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Rullian lyrics
Genre: Rock
Is This My Guitar or an Albatross (2002) 01. Enter the Sudo [add]
02. Eastbound by Midnight [add]
03. 95 Percent Bliss [add]
04. Is This My Guitar or an Albatross? [add]
05. Almost Sunset [add]
06. Waiting for Ladean [add]
07. The Laundry Song [add]
08. Symphony in Cyan [add]
09. La Manzana de Mi Pastel [add]
10. Drunk Cat [add]
11. When Hot Runs Cold [add]
12. Rullian's Waltz [add]
13. Track You Down [add]
14. Wmubyb [add]
15. The Big Soft [add]
16. The Ballad of Suicide Jack and the Unmatched Sock [add]
17. When Angels Get Their Wings [add]

Chameleons in Disguise (2006) 01. Wish I Was Here [add]
02. The Ballet of Bones [add]
03. Robotomy [add]
04. No One's Marionette [add]
05. Kite Ride to Anywhere [add]
06. Don't It Feel Like Sunshine? [add]
07. Fugitive Micron Particles [add]
08. The Afternoon You Left [add]
09. Three Blue Moons in a Row [add]
10. Killer Africanized Honey Beats [add]
11. Myopia [add]
12. My Favorite Topic [add]
13. Driveway Dust [add]
14. Proper Stella and the Irish Wolfhound [add]
15. The Bumbling Villain vs. The Defective Detective [add]
16. Blur on By [add]
17. My Own Personal Alba [add]
18. Latin Influenced European Rock Saga Part Five [add]
19. The Lowest Common Denominator Man [add]
20. Reynolds Rap [add]
21. The Moogo Lament [add]
22. Who We Are [add]
23. Stacked Bravado [add]
24. Reaching for Peace and Getting a Handful of Sky [add]
25. A Farewell to Gimcracks [add]
26. Song for Ghosts [add]

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