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Raging Speedhorn lyrics
Genre: Rock
Raging Speedhorn (2000) 01. Superscud lyrics
02. Redweed lyrics
03. Knives and Faces [add]
04. Mandan lyrics
05. Random Acts of Violence [add]
06. Thumper lyrics
07. Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer lyrics
08. Dungeon Whippet lyrics
09. Death Row Dogs lyrics
10. High Whore lyrics

We Will Be Dead Tomorrow (2002) 01. The Hate Song [add]
02. Scrapin' the Resin lyrics
03. Me and You Man lyrics
04. Scaramanga lyrics
05. Chronic Youth lyrics
06. Iron Cobra lyrics
07. Heartbreaker lyrics
08. Fuck the Voodooman lyrics
09. Welcome to Shitsville [add]
10. Ride With the Devil lyrics
11. The Gush [Radio Edit] [add]
12. The Gush lyrics
13. The Gush [multimedia track] [add]

Live & Demos (2004) 01. Crowd Noise [add]
02. Knives and Faces [add]
03. Chronic Youth lyrics
04. Redweed lyrics
05. High Whore lyrics
06. Mandan lyrics
07. Dungeon Whippet lyrics
08. Scrappin the Resin [add]
09. The Gush lyrics
10. Superscud lyrics
11. Ride with the Devil [add]
12. Random Acts of Violence [add]
13. Redweed lyrics
14. Mandan lyrics
15. Slow Process [add]
16. Hit Single/Thumper [add]
17. High Whore lyrics
18. Knives and Faces [add]
19. Down [add]
20. Radom Acts of Violence [add]
21. Death Row Dogs lyrics
22. Spitting Blood lyrics
23. Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer lyrics
24. Superscud lyrics

How the Great Have Fallen (2005) 01. A Different Shade of Shit [add]
02. Oh How Thee Great Have Fallen... [add]
03. Dead Man Walking [add]
04. Master of Disaster [add]
05. Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory [add]
06. How Much Can a Man Take? [add]
07. Fuck You! Pay Me! [add]
08. Slay the Coward [add]
09. The Infidel Is Dead [add]
10. Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down [add]
11. God of Thunder [*] [add]
12. Hatred [*] [add]

Before the Sea Was Built (2007) 01. Everything Changes [add]
02. Before the Sea Was Built [add]
03. Dignity Stripper [add]
04. Mishima [add]
05. Last Comet from Nothingness [add]
06. Born to Twist the Knife [add]
07. Who Will Guard the Guards? [add]
08. Too Drunk to Give a Fuck [add]
09. Sound of Waves [add]
10. Jump Ship [add]

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