [add]
08. Er [add]
09. Thursday [add]
10. Performance Artist Barbi [add]
11. Roch Carrier [add]
12. Crazy Sammy's Discount Store [add]
13. Laundry [add]
14. Monks [add]
15. Fantasy Line [add]
16. The Good Ol' Days of Rock'n'roll [add]
17. A Message from Brent Carlisle [add]
18. Higher-Lower II [add]
19. Encor Instant Coffee [add]
20. A Message from Brent Carlisle Pt. II [add]
21. The XR-2000 Hair Replacement System [add]
22. Inside the Actors Studio [add]
23. A Message from Brent Carlisle Pt. III [add]
24. The Line-Up [add]
25. Shakespeare [add]
26. Talking to Bill [add]
27. Pete and Bob: Things That Have Things Written on Them [add]
28. Chatting With Blanche and Gladys [add]
29. Caspar Haboot's Movie Music [add]
30. Did You See That Thing? [add]
31. More Play-By-Play [add]
32. The Chamber of Fate [add]
33. Higher-Lower III [add]
34. Sketch Shmetch [add]
35. Jesus Goes to Hawaii [add]
36. Mickey Hippo [add]
37. Pete and Bob: Six Degrees of Gavin Macleod [add]
38. It's Not Me, Eh, Sir [add]
39. Silence Before the Hidden Bonus Track [add]
40. The Hidden Bonus Track [add]
41. (Silence) [add]
42. (Unlisted: Higher-Lower IV) [add]

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